Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Slight scare for U/us and baby....

   So last night Master and i ended up going to the emergency room. I experienced some bleeding that was heavier than the usual spotting i had been told about. It had started after i had physical therapy and i wanted to make sure that our little peanut was doing alright. We had a blood test, but the two of us still had no clue as to how far along i was. We just knew that the bloodwork had said i was pregnant, but the doctor wanted to run another blood test in two weeks just to be sure.
    After waiting around for about 2 hours or so, they had taken some blood and then came in to take me to ultrasound. The nurses felt bad for me because i was looking so sad. Master was encouraging during the whole thing, reassuring me that our peanut was going to be alright. Sometimes i am able to comprehend what He is saying and it goes through and im fine once He says that. However last night was different. Since we didnt know how far along i was and didnt have any kind of idea as to how far along i should be other than between 4 and 8 weeks, i needed to see that ultrasound. It was all i cared about was seeing that ultrasound picture and making sure that our peanut was alright and developing right where it should.
    So after getting the ultrasound done and experiencing the weird wand in places that only Master has touched like that, i found out that we are 5 weeks pregnant. It was such a sobering thing to see that little black dot on the screen. Granted it wasnt much, but hearing the ultrasound tech say that the baby was right where it should be for measuring 5 weeks was the most amazing thing to hear and it felt like a weight had been lifted off of me knowing our peanut was officially okay. The nurse came in and told me the doctor would be in shortly and sure he came in not too long after that.
    Master and i listened to the doctor as he told me what he felt was happening. He felt that i needed to check back in with my doctor in 2 days to get my HCG levels checked to make sure that the baby was developing normally and progessing as it should for this pregnancy. On top of that he said the bleeding could either be from a threatened miscarriage or early pregnancy spotting. I kind of feel bad though because when we went in we told him just bleeding. We didnt specify how much other than it was more than normal spotting. He took that to mean it was a lot, like the kind that would begin to mean a miscarriage, but it was just spotting and a little bit of blood after doing some exercises at physical therapy. We just wanted to make sure with the spotting that our peanut was okay because after that bit of bleeding, i spotted once or twice but then it was back to normal. There wasnt really anything. Either way i am definitely going to follow the doctors orders and rest as much as possible until i make it to my next trimester.
   Please keep Master and i in your thoughts for this baby to keep developing normally. With all my past health problems, it really is a miracle i was able to get pregnant and that the baby has made it this far so far. I know that i am truly thankful and that Master is too :) I will be thanking God everyday for giving me this precious gift and everyday He gives this baby another day to grow and develop inside me. :) Keep your fingers crossed that my next appointment will go a lot better for baby.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

So we have an annoucement to make....

     We're EXPECTING!!!!!So Master and i are completely excited :) We have just found out this past week the amazing news!!  It's the most exciting thing ever and i cant believe that the two of us are going to be bringing a little one into this world. It's the most exciting thing in the world to know that i have a life growing inside of me.
     We are a little bit nervous because right now im facing a little bit of spotting, but according to the doctors that is normal for women to spot in their first trimester of pregnancy. I havent been to my first appointment yet, but as of now the best guess is im anywhere between 5 and 7 weeks pregnant. To me it is the most exciting time in the world. The spotting has me a little nervous but after talking to two nurses and an ObGyn about it i kind of am not as worried about it. Its still a major factor in the back of my mind, especially because i dont know whats causing it and i dont know how far along i am. My mind says ill be okay if i can just find out how far along i am and hopefully hear the baby's heartbeat(from what ive read you can hear it as early as 8 weeks but im not sure). Master keeps me calm and im trying to not to worry because i know its bad for baby. So for now im just keeping an eye on things and if it gets worse i think we'll go in and get it checked out even if its just to say that this is normal and the baby is doing alright.
     Master and i are ready to have some fun and tell His family. We're waiting until Christmas and by then hopefully i will have had my first appointment and will find out just how far along i am with the baby. :) The debate has already started as to what we want to have--a boy or girl. Either way we know that we want the baby to be healthy. Id like a boy because i want him to be protective of his little sister when/if we have a girl and Master wants a little girl. Its crazy but i feel that we are both bonding with the baby right now. The baby isnt very big, but have an unofficial name until we find out what the baby is. We call it Peanut :) and its so cute because Master tells Peanut bye every morning that i go to work and just at random moments. The weird thing is that i find myself rubbing my tummy and thinking of the new life that is growing in there. It's the best feeling in the world and now i feel like i have to be so protective of my stomach.
     My family is going to be told the day after Christmas, but im kind of leery of going up there. With everything that happened with our wedding i am not to sure how this is going to go. Its bad enough i have to go up there alone because they are mad at Him for protecting me. Ugh, i hate family drama. To add to it, they dont seem to be too happy that im bringing our dog with us, but she deserves to experience a change of scenery and shes way better behaved than my parents dog because she just listens very well. Yes she may have crack dog moments but thats normal for her breed.
     Anyways...i figured id break the news here first because i feel like im bursting at the seams to tell everyone. It's exciting and i cant wait, but we are still thanking God everyday that He allows us to have this baby. Its going to be interesting because Master and i arent the typical couple and sad to say our life has changed a little bit since i found out i was pregnant, but i have a feeling it will change once i get further along. Right now, i just feel that i have to be a little too protective. Other than that im having all the usual symptoms....nausea, lightheaded at random moments, weird food cravings, and just not being able to handle other things that i used to love. It's going to be a brand new experience.
So anyone that has advice, we would be more than welcome to take any advice we can get. Especially because it is a lot different when you start having children in the lifestyle versus having children and you're a regular vanilla couple. If you have tips of what you thought you should have bought and didnt, things you wished you had known, or just anything please feel free to pass it along.
     Master and i will keep this updated and i look forward to letting everyone know what we're having. Either way please pray for us and that this baby will continue to develop happy and healthy and come out a healthy beautiful baby(or babies***knock on wood*** because there is a chance of that happening too with my family genes).