Saturday, March 21, 2015

Feeling free

Last night was a magical night for me and Master, at least in my opinion. It seems like life got in the way for a while and both of U/us were trying to find the path back to the lifestyle and back to being Master and lil one while adding in the responsibilities of O/our everyday life. 

Master and i were laying in bed last night when He had the urge to take what belonged to Him. He used me and i remember that He wanted to be finished by me sucking Him off. As i did so, He had me on my knees on the ground. In this past, this typically meant that my knees would start hurting not long after getting into this position. However, with how the activity level of both myself and Him have increased, my ability to hold that position have gotten better. It almost feels like i am getting back to what i was able to do when i first met Him (where i was put in position for 30 minutes no moving as a punishment when long distance skype was O/our only option).  This is an amazing feeling to me as i truly want to get back to being the lil one that He first met as i feel since getting married and having a child things have gone to the wayside a little bit in regards to the lifestyle. 

Back to me being on my knees (lovely picture right now im betting) on the floor in front of Master and sucking Him off. He ended up shooting His cum all over me and marking my face and breasts with His cum. It was an interesting feeling for sure and it definitely makes me feel like His slave and lil one when He marks me. It reminds me of my place and makes me feel more secure with where i stand. After He shot His cum all over me, normally that is when He ends things and both of U/us get cleaned up and cuddle together and calm down before falling asleep for the night. Last night, Master treated me to the wand massager that was bought a month or so ago. Then He decides that while i am still down on my knees that He will continue to play with me and push me to cum multiple times. 

The crazy thing is that as i was in the position, my senses were heightened and i could feel it that much more. Body and mind craved Him and i could feel myself loving the feeling of Him exerting His control over Him. He began to push my body more and more as He held the wand in. It was the most intense feeling in the world as every ounce of my being told me to fight it and break the position, but i knew He wanted me to hold the position because He had started playing with me while still on my knees. It was sooooo freeing and it was an interesting feeling to have wave after wave of the orgasms cut through and hit me but i was still able to hold the position. It was the most intense feeling and i loved it. :) It made me feel extremely close to Him and im so glad that He did that for me.

Now i find myself craving His touch again. Part of me wants to jump Him, but at the same time He isnt feeling very good and i definitely dont want to push Him too hard and make Him sicker. He is working very hard to go to school so that He can support U/us in the future and i dont want to risk that (not that i would anyways but just the thought in my head). My thoughts find myself on wanting to use the butt plug that W/we have that i have finally gotten to where it is comfortable when inserted. The first night that He played with it and the glass dildo inside of me, i realized what it was like to truly feel full. Part of me craves that feeling of being full from a combination of Him in either my pussy or ass and a dildo/buttplug in the one not being used. It creates an amazing sensation and last time i believe made my orgasms that much more. My mind goes back to that night where He and i played with the new toys and He had me tied to the bed where i couldnt move as He played with the glass dildo in my pussy, inserted the butt plug in my ass, and played with the wand on my clit. OMG the feelings that i remember. It is hard for me to just come out and ask for things, but i love it when Master places me in the restraints and uses me as it reminds me everytime of my place. 

The crazy thing is i crave a good spanking and then being used with what was mentioned above with Him teasing me like crazy and then just ramming both me with His cock. It truly does sound absolutely amazing right about now, especially the feeling of being fucked after getting a spanking and squirting for Him when He tells me to cum. However, as much as i want all of these things i also have to remember that it is not up to me if i get it or not. Master decides when i will and will not get what i want and if He feels He is sick then it will have to wait. All i know is there is such a strong craving to be restrained with rope/bondage and forced to do as He wants as it centers me and makes me feel at home (especially since we have a chair that makes for easy restraining in the room now). The pictures included below are what im feeling right now:

Please, please, please, please, please Master?? Can You please?
 This looks sooooo hot!!! love the thought of this....
Love the thought of this....being teased, tied up, and fucked by Master...yummy :)
interesting to try since i have yet to be restrained to a chair and used. Would it be any fun for Master? Dont know yet if it would be......

Wonder if this is why people buy futons for their spare bedrooms? This would be interesting to say the least to try and see how it works with Master ;) 
 Tied to the bed with a wand right there? Oh man i would love this as Master stands over me telling me either to wait to cum or whispering in my ear to cum for Him.
 This almost looks like the plug that Master and i have that has taken me a little bit to get used this picture
Love the thought this picture makes me think of Master using me like He does. 

All of these pictures have me thinking and i know with both of us not feeling well for the day, these thoughts will be for another night. But for now, at least Master knows that i am thinking about Him.