Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not too Long til I'm Back

Wow, I cant believe just how fast these past few days have gone by so far. Before too long, I'll be killing time at my grandparents in Florida  and then a few days of work before I head off to Georgia to stay with him for almost three weeks of pure heaven (or at least that's what I think it will be).

    I couldnt believe how late I was up last night. I was texting him and talking with him after a long day. I love how I can talk to him for hours on end and never run out of things to say. It's so amazing how we can do that. Well, after talking with him, he was on duty so all I could really do was text him. It was bearable because I really did want to see him, but I could handle waiting. He had promised to call and tell me goodnight as I had a bedtime last night of 11:30. It's weird that I hate having to go to bed at a certain time at my parents, but with him it's a totally different feeling. Anyways, he called me and right about when he was ready to tell me goodnight, his phone died. I was so sad and tried calling him back a couple times, but got no answer. I sent him a text message wishing him goodnight and telling him that I guess his phone had died. I tried to get some sleep, but found that despite how tired I was that I just couldnt get to sleep.

    I was surprised later in the morning at about 3:30 in the morning when i received a text message from him. Two seconds after receiving a text message from him he called me. I couldnt believe it but his phone had charged long enough to let him call me real quick. I was able to hear him tell me good night and that he loved me. Normally I'd be able to sleep without having someone tell me goodbye, but with him it was way different. It's become such a part of my routine that I cant sleep without hearing it or seeing it. But he told me he loved me and good night and then I talked with him a few more seconds before heading to bed. It was like that was all I needed to sleep because right after I hung up the phone with him, I passed out asleep.

    Little did I know, but I was so tired from staying up. I slept through my alarm this morning. I couldnt believe that I did, but i didnt even know that until I received a text from my friend Moose asking me if I was in town. I couldnt believe it. I didnt even hear my alarm go off and it was set for 8:30am. It's not usual for me to sleep through an alarm ever so I knew I had to be more tired then I thought. But it was amazing just catching up on my sleep.

    After waking up, I texted him with a good morning text message. It was already ten my time which meant it was eleven his. I was surprised that I hadnt already gotten a good morning text, but then again he had been working the night before and had just gotten off around 7am. We were talking and texting each other. It felt so great to be talking to him, but I can say I honestly missed him. I feel like everyday the saying that distance makes the heart grow fonder is becoming more and more true. I was texting him as I woke up and headed for the shower.

    Showering it was so amazing and I never knew a shower to be so relaxing. I found myself wishing that he was there with me though. In the short time I had spent with him, I had gotten so used to the routine of him picking out what I was wearing and then sending me off to the shower. I was also wishing that he was there to have some fun in the shower. It was crazy though because he told me that if he was there there would be some fun and possible a few smacks. I couldnt believe it, well I could, but I also didnt want to get hit with a barehand in the shower. I learned from him that it stings way more then just normal barehand. I cant imagine why though, but maybe the water added with the bare skin.

    I cant believe it, but I'm kind of curious what bare hand on bare skin feels like from him. My first spanking from him was through my jeans. I felt the sting of it, but it wasnt as bad as it could have been. I dont exactly like the idea of the spankings but when I'm in a playful mood, I like them. I guess its more I'm curious what his spankings feel like harder. The one I got had a good enough sting for me to last me a good while, but I also am curious what his harder hits are like. I guess it's one of those that curiosity is going to kill the cat sooner or later. I know my personality and I know I'll end up getting one sooner or later so I have a feeling I'll feel how much harder he hits.

    I think I'm curious too as to much how much harder he hits with the belt. I remember that the last couple hits stung pretty badly and they werent too hard. Well, I cant say they stung badly, they just hit they're point home for sure. I guess my curiosity will stay unsatsified for now because I'm not going to ask for a spanking with the belt, at least not that I can think of at the moment with all the things and sayings he's brought out of me.

    Anyways back to the day...I showered and was relaxing in my bed. I called work and talked to them and found out that I was supposed to work today from 5 to 9 (or so I thought but thats later). Well, I was getting hungry so I figured I would follow his advice and make sure I eat throughout the day and get sugar into my system. I was talking with a friend and we decided on Zaxby's. It was crazy because we got there and the way this store was run compared to his brother's was so different it was hilarious to me. I got my food, but didnt get a normal drink cup. They hadnt anticipated the usual Sunday crowd and had run out of 22oz cups after about an hour of being open. On top of that, I got my food and my friend ordered right behind me. Her food was sitting out on the counter five minutes later, with no number being called as I went up to get napkins for my food. I did what he suggested though and ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. I really do like when he tells me what to order or things like that.

    Anyways...after finishing lunch, we headed off to Wal-Mart. I can say that he was testing my patience like crazy today. I was right there at Wal-Mart and I wanted to look at the heels to go with my dress. However, I was told that he wanted me to wait til I got down there so we could look at them together. He told me that he wanted to see how they looked on me and he liked them. I can say that while walking around in Wal-Mart it took all my will power not to go back in the shoe department and look at the heels. I knew that he'd be upset with me if i did look without him, so I put it out of my mind.

    After getting out of Wal-Mart I headed back to my apartment to spend the rest of the time relaxing. I had started my laundry and needed to change it over. I also checked my new Georgia tshirt because I wanted to make sure that it didnt fade or anything get messed up in the laundry. I really like that Georgia tshirt and it makes me proud to wear it. I'm proud to wear it because I'm now a Georgia fan, but I'm also proud because it makes me think of him and that I'm his girl. I love it and how he makes me feel with it. I really do love that Georgia shirt.

