About myself and Master

   Leaping into His arms for the first time, i knew i had finally come home. Before the first embrace we shared, there was a deep connection that had never been felt with anyone else before. It can only be described as the most magical feeling in the world.
   Internet surfing, clicking through profiles, i came across Him. The first time i saw it, i sent a message thinking "whats the worst that could happen"? Little did i know, but fate was on my side that night when i typed the simple message of "hey, how are you doing? would you like to talk sometime?" Something pulled me to His profile every day and one day i checked my messages and i had a message from Him. My heart leaped through my chest and something about me was so excited to hear from Him. There seemed to be something about Him that was different then the other Doms/Masters out there. It was an amazing feeling when i read His message. His truck and picture intrigued me and i couldnt help but feel drawn to Him. There was something about those eyes and that smile and it didnt hurt that He was a country guy at that.
   People used to say they were skeptical of love at first sight, but i knew after talking with Him and seeing Him the first time it was in fact true. He was so unlike the other boys(yes i did say boys) i had chatted with, trying to get to know people with my interests. He didnt pretend to play games or demand instant submission, but worked to get to know the real me. We talked and before too long, it was time to our first goodbye. I hated to say goodbye, but i somehow knew it wouldnt be our last time. The next day passed by and before long i was able to talk with Him again. It was amazing and spectacular to find out that it wasnt just me thinking about Him, but that He had been thinking about  me all day long too. We both couldnt get the other off our minds.
   Since then we havent stopped talking to each other and that feeling about each other hasnt faded either. On April 3, 2010 i officially became His lil one. That day is one of the most important days in my life to me. Finally become His lil one was the most amazing feeling in the world. Since then we have hit a few bumps in the road, but we have conquered them with ease and are now stronger because of it. We have gotten through the bumps so far because we have had each other and none of them were something that strong, but loving hand couldnt fix. He is my best friend, my lover, my husband(i love the feeling of saying that), and the only person who knows who i truly am. He is my heart and soul and He is the only one who can keep me in line.Our future is unknown but bright as we walk forward as Master and lil one and husband and wife.