Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Slight scare for U/us and baby....

   So last night Master and i ended up going to the emergency room. I experienced some bleeding that was heavier than the usual spotting i had been told about. It had started after i had physical therapy and i wanted to make sure that our little peanut was doing alright. We had a blood test, but the two of us still had no clue as to how far along i was. We just knew that the bloodwork had said i was pregnant, but the doctor wanted to run another blood test in two weeks just to be sure.
    After waiting around for about 2 hours or so, they had taken some blood and then came in to take me to ultrasound. The nurses felt bad for me because i was looking so sad. Master was encouraging during the whole thing, reassuring me that our peanut was going to be alright. Sometimes i am able to comprehend what He is saying and it goes through and im fine once He says that. However last night was different. Since we didnt know how far along i was and didnt have any kind of idea as to how far along i should be other than between 4 and 8 weeks, i needed to see that ultrasound. It was all i cared about was seeing that ultrasound picture and making sure that our peanut was alright and developing right where it should.
    So after getting the ultrasound done and experiencing the weird wand in places that only Master has touched like that, i found out that we are 5 weeks pregnant. It was such a sobering thing to see that little black dot on the screen. Granted it wasnt much, but hearing the ultrasound tech say that the baby was right where it should be for measuring 5 weeks was the most amazing thing to hear and it felt like a weight had been lifted off of me knowing our peanut was officially okay. The nurse came in and told me the doctor would be in shortly and sure he came in not too long after that.
    Master and i listened to the doctor as he told me what he felt was happening. He felt that i needed to check back in with my doctor in 2 days to get my HCG levels checked to make sure that the baby was developing normally and progessing as it should for this pregnancy. On top of that he said the bleeding could either be from a threatened miscarriage or early pregnancy spotting. I kind of feel bad though because when we went in we told him just bleeding. We didnt specify how much other than it was more than normal spotting. He took that to mean it was a lot, like the kind that would begin to mean a miscarriage, but it was just spotting and a little bit of blood after doing some exercises at physical therapy. We just wanted to make sure with the spotting that our peanut was okay because after that bit of bleeding, i spotted once or twice but then it was back to normal. There wasnt really anything. Either way i am definitely going to follow the doctors orders and rest as much as possible until i make it to my next trimester.
   Please keep Master and i in your thoughts for this baby to keep developing normally. With all my past health problems, it really is a miracle i was able to get pregnant and that the baby has made it this far so far. I know that i am truly thankful and that Master is too :) I will be thanking God everyday for giving me this precious gift and everyday He gives this baby another day to grow and develop inside me. :) Keep your fingers crossed that my next appointment will go a lot better for baby.


  1. Praying for both of you and your "peanut"! I'm so sorry that you're spotting. I really hope it works out alright.


  2. Thank you Kitty! Me and peanut are doing a lot better and the spotting has stopped for now. Ive been taking it easy and i think im going to hold off on the exercises for physical therapy until i get a little further along :) W/we're just glad that our peanut is alright