Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Day to Remember.....

   Man today was such a good day I cant believe it. There were so many good things and it was just a gorgeous beautiful day. To top it off, i got to play softball with my church, which I love playing softball. There was so many good things with my parents too that I was extremely surprised.
          I started out the day by heading to church. I had to get there early for youth group so that I could go to church before softball. I couldnt believe that I was finally getting to play softball again. But back to church. I got there and found my parents and got to talk to them for the first time since my mom and I had a big blowout. It was amazing. I talked to her about the accident and I honestly thought she was going to be mad at me. I gave her the piece of paper with all the information on it and everything I remembered from the accident. After talking with her and her seeing the damage and me showing her the pictures of the accident, she told me not to worry about it because there wasnt damage to his car to really file anyting. She also told me she thought that he was driving on a suspended license and might check into that. I am just glad that she's not upset about what happened and is understanding of it. She told me not to worry about it, that accidents happen and it wasnt my fault she would take care of it. I cant admit how relieved I felt about it.
          After youth group, which was kind of funny itself. We ended up finishing up the youth group all under the trees. We were all spaced out, but it seemed that we were all put into time out because of how we were spaced. I thought this was hilarious and laughed it off. It was a good youth group discussion about things God does for us and it had to do with the abbreviation ACTS. It was amazing and I actually enjoyed the lesson.
   Church ended and I met up with my parents. Come to find out, I didnt have to be at the fields at 11:30 like I thought so I opted to spend some time with my parents and grab lunch with them and a friend. It was funny because I was texting him and my dad yells at me to turn my phone off that nothing is so important it cant wait til after lunch. Laughing I let him know and he was okay with it. Lunch was amazing and I got to talk with my parents and a couple friends from church. It was amazing and I got lunch for free. I was surprised that my parents offered for me to pay, but hey I'm not going to complain about free food. i felt it was a step in the right direction, but I'm still taking it one day at a time with them. I am just glad I have support either way with whatever happens to my relationship with them.
          I started out the day playing an extra game of softball. It was so much fun because I picked up an extra game. I did really well playing second base where they put me. I think that I may request that they put me there because I am so used to playing it or short stop. I just dont think I can do outfield with my knee, it's a crap ton of dead sprints the whole game long to backup first base. But then again, I'm happy with any position. We ended up coming from behind and winning the game, but sadly had to forfeit the game because my real team was playing a few minutes later on the other field. It was so much fun to play, but i am mad at myself because of how I was hitting in that game. But I guess mistakes will be made after not playing since last season.
        We ended up playing the best team in the league for our second game. It was not fun at all and we got our butts handed to us with at least 17 or 18 to nothing. It was crazy but a fun game. We tried fighting, but there were just mistakes all over the field to be honest. The third game we ended up doing better. I couldnt believe it and I hit way better after C told me what I was doing wrong. I just need to work on getting used to a bat being between my feet while hitting, keeping my back foot down, and watching the ball all the way in. I have a bad habit of not watching the ball. But I know that I can fix it with practice and persistance, especially with wanting to make sure I do well or my best every game.
           The day ended with me having dinner with my friend. She is amazing and we have been close friends since I started college. We met at a college party, oddly enough, and have been great friends ever since. I met up with her and we sat and talked for a while. It was so amazing....we sat and talked for at least a good twenty to thirty minutes after paying. It was so crazy because she is one of my closest friends and knows what I'm into. We talked about my new boy and it was so amazing and she could tell I was so happy. She asked about like where he was from and all. It was so cool just talking to her and telling her how happy he has made me. It's crazy to think that one guy can make me so happy. It's like everything he does is truly to make sure I'm happy. He has been there for me at my worst, seen me at my best, and knows my weak points and is still okay to stand there and support me no matter what I do. I can admit that I thought I had felt this way about someone before, but I was completely wrong. There are no words to describe how he makes me feel, and I dont know if he knows just what he's done for me in the short time he's known me. I feel that with him being there to help guide and push me to become a better person not only because he wants me to be happy, but he has taught me that I need to take care of myself along with trying to take care of others.
          I cant believe all the different things I'm noticing in myself after the short time we've been talking. I love it and cant wait to see the more that come. I also realized tonight that I do respond very well to "the look". I noticed it tonight that one of the girls was acting up and all it took was for one of the guys to clear his throat or look at her and she completely shut up. The funny thing was I started laughing inside and realized I do that too when it comes to him. Although I sometimes think I'm getting "the look" and I may not be, but the couple times I've gotten it I changed my tune real quick. I guess you can say I'm a quick learner, but I like that look anyways. I guess because to me it is a warning to be careful that you're in dangerous waters and that he means business. I'm curious as to what else I may find out about him when it comes to these type of things.
         I guess I'm just enjoying life right now. It is going amazing and even when there are downhills, he's been there so far to calm me down and let me know not to stress too much over things. I really think and this is my guess here, but I know for sure there was a higher power at work here. Either way I know there was, but I think there was a reason for us to start talking. He's just amazing and everything. I definitely cant wait to see him and finally see what it feels like to sleep in his arms, especially after realizing that the other night I couldnt go to sleep til i talked to him. I guess its because I have gotten so used to talking to him every night that to not talk to him set things going haywire.

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