Monday, May 17, 2010

Could the Day Be Any Worse?

Man what a day and that's no lie there. I cant believe just how crazy it has been. I'm just extremely glad that throughout it all I knew that I had him with me every step of the way. It's an amazing feeling.

    The day started out with me waking up and getting ready for work. I couldnt believe it, but it seemed like it was going to be any other ordinary day. I started out eating breakfast and then headed to my car to get ready for work. I knew the day was going to be different though when I couldnt find my birth control in the side pocket of my car. I flipped out, knowing that I had to take it. I felt so horrible not being able to find it and immediately began searching my mind trying to figure out what could have happened to it. I searched my car and even went back into the apartment to check my bag to be sure that i hadnt left it there. I didnt find anything and immediately felt so horrible. I knew I was responsible, but how could I be so irresponsible as to lose my important medicine. I hoped that he could help me figure something out.

    Well, I headed off to work and anxiously awaited hearing from him. I knew he was sleeping probably because we had stayed up late. Either way I knew that I'd be okay and would hear from him when he got a chance to message me. I was heading to work when he texted me and told me that it was going to be okay and not worry about it. i was just stressing out about this and couldnt believe that I could be so stupid. I loved hearing him tell me not to worry about it and that things would be okay.

    After getting to work, I had to get with them and immediately jump into making pizzas. I couldnt believe it but we had gotten swamped. I would have been fine making pizzas had it not been for the manager hounding me everytime I made a pizza. It was constantly the border of the sauce wasnt big enough, but I just felt that we had so many orders it wasnt about trying to make them perfect as much as getting them out fast. I was getting mad and was about ready to go off on him when I had an order pop up. I was so happy that I got put in as a driver. I love the days I drive because they are very relaxing, but today was very different then the others.

    This morning seemed to go different then others. I took an order for this road, but it turns out there were about three different branches of this same road all over the town. I ended up getting so lost on this order that it took me an hour to get out there to deliver the pizza. I had called the customer twice and got redirected in the wrong direction and work even sent me in the wrong direction. When I finally got close, I almost skidded out and locked up the tires on my car after hitting a patch of loose gravel. I breathed a sigh of relief and pulled into the house to deliver the order. The guys were fine that I handed the pizza to, but it seemed their manager wasn't happy at all. I felt horrible, but what can you do when you're given about five different sets of directions and you follow them and still end up lost.

    After delivering the order, i felt horrible but he kept calming me down by telling me it was okay that there was nothing to be upset about. I'm glad that he wasnt around me or on the phone with me because I honestly would have gotten in a lot of trouble for my mouth. I was cursing and just so upset and angry and it's all my emotions seemed to be rolled into one. I was so upset because this would be viewed as a failure by me, but that it would also look bad on me that I couldnt even follow directions to get to this place. I felt so horrible, but yet again his calming words brought me back down to earth. It's amazing how his words just bring me down from my fiery side where I'm getting close to a meltdown. He hasnt seen me in meltdown mode, but he's kept me from it many times. I'm just thankful that like he said, the guy that i delivered to was understanding and i even got a tip out of it.

    I finished up my morning work shift and headed out to McDonald's to grab something to drink and relax talking with him on the computer. I love talking with him and it has made the days go by so much faster. I was smiling so much sitting in the lobby of McDonald's talking to him. It was so amazing seeing everything he told me. I almost cried when he told me that I had everything that he has ever dreamed of in a girl. It's amazing to see the various things he writes me because it's so crazy how he knows me so well. I love how well he knows me and really wouldnt change it for all the money in the world.

    I was only able to relax for about an hour and a half before I had to go back to work. I headed back to work and it was a long three hours. It felt like forever and I only had a couple runs. It seemed that labor was going to be high after we all finished our work. I buried myself in work, but it seemed after a short time that it was going to be as slow as possible. It was funny because it started with me being so busy and then just went to where I was barely busy at all. I loved it though because I got to talk with the guys. It's weird but I missed talking to them. They're funny and make me laugh which is one reason why I love my job.

    Anyways...I finished up my work shift and headed home. I have to admit it was a long drive home, but didnt seem so long with me talking to him the entire time. It was amazing and had an interesting start to the conversation. Earlier in the day he had mentioned when he said "hey lil one" that a better response then "hey" would have been "hey Sir". Well when he told me "hello lil one" on the phone, I figured I would respond with that. Well oddly enough there was another answer choice(well not oddly at all...I liked this one too) that fit there too that he wanted: "hello Master". It was a cool new greeting and I really did like the idea of it. It made me think much like he said about the show I Dream of Jeannie. I loved that show and it makes me think of Jeannie where she would say "hello Master" after everytime she greeted him when he came home. I like that idea and will have to remember it for sure.

    I cant wait to get back down there, especially after tonight. The talks we have had after a while have left me craving some interactions. I dont think I could fully admit it, but it was amazing how he knew and i didnt even have to fully ask. It's usual for him though cause he knows me very well. I love and trust him with everything I have. I didnt realize it, but when I gave up my ability to control my orgasms to him, I gave up everything and gave him the power I had. I loved the feelings it elicited and I really liked the idea of him controlling my orgasm. I know it's torture at the time, but the benefit in the end is so amazing. I also love him having total control because it reassures me that he knows me so well and is looking out for me. I love every minute of everyday that I have him and really cant wait to see what the future holds. The future looks so bright, especially with him by my side cause he knows how to handle me like nobody else can.

    I also have to admit too that I'm curious as to what I can learn between now and the time i come back down. I'm a little shy to ask, but I know this isnt something major. I know that I can wait and be patient if he has nothing for me to learn or just wants me to wait til i get there. I know I have to learn to have more control over my movements since last night I earned 20 hits barehanded after kicking my headboard when I was told not to do it anymore. I couldnt believe it,but I know I deserve it and need to learn not to do something when he tells me not to do something. I cant wait to come back down though, especially since I'm going to be in position at least once. I'm sure this time will be even more amazing then the last. I cant wait...the days just cant seem to go by fast enough.

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