Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nothing like pure love to make you blissfully happy

The reason for things :D

   So today has been a wonderfully amazing day!!! I thought of Master and got to talk to Him after waking up in full privacy. My three day weekend has started off fantastic. Anytime that i get to talk to Him is always amazing because in all honesty, He knows just how to calm me down and what to say. Any day is amazing when i get to talk to Him.
   I talked with Him as i got ready for the day and checked my email. In my email was a message from a dealer where i had emailed them about a Saturn Vue. It is a really good looking car and has a low amount of miles on it. I love it and cant wait for it to be mine(fingers crossed cause ill find out Monday) because i can see it as our vehicle and a mommy vehicle. :) i love the idea of having a mommy vehicle lol because i know one day me and Master will have kids.
   Anyways back to the day. I called them and they were open so i talked with my friend that was going to cosign with me. He was able to go and then things went down and he wasnt able to go after that. The good news is that i was still able to get things to be able to have him cosign so that part worked out. I am so excited and cant for the guy to come back and work with me on payments and all. It will be so great :D
   After i finished the trip to the car dealer, i headed back to base and went grocery shopping. I have to be honest and admit that i love grocery shopping. I could spend hours in the store if i had to and i pictured myself buying groceries for the two of us and cant wait for that day to happen. It will be an amazing day being able to be His submissive wife and shop for the two of us, or even be His submissive girlfriend and shop for the two of us. I love shopping and being able to do it for both of us would make me an extremely happy camper.
   Shopping was over and i came back. I had to figure out what to eat for dinner because i hadnt eaten all day. I just wasnt hungry, but knew i needed to eat for sure when i got back. When i got up this morning it was too late for breakfast and lunch i just wasnt hungry. I made sure to drink water though so i was good on that end. Anyways....i got back and had bought bread and pb and jelly. I made myself a pb &  j for dinner with 2 graham crackers. It was so yummy and omg.. i couldnt believe how good it was. I wish MAster was here so i could fix one. I made Him laugh though because i told Him once i have kids i will definitely be the choosy mom and choose JIF peanut butter. It's just sooooooo good and sooooooo creamy and delicious. I could eat like that entire jar if i didnt have a little bit of self control. THat sandwich was amazing and i ate it so fast.
   So today my MAster has been so amazing and supportive. This link below is my favorite saying and all for it. Everytime i talk with Him today He makes me fall in love with Him all over again. It's the little things He does whether He knows it or not. Just knowing He's there anytime of the day is a wonderful feeling. He has treated me like such a princess that i truly feel spoiled. I must admit that tonight i was told i was treading on thin ice as it sounded like i had an attitude. I think maybe lately i  might be feeling too spoiled or i just am getting too comfortable with Him being a phone call away instead of being able to handle things right now. I do know though that no matter what He can always make the punishment worse or withhold some of my privilages here like facebook (yes i am addicted to facebook and have lost that privilage numerous times in the past for my smart mouth) or add on to my spanking tally. I know He is my Master, but i hate that i feel like im getting too complacent here. I know though that He is in control no matter what and His say is the final say no matter what.
Our kind of love is amazing...

   Which that reminds me....on another topic...i have found a friend here that knows how i am personally and understand the type of lifestyle that i choose to live. SHe knows that im not one to wear chains or anything like that, but live a normal existance with a few extras added into it. She is the one person i truly feel close to here that i feel i can somewhat trust. She's also the only person that hasnt turned around and stabbed me in theback like majority of the females on my team did. After that whole fiasco there are maybe 3-4 females that i still talk to. The others i just give the cold shoulder and bite my tongue because i know Master wants me to be good. I just feel glad that there is one person here where i dont have to hide myself or who i am and can be myself around her. It gets tiring here hiding myself and having to change my answers to His questions based on who is in the room. I'm just ready to be back to being us because then it's not complicated at all, but very simple. I just have to stick it out til then....
   I love You so much Master and hope You know that if i seem mad or upset or just not myself it's the things here affecting me worse then i should let it. When i get that way is when i crave for you to let me know that You are still there and still here for me. I also need to know that You are still the Master(not that i dont know but i guess its to reaffirm it) because life gets so crazy here and its always changing and things are dangled over my head. Knowing i have a steady place to stand with You keeps me from feeling like i'll tumble off the edge of the cliff at any minute. So please i ask for just a little bit of patience and if i start stepping out of bounds or on toes to let me know so i can correct it. I try my hardest but being here sometimes my mind is stuck here and cant get back to being on You and where i sit with You. I love You so much.

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