The Person I Appear to Be

This is a page about who I am. It started out as a place for me to post pictures that I liked, but these pictures soon began to tell a story---the story of who i am as a person. Curiosity is in my nature and I often find myself doing random searches and finding random tidbits of knowledge. I love to share photos or writings or even do some writings myself that show just what type of quirky person I am. I have many interests and im always changing what i like or what i want to do everyday.There are so many things to describe me that I may not be able to post them all here. All i know is that these pictures capture who i am. Who knows though with you reading this, you might see something you like here and it leads you to do some looking of your own..... :D

    This is the ultimate description of me and who i have come to realize is my true personality. Yes, there may be other words to describe me, but this one is the first and foremost in my mind. I am a submissive and always will be no matter what. I have come to realize that it is in my nature and not something easily able to hide. I'm on my journey of submission, but there is one person only that i come to kneeling and that is my Master....R. He knows who He is....but I only kneel to Him and always whisper my love to Him. I love Him and He's my whole world!

   This inspires me because He keeps telling me that He believes in me and that i can always do and be whatever i want to do/be. I love Him so much because in my life He is the first person to truly believe in me without the added pressures of life. His dream for me is that im happy and content with life, so for not i work to achieve by always doing what He asks of me---my best. No matter what i'm doing or where i'm at, i will always strive to make sure i'm giving 110% even if i dont like what i'm doing because it's not just about me anymore.

 This is for me because there is always going to be a rainbow in my world filled with dark and grey clouds...I know He is always there for me when i need Him.                       
   One word cant even describe who i am...but in all reality this is who I strive to be with a mixture of a girl who can get down and dirty at the same time because i know He loves a girl that can get all dressed up one second and be in a pair of jeans and tshirt playing with the guys the next. Its a delicate balance but i know i can handle it well.

    No matter where i go, i will always remember that i am a country girl no matter what and i love to go huntin and mudding and fishing and everything else out in the country. I may not be one of those extreme rednecks either. I'm just a plain old country girl.

    This makes me think of the lyrics He tells me all the time. I try to always act like an angel, but sometimes my horns show through. The photo captures the idea that even angels can get into trouble :)

   I'm always full of wonder and love to be a girly girl every now and then. I love flowers and this is what i would do if i ever received flowers. I would sit there and smell them thinking of Him because i know without a doubt that they would be from Him. The other meaning to me is that flowers take time to grow and have to have just the right mixture of things, but even if they dont get the right balance they can turn out amazing. It inspires me that im a beautiful flower and i may not have the right balance, but i'm beautiful in my own way and He sees that beauty.

    These pictures reminds me that I am always His to do with as He please. I am His lil one and belong to Him in heart, mind, body and soul. He is my protector and is my disciplinarian. He knows how to teach me right from wrong and corrects me when I stray. I am always safe in His arms and i can always come to Him whenever i need something. I am whoever He wants me to be. He constantly pushes me to better myself and be the best person i can be and to always be myself. He doesnt ask me to change to please Him, but brings out the best qualities of who I am. I know without a doubt He is my world and i would be lost without Him. I know i am His lil one always.