Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Football Game Date for U/us

   So today has been a wonderful day that I just cant get enough of. Its days like today that i am just so thankful for having a wonderful Master like i do. He is truly amazing and i love Him more and more every day.
   Yesterday Master and i had somewhat of a date day. We woke up early to leave early for our football game. Master and i were lucky enough to win tickets to go to the GA vs FL game yesterday that was held in Jacksonville. This event is in such high demand that tickets are sold at least a year in advance, possibly longer. We were lucky enough to receive tickets that someone had donated for a certain group. These seats were amazing, but before i start about that i need to tell you about the day.
   Master and i woke up about 7am to make sure we got down to Jacksonville in enough time to get good parking. He was getting ready and i had so much fun cooking Him breakfast. He had scrambled eggs and biscuits while i had oatmeal and a biscuit. It was so much fun cooking for Him and knowing that He was going to have a good meal before we left. We left with our lunch packed and snacks for the drive down because needless to say we were pressed for money to make it down there and to be able to drive back. Thankfully, our prayers were answered and we were able to get a little bit of money by taking unused items back to walmart to get us a little bit extra money(speaking anybody in need of a George Foreman grill for two?? Its been used twice and has everything and is nice and clean and back in its original packing)
    The drive down to Jacksonville to the game was amazing. My body wasnt tired at all and i couldnt tell that my back was hurting me. Everything seemed fine. It was a little chilly, but as we got closer and closer the sun started to come out. We got to the stadium and enjoyed our home brought lunch of pb &j. Master loved it and we both went to check out the river and then headed to our seats. We sat in the second deck and had excellent seats. It was my first ever college football game and i couldnt wait to enjoy it with Master. He had always talked about taking me to a college game and my first happened to be one of the biggest rivalries in the south. It was an amazing game and i loved every minute of it.
   The bad thing about the game was we had to walk about 15 minutes to get to the stadium. To be honest, i didnt have any kind of problem with walking to the stadium. My body on the other hand protested a little bit. We had to stop on the way for me to rest before things got too bad. We mad and went in and walked up the ramp to our seats. The seats were at an amazing position and we sat until the game started. Part way through the first half, i realized my body wasnt liking what was going on. I was a little hot and my back was starting to throb horribly. Added to that, my chest started hurting and it wasnt something that i could ignore. Try as i might, it seemed my symptoms werent going to let me ignore them. I put them aside though because there was no way i was asking Master to leave this game because i was feeling bad. Yes, i did have my medicine but i couldnt take it and there was no way that i was going to pay 7 dollars for a drink that would be gone in 2 minutes. It wasnt worth it in my eyes. He knew something was wrong, but i kept promising Him i was okay.
   To Master, this was like the greatest gift for Him. He has done nothing but be there for me and now that He was able to go to one of the games that were one of His dreams, i wasnt going to ruin it. I was going to hold out no longer what it meant because i was definitely not ruining this day for Him. As the second half wore on, i cheered on and on and threw my hands up in frustration when they did bad but my back got worse. I could feel it swelling and it hurt a good bit, but it was enough to where i could swallow it. I was sucking it up for Him. I lasted out until the fourth quarter. They took the lead and was blocking well when i suggested we leave. There was about 10 minutes left so i hoped that we would keep the edge over FL. Walking back to the car that night, my back was on fire and my knee had started hurting and it was like i was walking a marathon or something. I had to focus on my breathing and everything. It was wonderful though because He was so supportive of everything and asked me if  i needed to stop and just took care of me. He really makes my heart melt at how sensitive He can be when it comes to taking care of me when im sick.
    We made it back to the car and boy were we exhausted. We had been up since 7am and now had a long drive back to our home. It was about a 4 hour drive, but it was still a long drive since it was already almost 8 at night when we left. We stopped for food and talked about all sorts of things. I took a pain killer when we stopped for food, so when we got home i felt like a mac truck had hit me. The effects of the pain killer were clearly kicking in and i felt that my whole body was just doing whatever. There was no thought process as to what i was doing and all i knew was that i wanted to sleep so badly. Master had me ice my back for a little bit, but to be honest it did nothing to help it.
I passed out and woke up around one today.
    The day to me was a day of just relaxing and laying with Master in our bed and watching all sorts of movies on tv. It was nice to just lay down and do nothing. I loved it because its not very often that i get to just lay around and do nothing. So i definitely enjoyed it. Yesterday makes me feel bad thinking about it though because Master didnt get to see the last part of the game. He wanted to leave because He left it up to me and my choice. I knew that i wouldnt be able to stand the walk back with all those people that were going to be trying to get out at the same time. It would just make things worse with my back. I only hope that it didnt make it bad that He had to keep checking on me during the game.
    Master and i have started to realize that i am getting back to what we were before i got sick. We arent going to fully be back to us until they can figure out what is really wrong with me or i just get better, but i relish in the moments when i can just lay with Him and be myself. He loves me being lil one and i love when i can show my submission by cooking for Him and doing laundry and things like that. So i can only hope that i can continue being His good lil one and keep getting spanked or punished when i screw up. Which is weird because i dont think ive screwed up lately, but i know whenever i do Master will be there to guide me when i go wrong. Until then, its just us.
    Although i cant wait to get back to using our toys and see what more pleasures each of them can bring. (Whole new post that i forgot to talk about i think----my first endeavor into a sex toy shop). Master hasnt used them a lot lately and i kind of miss them and miss Him. Although that is mostly due to mother hopefully the future is filled with a lot more of pleasing Master. Im craving right now pleasing Him and just feeling Him screw me until my brains fall out or i experience that bliss of subspace. I guess i can ask Him for a session, im not sure. Im sure He knows how im feeling though since He is so intune with me, but i know a lot of times i have to explain myself as well. He cant completely read minds. So i guess i will talk with Him and try to figure out words to explain how much i really need Him to just take me and play with me and push my buttons and leave me begging for more and just screw me until i think my brains will fall out. Is there such a thing as that much of a need being met?? Well i guess i will find out. Wish me luck.


  1. Just now saw this post. My daughter and her husband were at that's a small world. Hope you're feeling better!


  2. Lol yes it most definitely is a small world then. Master says He hopes they were on the right side(GA) and not the wrong side(FL).
    Thank you for the wishes. I am feeling somewhat better, but definitely not loving the physical therapist playing with my back now. It has left it worse than before he started.