Rules of the Road

These are the rules that Master and i have agreed to for O/our dynamic. However, there are slow changes being made as the two of us are shifting from not just a Master and slave dynamic but also one that follows the Christian domestic discipline.
1. Be respectful (when alone always use Sir)
2. No cumming without permission
 3. Chosen underwear by Master unless on your period
4. When driving together and alone, the left hand rests on the upper thigh
5. ALWAYS be honest with Him
 6. No headshaking to answer a question.
7. No smart mouth or sarcasm with Him
 8. Be ready for anything that He wants to do with no thought of regret or back talk
9. Must approve any friend requests on FL or CM
10. No drinking without Master present
 11. Stay shaved when not on period
12. Receive maintenance spankings without trying to talk out of it to remind me of my place
 13. Open to trying new things in the lifestyle with Master
 14. Keep the baby and O/our laundry done (including folded and put away)
 15. Keep track of all appointments and any items needed for those appointments
16. ALL school work must be done or if in multiple parts, a part of it done
17. Make the bed every day before leaving the house or going to work (unless Master is asleep in bed)
18. Clean the house every other weekend
19. Provide grocery list to Him the day before shopping
20. Menu list is provided to Him before shopping
 21. Master gets fed before you eat
22. Always have a plan for dinner
 23. Any rules/ideas must be run through Master