Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The updated version of pregnancy

So today it is three weeks that Me and lil one have been holed up in a hospital room waiting on our lil baby to show herself to the world. It is amazing how people do not go absolutely bonkers while laying in the hospital for a long time. lil one has been an amazing woman for taking each day as it comes and trying not to pull her hair out each and every day. It is really funny to us how all the nurses that are attending to her and our baby are amazed at all the puzzles that we have done. Well when you are in a room that doesnt have ESPN (can I get an amen from the male congregation) then there really isnt much to do except do puzzles. We have five completed already and buying more. Anyways on to what got us to this point.

lil one started having labor pains on May 9 and found out she was dilated and had a bulging sac. The hospital near us isnt capable of taking care of an emergency like that so they sent us to a level 1 trauma center near our home. That was fine because it was close enough for Me to check on the house and our dog when lil one was resting and be looked after by her mom. Well about two to three days later we found out that the Perinatal doctor (basically a high risk doc for mom and baby) was going on vacation and wouldnt be back for 10 days. He is the only one in a 29 county area to take care of her due to this emergency. So they had to transfer us to the big city level 1 trauma which is about 2 and 1/2 hours from our house. For all the females who know when having a preemie baby they give you two shots of steroids to help with the babies lungs and also magnesium sulfate. We had to find out a hard way that lil one is allergic to the magnesium sulfate. She had fluid on her lungs and was in dire stress of having pneumonia. Her Oxygen levels were extremely low and they had to put her on 100 percent oxygen machine. The best part when she was going through that is that our little baby never had any ill effects from it. So finally they got the fluid off her lungs and lil one was starting to feel much better.

They were watching lil one to make sure her symptoms didnt come back and she started to have contractions again and was dialated to 6 cm. They got those contractions under control and had her relaxing for a week or two and she was doing just fine. They even started talking about sending her back closer to our home. Well the next night lil one started to feel the contractions again to the point where she couldnt sleep. They finally gave her meds to help with pain and also to help her sleep. When she woke up the next day her contractions had subsided and she was still sitting at 6 cm with the sac still intact. We found out that they are not going to be moving her back due to how far she is dilated and how young lil one is.  The good news is our baby is still having a strong heartrate and is doing perfectly fine. Our goal is to get to 34 weeks since that is where the baby is strong enough and weighs enough to pretty much function without too many complications. Every day is a blessing and we can only take each day as it comes. Thank you for those who have been praying or keeping us in your thoughts. I will try to update as much as possible while taking care of lil one and all the other things that life throws at us.

Master R

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Update again on things..