    Well the time came for me to head to work, so I headed out. I was having so much fun and didnt really want to work, but I knew it was a few hours and money to earn and tip money I didnt have before. I drove all the way to work and got there only to find out that I wasnt scheduled for today. I had talked with Nate and he told me I was working, but David said it was the new guy. He apologized a lot and told me that he could find something for me to do but that he didnt really need me. To me, the we dont need you let me know that it'd be something like doorhanging or something else of that sort. I knew it was dangerous at this hour so I opted to go home. Oddly enough, I have a feeling that there was a good reason this happened.

    On my way home, I was texting him and found that I was getting hungry. I was trying to figure out what to do for dinner. I didnt want to eat out, but I wanted something that was somewhat healthy too. I had eaten a lot of fastfood while i was in Georgia with him, but it was more my fault that I didnt choose the healthier options although I still lost weight while I was there. It was suggested a good chicken wrap. I liked this idea and ran with it, but had to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart on the way home. Thankfully it was right across the street from my apartments. But I went into Wal-Mart and ended up getting my groceries for the week for about $7. It was amazing that I had spent so little money on groceries.

    I finished my shopping and was getting ready to head home when i was approached in the parking lot by an older lady. She seemed a little upset and simply asked me if I had a cell phone. I was taken aback because I honestly was thinking that she was going to ask for some money or some food or something. Well, I was wrong but I hadnt really judged her it was a wonder if that's what she wanted. Anyways, I handed her my cell phone and let her use it. She was trying to get a hold of someone because she was just about out of gas or out of gas. She hung up the phone and said that nobody had answered. I felt bad looking at her because she seemed so distraught. She had turned to her car when I asked her where she was trying to get going. If it was far away, i wouldnt be able to help much but if close by I figured I could help give her some gas money. She said she was trying to get to Smyrna which is only about twenty minutes away. I felt bad and the weather was pretty bad so i grabbed a $5 out of my pocket and handed it to her. I know how it is and have been in a similar situation so I gave her the money. I knew I would be able to get $5 later on down the road and she seemed like she really needed it. I felt so proud of myself that I had done it and knew that he would be proud of me too. It was like I ran through my head of what would he think if I helped this lady out.

    Well, enough about my good deed. I'm not one to brag about things. I headed home and cooked my dinner. I hated it because it smelled like weed smoke again. My roomie seems to have a problem with it. I'm hating it but I know that he is the only one that can really calm me down. It's crazy how I feel myself getting so pissed about something and he knows how to calm me down to where I'm not mad anymore, but being more logical about it. I love how he knows just what to say or do to calm me down. He knows me so well, which is why he is my Dom and Master because I am his little one. I love it. He really is taming the fiery side of me, although I know it will come out every now and then.

    I showed him my dinner and he loved it. I felt so proud telling him that I cooked it all myself. I love cooking and really cant wait to cook for him. It is one of the things that I really like doing and would love to do for him. It to me reinforces my place in the relationship. It is almost like my pushing the shopping cart while we were going through the store last week. I loved it. I'm curious though as to what he'd want me to cook while I was down there. should wonder what he has in mind, but I guess I get to be patient and wait.

    Another thing that has had me thinking lately was I have been thinking about the various feelings about things that were done while I was down there. These all varied and were subtle to me, but I loved the feelings associated with each one.

    We were talking earlier today about how I felt when I was sleeping naked next to him the next to last night I was there. To me if I had been given the choice with anyone else before I wouldnt have done it, but with him it's different. He brings out the adventurous side in me that is willing to try new things that I havent done before. He knows just how to bring me out of my comfort zone but not too much that I go back into my shell further then I was in it before. It felt amazing and freeing actually. I think to me it reinforced my place and just how vulnerable and open I was to him. I was there to do with as he pleased and I couldnt do anything about it. I had no clothing that protected me, but I could care less. I didnt even realize that I had no clothes and he did as I snuggled up next to him that night as we fell asleep. I'm wondering and I dont know how to go about asking this, but I'm wondering if it would be possible to make it an everytime thing. I liked the feelings it brought out in me and the way it made me feel, plus I like how it reinforces for me my place even though its subtle.

    Another feeling that I really liked while I was down there was when he had me sitting at his feet instead of on the couch with him after I was spanked with the belt. To me, it was his way of saying that was my place for the time being. I liked being there because I was still close to him, but it made me realize that he was in charge and not me. I always know that he's in charge but sometimes there are little things that are done that remind me of my place and how he is in charge. I loved the feelings it brought out in me and it was a little hard to sit there after being spanked with the belt because there was a certain spot that was still tender. I am curious as to whether I'll be sitting like that when it's just the two of us more often then just the one time it happened.

    I guess my day has been eventful and I keep thinking of random things that I want to try or experience or just wonder if we will be trying it. It's like I'm patient but I'm curious and anxious to learn from him. I know I have a lot to learn as he has a lot to teach me, but I'm willing to learn. I have no doubt that he is a great teacher as he has already earned my complete and total trust and devotion. I wouldnt want to have anyone else teach me. It's crazy because people ask me how things are going with us and i have to taper things down for my friends because they are the extreme judgemental type (at least a good bit of them are) and I just dont want to hear them tell me that there's no way I could possibly love him. I know I love him and he is my whole world.I love every minute of talking with him and dreaming about him. I love how things are so far and cant wait to see what the future holds and what else I learn about.

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