Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Belt..some thoughts...and an amazing laser show

   Today was one of the best days ever! I cant believe that everything that happens like it has today. It was weird because not a lot happened, but i find myself thinking that a lot did. It's either because i learned a few things about myself today or i did a few things or both combined. I'm not sure, but oh well either way today had so many things happening.
  I have to admit that last night was amazing. It was so much fun snuggling and cuddling with him while getting ready for bed. We were watching tv, when all of a sudden i was surprised yet again. I was being playful and pretending to hide from Him when He sat up. I thought maybe i had made Him mad by being playful and hiding again, but i was wrong. I hadnt made Him mad, but He had chosen an ample opportunity to surprise me and give me the spanking He had talked about earlier in the day. I was in shock as He rolled me over and pulled me into His lap. I was thinking He was just being playful and going to give me a couple smacks and it would be over with, but i was wrong. The hits came down and got steadily harder. After a few seconds, my pants were pulled down and more barehanded hits rained down on me.
   I felt myself squirming and trying to get away from His grip, but i couldnt get away. He knew me well enough to know that once it got to a certain point i would try and stop the spanking. I did try and stop the spanking, but with my hand pinned in the small of my back and the other arm pinned beneath me by body weight, there was little i could do except squirm. I tried moving my body from side to side, but this only worked for a couple minutes. He had me pinned again in between His arms as more hits rained down. After what felt like an eternity to me, He got up and i let out a sigh of relief thinking it was over.
   Well, oddly enough He has a way of surprising me and yet again here was another one......the spanking wasnt over yet. He was grabbing the belt. I heard it come out of the drawer and my stomach sank. That sound let me know it wasnt over yet. I heard the belt being raveled because i couldnt see because my head was still hidden face down in the sheets. I found myself holding my hand over my mouth to keep from crying out as i felt the blows from the belt rain down. They traded from side to side, sometimes hitting one side two or three times and then moving across. It seemed there was no order, He was just making sure to hit evenly. I couldnt believe it and the pain in my butt was slowly growing. I began squirming more and more and was getting to the point of not being able to handle the pain. It was then He took a break and the hits became more and more spaced out. I heard Him say i only had three more left. I braced myself and held my hand hard across my mouth, refusing to let any sound get out...i shuddered as i felt the last three blows hit me, but thankfully it was over.
    I can honestly say that i cant believe just what happened with the way i felt about the spanking, but then again i should stop being surprised by everything. It was like my body hated the spanking because it hurt, but at the same time i liked it because it allowed me to find out something about myself. I thought that i would have a low pain tolerance, but the past couple spankings have shown me that i can take more then i thought possible. I surprise myself everyday with everything that He is teaching me, but i know that i also still have a lot more to learn. It's crazy how something so little like a spanking can put a new perspective on things. Oh well, such is learn things from weird sources.
    After the spanking was over, i lay there as He slowly massaged and rubbed my sore and aching butt. It wasnt really aching, more like burning. He got up and left the room and had only covered me with the blanket. Well, since i hadnt been told i could get up or move really, i lay there. I didnt want to get into any trouble that would cause me to get another spanking or anything worse. I'm not totally sure what worse could be, but with evil ideas lurking about im sure there is something more evil.
   Anyways....after a few minutes He came back with some ice. I heard the sound of the ice in the cup and i sighed with relief. I was thinking it was going to be used on my burning butt to soothe it and all would be well, lol I was wrong again. It seemed i was on a roll that night. That ice led to some wild fun and i'll just say my torture of being held off all day had worked its magic. Within minutes i was already begging Him to allow me to cum. It's torture when He tells me no, but i know its His way of asserting His control (well one of the many ways at least). After a few no's i was finally allowed to cum and boy did it feel so good. :) I honestly dont think of myself as a constantly horny person, but His touch is like fire or something to me.
   The night ended the same as it does every night, the two of us falling asleep in each others arms. I love these moments the best because it reassures me all the time that no matter what i am always His lil one. I know that i am anyways, but its another reassurance to me. After falling asleep in His arms, this mornings wake up call couldnt get any better. I woke up to His kisses and Him smiling down at me. I love it when He wakes me up with His kisses, although i think in the future i'm going to try and wake up before Him so i can wake Him up. I feel bad and that things are reversed and that im supposed to be the one waking Him up and not Him waking me up. Oh well, like i've said i'm slowly learning.
    The day started out amazing with the two of us showering as usual and getting ready for the day. I was super excited for tonight because i couldnt wait to see what my surprise was that He was taking me to. He's an amazing Master and loves surprising me at random moments. Tonight was no difference. Anyways, we headed out to Wal-Mart to try and take His broken gps back. Well, that was an epic fail on my part, but i know for sure that when i go back home we can take it back there. After stopping there, we headed back to the house and i got a piece of cake. Its weird and i honestly hate being a girl sometimes and craving random things. Not to gross anyone out (but then again it is a part of life) but i tend to crave a lot of sweets while i'm on my period.
    Which on that topic, i just have to say on a side note that i am glad that He is my Master and in charge of me. The normal PMS moments that hit most women are kept in check. I know that i will have most of the symptoms like the cravings and the bloating and all, but the arguing and just being completely witchy i know wont fly one bit with Him. It doesnt matter who i am with, i know He expects me to act like a lady at all times and to watch my mouth and temper. This means NO EXCUSES when it comes to my mouth or going off and things like that. I like it though because it prevents me from flying off the handle and teaches me a good bit more self control. Self control is something that i will definitely need to have with my job, but with Him i really have to have it because i'm sure that if i dont watch myself that i can find myself in deep trouble and quite possibly with no way to speak/argue with Him for a little while.
    Okay off that wild tangent now. I had an amazing piece of cake and we finished watching the world cup and headed off to where my surprise was. Before talking about my surprise, let me just say that the US vs. England matched sucked. US should have won it, but they have the worse ball control ever. Oh well, better luck next time is all i can say. Back to the surprise....we drove around town and it wasnt long before we got to where i didnt recognize anything of where i was at. He laughed at me and said it was good that i had no clue where i was because then it meant it was still a surprise. We ended up heading out to Stone Mountain Park. I admit that when we pulled up, i was curious because i had no idea what this place was, but it didnt matter because i was spending time with Him.
   We got in there and spread the blankets out in this huge field and He told me my surprise wouldnt come until later. Looking at the huge field, i honestly thought maybe it was going to be a concert. Never did i think that it was going to be a laser show. It was the most spectacular thing ever and it was so amazing. I cant believe that He surprised me with something so special as that. We were able to have a pretty awesome time together laying under the stars, watching the sunset, and even watching the laser show.
    Today was so amazing that I wouldnt change it for all the money in the world. It was so amazing and special and it showed me just how much He cared about me to do something like that. It was so much fun and i loved spending all that time with Him. I cant wait to see if there are more surprises in store, but either way i know He loves me so much and i cant wait to walk hand in hand with Him into the future. Who knows what tomorrow has in store for us, but either way i know it will be something good with Him there by my side.

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