Saturday, May 1, 2010

Could the rain get any worse? :(

   Man these days just continue to get crazier. I woke up today and it seemed like it was going to be a beautiful day of relaxing. I was ready to enjoy the day off.
    Well I started out my morning relaxing and watching cartoons on television. I had planned on doing nothing but relaxing, but plans soon changed for that. I checked online after I realized the tv was showing tornado watches and warnings. I didnt mean to check it out, but whenever I hear about bad weather I always want to check and see how bad it's going to get in my area. Thankfully, it looked like everything was going to miss our area, it was just flooding a little bit.
    I fixed myself some lunch, lounged around and started to enjoy my lunch when I got a phone call asking me to come into work. Not having anything to do, I agreed and changed and headed into work. I would have enjoyed my day off, but I was slightly bored and I could earn a little money while I was at it. So I headed off to work.
    While I was heading to work, I took my time and took the back roads, trying to get to work as quickly as possible. I ended up coming across an area that had a tree down in the road. This made me think that the weather was worse then I could think last night. Oh well, I was just glad I slept through it. I continued on to work, passing by a creek bank that was horribly swollen. I hoped that the day wouldnt keep going like this. It was crazy.
    The good thing on my way to work I texted this lady about a phone ad I had seen on Craigslist (I know enough to not be conned from these ads). She had placed an ad about a phone with a QWERTY keyboard and I asked her what kind it was and everything about it. I was so glad and asked for a picture to make sure it wasnt some crap phone. She sent me a picture and it was a good phone. I couldnt believe my luck. It was in good condition, didnt look like any scratches, but I will have to make sure it works before i for sure give the money to her.
    Well anyways...I got to work and began helping them with orders. I took out two orders on my first run and the first run I managed to only get a little bit wet. The second order I took too, I was thoroughly soaked by the time i finally got back into my car. I had water dripping off my hat and everything. I just think it was a good thing I had left my phone in the car so it didnt get waterlogged. I was glad, but I knew that today was going to be a long day. I couldnt believe how wet I had gotten. Laughing it off and enjoying it, i headed back to the store and took it in stride. Hey, being a girl and getting wet maybe I could get a few more tips then what I had. I didnt mean for it to be a I guess lewd idea but it was more maybe people would feel sorry for the delivery girl getting wet and they would tip better.
    Anyways...I was going through my shift at work when I got a text from my sister telling me a tornado had touched down there. I cant believe how terrified I felt knowing that she was there and I could do nothing to calm her down. I couldnt call and talk to her and I couldnt take her out of the situation. I knew she was freaking and was terrified and all i could do was comfort her through text messages. The one thing that made me afraid was that she was going to get hurt. I really became nervous and didnt know what to do when she sent me a message that the managers were freaking out. Thankfully later in the night I finally heard from her and she was fine, she just couldnt go home due to flooding.
     I continued to work, getting more and more stressed out hearing more about tornados touching down, flooding in various areas, roads being closed and everything else. I just couldnt believe it and was getting more and more scared. The good thing was I was texting him the entire time and at about this time I had to hear him to calm me down. I just felt myself getting upset and he's really the only one that knows how to calm me down. I was talking to him and he looked up the weather and told me most of it would be going away shortly that I didnt have anything to worry about. I couldnt believe how much better it made me feel. I relaxed a little bit better and just went on with my day, hoping to get home before the next band of storms hit.
    After finishing up work, I was under the assumption that I had only one way home. I was working and listening to the various roads that i needed to take to get home being closed due to flooding. I knew I wasnt going to be stupid enough and drive thru the high water. I just definitely did not want to have to learn the lesson of being fished out from my car and rescued. I may want to be rescued at some point in time, but on a day like today it just wasnt an option for me. I definitely dont think my parents would like the fact that my car was submerged in water too, although if I had taken the interstate home I would have been completely covered in water. The interstate turned into a lake in the matter of a few hours. I couldnt believe it when a friend sent me a picture of what it looked like. I was in shock and slowly becoming terrified that I would be stuck at work or in that area with all the road closures. Thankfully I was able to make it home safe and sound with no major problems.
    After getting home, i headed to get me some food and then locked myself in for the night. I knew there was no way with all this weather and water on the roads that I was going to be getting out and about. I just didnt want to risk getting into high water or stuck somewhere and not being able to get back to my parents place. I have a feeling though that I may be stranded at my parents until later this week. The one way for me to get home is flooded, although I can say that I do know some shortcuts but with the way the backroads are, I'm not sure if they will be flooded or not. I do know that I have to go see my recruiter on Tuesday. I may not have my tshirt but I can still make it intact. I'm just ready for these storms to be over with. I kind of wish he was here because there is suppsoed to be another round going through tonight. Normally I dont get freaked out or afraid but with everything going on and so many reports of tornados today, I just dont want to be going through it alone. It terrifies me to think of being alone and facing a tornado at my parents place. I mean would I even have anything to save. I guess my advice to myself for now is not to worry about it and thatI just have to make it through this week and then i can have a nice relaxing week. I'm so ready for that.
    I was thinking to myself today of what it would be like when I get to see him. I'm curious as to what we will do, but i think i really do want to just sit and watch a movie with him and cuddle. I am so ready for it. I have to admit though that after last night I think I'll be completely comfortable when he sees my body in person. I was in position last night with nothing on and I admit it took me a little bit to get out of my clothes, but I slowly got a little bit comfortable with it. I have times where I just get so comfortable with things and forget about what's going on with me. I was focused on talking with him and forgot that I wasnt wearing clothes, aside from the rug digging into my butt. That was an easy fix, just move around on the floor into a better position. I just couldnt believe that I felt as comfortable as I did. It's amazing how things have progressed between the two of us and how I feel so comfortable. It really is amazing and I love that i can be so comfortable and myself. I love that he liked everything about me and my body. I was nervous that he wouldnt like it or anything like that, but much like he reassures me everyday, it was fine. He told me that I looked so cute. He really does amaze me everyday.
    I cant believe that I will have officially been his in two days, well actually one day in his time zone. It's so amazing and I really do like it and wouldnt change it for anything in the world. I dont know what I did to deserve such an amazing guy, but I do know that I'm lucky to have him and wouldnt change anything for all the money in the world. There's just such a way that I can trust him its better then anything I've ever known, especially like today when I was about ready to start freaking out about the weather and all it took was a simple text message of "it will be ok lil one itll be ok". It's weird how such a simple message could do wonders to calm me down, but he knows it. I just cant wait to see what other things happen as we progress. The future seems bright and I know I have my bad moments where I'm forgetful or I let life get in the way of what's important to me, but I know that no matter what I will learn and grow from every experience I have. I just hope that its in a positive direction and not a bad one. I hope too that i can sleep tonight thru these storms that are supposed to hit.

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