Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New job creates new possibilities

Wow, so today was a good day for me. I think I really am starting to like my new job. I'm actually happy to go to work. I must admit this morning, I thought about going back to sleep, but I didnt. I knew it'd be wrong of me to not want to go to work just becasue I was tired. I got sleep, but woke up off and on(seems to be a common theme this week). I left and went to work and came in we were swamped. We had one order that was about $550 before the discount. 31 pizzas was like chaos because we had that order plus about four others ones.
    I had so much fun learning how to make pizzas. It was so cool...I learned how to make pepperoni pizza, supreme pizzas, and sausage pizzas, and hawaiian pizzas. THey all looked so yummy and I really liked the look of the garlic breadsticks :). The cool thing is with two of the managers there I get free pizzas. I like that and may bring my mom some for lunch later this week if she wants to.
    I have to say I love to drink, sadly havent done it lately because of the possible risk if I get caught in public, but I do so every now and then just not enough to really do anything. My sis brought me a Sparks and I cant wait to drink it. It's yummy and well needed after a hard week. I cant wait to see what else happens...
    I'm liking how things are going so far..It's like I'm slowly letting out who I really am and just becoming more of a girl and my natural self. Its totally cool because my friend even says I'm changing and becoming different since the time he met me. I'm curious to see how much more I will change. I also admit that I like finding my girly side. I find myself dressing more girly and wishing that I was experiencing the lifestyle already, but patience is a virtue sometimes.
    I had fun later today, after getting lunch with my friend(where payback was oh so much fun for him----getting them to embarass him by doing the happy birthday), I left and headed home. I got home and checked my mail. After doing that, I went outside and tanned. I laid down 45 minutes each side with an extra 15 minutes for my front. I wonder if I'll have tan lines, but then again I cant exactly go topless outside. If I ever was to do that, I would have to go to the tanning bed. It felt good to lay outside and tan and I fell asleep a little bit listening to my ipod and relaxing in the sun. I think i may plan to lay outside for a little bit everyday to get myself a tan.
    I cant wait for later tonight. I have small group for church at 7 and am curious how that will go. Thankfully it wont last long and then I'm home for the night. I'm curious as to what will be talked about tonight and cant wait to see if I got some color from today. I have a feeling I may be a little bit burnt.