Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stupid people

This has been a long weekend for lil one and I, you see with her being pregnant she is on a profile which is suppose to be for 40 hours a week of work time. This weekend there was a show that had everyone was working outside. Now one would think that it isnt adviseable for a 6 month pregnant woman to be out in the 90 degree heat with jet fuel but I guess the saying that "common sense isnt common" is true. So the lovely military sent her to sit out there and get overheated even though she had plenty of water to drink. Thats all they kept saying is that she needed to drink water and could sit in the air conditioning, which any pregnant women will tell you does nothing once you get to the overheated stage. Well lil one finally went to the medical tent to talk to a doctor and get checked to make sure she wasnt in dire stress.
If anyone knows anything about the military they know that doctors in the military are always officers and their opinion is taken seriously. The LT COL said to lil one that there was no reason that she should have been out in that heat being that far along in her pregnacy and that she shouldnt work tomorrow. Thankfully the doc went and told her supervisor the exact same thing she told lil one. lil one's supervisor had no choice but to agree with the doc and sent lil one home to rest telling her not to come in tomorrow. So lil one came home and rested for a great while trying to get the sick feeling of overheating to go away. She started to feel a little better when she got a phone from another supervisor telling her that she HAD to come in the next day and that they would put her in a building with no air conditioning. As you can imagine with pregnancy hormones, this just hurt lil one so bad that she was bawling (crying her eyes out for those that dont understand southern speak).

This made it even worse for her because as a person in the medical field I knew she was stressing the baby and everyone knows that is the last thing you need to do when being pregnant. I finally got her calmed down enough to start thinking clearly. So the next day comes and once again she HAS to be up at 5:10 in the morning to go do something that she was told she didnt have to do by a doctor. Thankfully her Commander talked to her before she was posted out and sent her home for the day. At least one person has enough common sense to tell when people shouldnt be doing something. So lil one got back home and took a nice long nap but was still feeling the effects of being in the sun yesterday. We wound up going to the hospital where she was hooked up to a fetal heart monitor as well as a contraction monitor to make sure everything was alright.
 The good news is that her symptoms WERE related to being out in the heat and that it was dehydration. The baby is doing perfectly fine and We are both so thankful for that. I am proud of My lil one for being a tough woman she is going to be a wonderful mother!

Just keep us in your prayers and we will try to keep everyone up to date. Once again thank you for reading our blog.

Master R