Monday, January 13, 2014

16 Facts About Me

1. Most people do not know that i am a mother to a beautiful baby who decided to enter this world almost two months early. Master and i spent almost two months in the hospital on strict bedrest and uncertainty as to when the baby would come into this world from 25 weeks to 32 weeks, with me going into labor seven different times during that time. To this day the thought of the baby in the NICU still brings tears to my eyes.
2. Growing up i always knew that i wanted to work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit from the time i could say the word. I even met my Neonatologist who was still practicing and told her before i graduated high school.
3. i was taught how to shoot a variety of handguns from an M9 Beretta, M4, M16, M203 grenade launcher, M249 machine gun, and a M240B machine gun and loved every minute of it. Even though i havent shot one in a year or so, i can still hit a target in the gut or head as i was taught.
4. Most people find it hard to believe that at 23 i am a veteran of the military. i served in the military for almost three years and was let go due to the drawdown in the number of troops. If it wasn't for that, i would still be in the military.
5. i was very ill while in the military and went through numerous doctors and counselors trying to find out what was wrong with me. They never did find out what was wrong with me and were very puzzled as to why my symptoms occurred, but could not find an obvious source. It wasn't until i got out of the military that my diagnosis was that i was prediabetic and high cholesterol which is what caused all my symptoms.
6. i was emotionally abused as a child growing up and was even physically abused on a couple of occasions. To this day my parents still refuse to believe that they emotionally abused me, but it has left its scars on me that Master is trying to ease and make look better.
7. when i was first learning about the lifestyle and looking to dip my toes in, i was in a poly relationship for a few weeks. i had met a couple and they were helping me figure out what i liked and didn't like and in the end i decided that subbing for a couple was not my thing.
8. i have been blackmailed by a so-called "dom" in the lifestyle(who was high up in the military) when it came to him threatening me when i was going to be at basic training. He did this when i was talking to Master. This was the one valuable lesson that i realized just how much i can lean on Master and how i shouldn't hide anything from Him. It almost cost me my relationship with Him.
9. i have been the victim of a sexual assault two different times by two different people. The first one was a friend of mine in college who assaulted me in my dorm room with my roommate in the bunkbed below. The second was by a "dom" in the lifestyle who assaulted me in the public parking lot of a movie theater and the only way i got out was by fake calling a friend and pretending they were locked out. To this day i still have a few things that trigger these memories that Master knows about.
10. i love to blast my music driving down the road even if people look at me funny. It makes me feel happy and can brighten my mood or help me get my personal feelings out.
11. i am a Disney kid at heart and no matter what if one of my favorite Disney movies is on tv i will drop what i am doing and watch it. They will always be movies that teach various lessons about life and love and death and other things.
12. Before i joined the military i was a very introverted person and it was hard for me to speak up or make new friends. Since joining the military i am now more of an extrovert and am working on speaking out and making new friends even if it means jumping out on a limb.
13. Secretly i love going shopping for school supplies and anything to do with school from notebooks, papers, rulers, etc. i am the one parent that is looking forward to going school shopping and i love the smell of new supplies.
14. i am highly organized when it comes to writing down everything and when it is due that my parents used to laugh at me for making numerous lists to be organized. Last semester alone it allowed me to take on an 18 hour course load and a 17 hour load this semester.
15. Sometimes i talk in my sleep and carry on a conversation with Master but don't remember any of it the next morning.
16. i am HIGHLY competitive and will play any sport alongside the guys. i have played softball, soccer, ran cross country, flag football, ultimate frisbee, and many other sports. There is not a losing bone in me and i will do my best to keep it up regardless of what it means for my body (one reason why i sprained my left knee in college) in the process. im not one of the girls who is afraid of breaking a nail when playing with the guys.

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