    I cant believe how amazing Master is to me. This entire week i have been at home resting and He has taken such good care of me everyday, ensuring that i havent gotten too exhausted and rubbing my back when i needed it. Right now He's out there having fun and grilling our dinner to eat tonight. I love Him so much and feel like the luckiest lil one in the world especially after this stressful weekend and week that i have had.
    Honestly, i have to admit that there are a lot of times that i wonder if i could do more for Master or just do some things better for Him. I worry that being pregnant has changed things between us, which they have slightly just because what doesnt change when someone becomes pregnant whether its in a vanilla relationship or a lifestyle one. He is such an amazing man and has a heart of pure gold. He has never once complained about how there are dishes in the sink for more than a day or that the bathroom is getting too dirty when i feel so exhausted that after i get off work all i want to do is eat and curl up with Him. Master hasnt had His personal needs taken care of in a long while (well He did have it once but that was the first time in about 2-3 weeks if i remember right) and i feel that it's killing Him. He cant spank me, or doesnt want to because of the bad experiences and scares we've already had this pregnancy, although ive very rarely needed discipline since ive gotten pregnant. He takes everything in stride and massages my back every night without me having to ask Him or even gives in when i crave something and we go out to eat a lot more often then we should. But we can do it and He ensures that we stay on the right track with finances. It just worries me that im not doing enough and that everything has been placed on His shoulders. The tables have been turned in that im supposed to be the one taking care of Him as the Master, but now it has become to where He is having to cater to me and take care of my needs and wishes, often sacrificing His own.
    So i guess from what is stated above, i have to say that i am so thankful to have Master as my Master, husband, and best friend. He spoils me and takes care of me like no other, while constantly reassuring me that His love for me hasnt changed despite the fact that things i can do have changed drastically. He has taken on so much and expected nothing and i only hope that after our little one gets here that i can repay this favor to Him. He has been my comfort and rock and i know that no matter how stressed out i get that He will be there to calm me down and point out that there is a bright side and to figure out a way out of any of the tough situations that i have faced.
    Back to the This week i have been at home resting thanks to my commander. Master and i had a very bad scare and it honestly scared the crap out of me this past Sunday when we had to go to the women's center because of the bad pains that i was having. Im only 25 weeks as of yesterday, so it is definitely too early for me to having this baby. This past weekend i found myself in a dilemma because im not like usual moms when it comes to things happening at their job that they can turn down. If i get told to do something by someone who is higher up than me, i have no choice but to do it because if i dont i can be charged and face jail time at the worst. So needless to say things are a little more of a struggle for me now when things are not just a matter of concern for myself, but my unborn child as well. Saturday i was put outside to work the air show that we were having and it was definitely hot. Going into it, i had planned for this because i knew being pregnant i was going to have to try to stay as cool as possible. I had two 32oz water bottles full of water and ice and an extra 22oz water bottle that was frozen that i ended up drinking as well. All three of these were gone and i was drinking more of the 22oz as the ice melted, but i still felt hot.
    Work had started for me that morning at 6am and i was just trying to make it to 2 where i could tell them that it was time for me to go home because i wasnt allowed to work more than 8 hours at a time, since they obviously didnt care about the fact that it was 90 something degrees outside. The people i was working with kept asking me if i was drinking water and if i had eaten anything. Needless to say i ate a little bit, but not much because by the time it got around to lunch time i just wasnt really hungry because i was so hot. Master was good about things that day and when i got to start being concerned about being too hot, i checked with Him to ensure that i wasnt in the danger zone already. At 10 that morning when i checked the outside temperature it was already 80 degrees and climbing. The people in charge thought that the solution to having me work was just putting me in the shade for the day and that would be fine. Despite staying in the shade and drinking all that water, i started noticing i was feeling the effects of the heat about 1015. Around that time i was at the point where i was hot but cold at the same time. If there had been a jacket, i would have put it on. Texting Master and asking Him about this new predicament, i got told that it was only bad if i wasnt sweating and i checked and sure enough i wasnt sweating at all. Which for me is weird.
    I promised to give it a little bit and if it was still going on i would get it checked out. I decided to walk inside for a little bit into the ac to see if that would help any, but it only made me worse. After coming back outside, i noticed that i was getting shaky more and more and nothing was helping. My honest thought was it was just my blood sugar acting up and that i just needed sugar and the oreos i had eaten just werent enough. But adding that into the fact that i was hot and cold at the same time, it wasnt a good combination. Looking at me, the people i was working with just kept saying you can sit in the ac for a few minutes if you want, which i knew just made me feel worse because i had to come back out again after those few minutes. I actually asked my boss that was in charge of me that day and let him know that i was hot and cold and i just got laughed at. His comment was he had no clue what to do, maybe put me out in the sun. They had no clue and just laughed it off. This made me feel even worse and that they had no concern for me. Texting Master again that the symptoms hadnt gone away and that i was getting more and more shaky He urged me to go get checked out.
    Heading to the medical tent, i got checked out and needless to say its a bad sign when the medical tech that takes your pulse looks at the doctor and laughs when he asks what it is and says that its really high...over 100 something. They had me sit in the ac and take my top off and i still wasnt cooling off at all. The air conditioning was having no effect on me at all. It took them putting an ice pack on the back of my neck to finally start getting to where i cooled down enough. I was way too overheated and they even saw that. The bad part was that there were about 5 officers and 3-4 other people that couldnt believe i was out there working. They said that being 6 months pregnant there was no reason for me to be out there and that i wasnt that needed. It made me feel better to hear them say that, but i had to follow my own chain of commands orders.
    Needless to say i had a Lt Col go out with me and talk to the guy in charge of me that day. She knew that if she didnt go out there with me and we just relayed what they said that they would only put me into the ac for the rest of the day instead of sending me home. She even told them that i shouldnt come in the next day and it seemed that they were going to go along with this advice. Master and i found out later that night this was so wrong. After getting told not to come in, i got a phone call later that night that i was to come in the next day and that they would put me to work in one of the buildings, claiming i would be in the air conditioning. The bad part for them is that i worked in this building before and i know that no matter what they say about having ac, it doesnt work in that building because with people coming in and out of the front doors, it just goes out the doors so i knew id be at greater risk to get overheated again. I started bawling and it was all Master could do to comfort me. He was trying to keep me from stressing out, but it wasnt fully working. To be told to come in and put my unborn child at risk again was stressing me out to the extreme. They had proved that day that they didnt care about me or my unborn's child health. It wouldnt have mattered much and i would have dealt with their games if it was just me, but now that i have to stick up for our child it is so much worse. I got told to come in no matter what and they would put me in the ac. Master calmed me down enough and pointed out that since they dont care to not worry about letting them know when im feeling bad. If it gets to that point, just call the ambulance and they can deal with the repercussions of why they had an ambulance called.
    Going into work the next morning, i felt thankful because the commander sent me home after taking one look at me. He seemed in my opinion to be the only one to have common sense and it ended up being a good thing that he sent me home. Later that day, we ended up going in because of having some contraction like pain. The doctor asked me if i worked the air show and when i said yes, she seemed very upset about it. I was hooked up to a fetal monitor and a contraction monitor. After coming in to check things, the doctor said that my symptoms were DEFINITELY from being out in the heat the day before. It turned out that i was severely dehydrated because i ended up killing an iv in about 30 minutes and had to drink 3 cups of water before they let me go home. It was bad and i was sent home to make sure to drink a lot of water and cautioned to be careful of the heat.
    Work monday was different, but i was ready to go through with it. I was still exhausted from having to get up and work the weekend, but there wasnt much i could do. After going to an award ceremony, the commander sent me home for the rest of the day again. He has showed a lot of concern about me and checked on me everytime that he saw me and told me that he wanted me to rest. Later monday night i got a text message from one of the guys in my office to not come in that until tomorrow and that they wanted me to rest. Needless to say it shocked me, but it made me happy all at the same time that it showed at least my commander cared about me and my unborn child, especially after i told them i was possibly going into preterm labor. Who knows what the future has in store here, but i honestly hope that my unborn child's health isnt put into jeopardy any more.
    Wish Master and i luck and thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers.