Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back in the Arms of Love

Wow, today just seems to be the best day ever. I cant believe how great it has gone. I am so glad that I am going to be able to see him tomorrow and I just cant wait.

    The day started out with what I thought was going to end up bad, I ran out of cereal this morning. I had a little bit to get me through the morning. I was so happy that I had enough to get me through long enough, but I grabbed a granola bar and headed out the door. It felt great heading into work knowing this would be my last full day in the apartment. It was so crazy a feeling, but I love knowing that tonight will be my last stay in this apartment. It was a great apartment for the time I was in it, but I'm ready to move on and start a new chapter of my life.

    After heading down the road, I started texting him and couldnt believe that the day was just beginning and after today I was finally going to be able to see him. It was just too hard to believe. I made it to work safe and sound and on time after leaving a few minutes late. I loved the drive to work because it was such an easy drive and it seemed like before too long I was already there.

    I got into work and it looked like I was going to get lucky and work inside. I was helping Robert make the pizzas and it seemed that I was going to be able to help him out all day as three to four orders came in before we had really opened for the morning. However, my luck soon faded out as I saw Frazier's truck coming in. The funny thing is that he's a manager and is showing up twenty minutes late to work. I am pretty sure that he is supposed to be the one setting the example and showing up to work ontime everyday. Anyways...enough on my tangent about him. We headed out to doorhang and ended up hitting the library parking lot first. This always seems to be a favorite for him when we are out doorhanging. We put the fliers on the cars and as I was getting in my car a lady came up to me and handed me the flier back. She told me that the fliers are what really pissed her off. It was bad because I wanted to smart off to her and tell her that i was sorry but that I had a job to do and she may not like it, but I had to get paid to do my job. Anyways...we finished there and went and did the apartments. I was laughing because I had gotten a majority of them and he just shows up later walking around like "have i already done this one" or something like that. It was crazy funny to watch him, but I headed back to my car because I knew where I had done and I had caught up with him.

    Well, I was sitting in my car texting him and found out that there was a crazy storm headed our way. I couldnt believe it, but it was mostly red and yellow. I thought it was crazy and told my manager there was a bad storm about to hit. I guess he didnt believe me because he called the store to ask Robert to check on his phone where it was at. It was crazy because he told us the storm was in down town and headed our way. We arent too far from downtown so I knew that it wouldnt be long before it hit. Frazier wanted to go do hotel keycards, but I opted to stay behind and help Robert with the cleaning and making pizzas in the store. It was a fun time and i loved it. I got all my hours and asked him if it was cool for me to go at 2 to make sure he didnt need any extra help. The odd thing about me staying til 2 was that normally I would have been cut, but i had found a lucky penny on heads and had picked it up. It was crazy because I think this penny was working it's magic.

    After leaving work, I headed to Walgreens to pick up my prescription. i had decided this morning to go ahead and refill it because I knew that it would be better for my body if I did. I headed to the pharmacy thinking I knew exactly where I was going. Well, there happened to be another one on the same road, but I stopped at the first one I came to, thinking this was the one that I had called and refilled my prescription at. It turns out this was the wrong one, but the pharmacist there was so nice and told me it wouldn't be very long at all to refill my prescription. A few seconds later he came over and told me that my insurance wasnt going to pay for it. I told him that I understood and he said he was going to check with them, but I also explained how I needed it because I had lost my medicine and that I was leaving for vacation Monday and needed to refill it. He was on the phone with the insurance and talked with them and they agreed to go ahead and let them refill it early. I couldnt believe it! They had refilled it and it would only cost me $3. It was so amazing and was so happy.

    I left Walgreens and headed for my hangout, McDonalds. It seems this place is where I get to hang out and play on the computer for hours on end while I relax and kill time. Today for some reason, it seemed that time was going by so fast. By the time I got into McDonalds and had gotten a drink it was already almost 3 and I had to be back to work at 5. I was so amazed and got on their internet and was looking up random poems. I found these sites with poetry about the lifestyle and loved it. There were so many different ones that I liked, but a few that I really liked. I sent them to him and it was amazing as he felt the same was as I did about quite a few of them. THe last one that I found reminds me everyday of why I love him and the little things he does that take my breath away and make me love him more. He had gotten off the computer to go and get food, so I took a moment to send the poem to him in his email. I knew it was a poem that both of us would like and felt it would be a way he could have it to where he could look at it whenever he wanted. I love him so much and this poem was one way of letting him know. I love how he loved it and loved the email. It seems that lately I cant get enough of him saying I love you, but everytime he says it is just as shocking as when he first told me.

    After leaving Mcdonalds, I headed to work. It seemed like it was going to be a good day at work. I kept getting runs close to the store and made a $5 tip on my first run. Things looked promising even when I had a huge order that I felt I couldnt carry. My luck held out with two ladies walking by that offered to help me and carried the sodas til I got to the doctor's office. I am so glad they stopped and helped me because I was just about to drop it all because of it being so heavy and I had already carried it so far. The day kept going well and I had talked with my manager about letting me off work early tomorrow night. He was okay with it and said my change in hours would work. I dont know if he seemed okay with it really, but I'm sure he's getting tired of me saying I'm going to be out of town or I'm doing this. Although this last few weeks it has all happened. I didnt take a vacation in the two months I've been working there until last week when I went down to Georgia to see him, so I think its well deserved.

I finished up my work shift after an amazing night, I ended up finishing the night with $42 in tips. To me this is amazing because the past two nights I worked driving, I barely made it out of the store with $15, which was then spent on gas money to get home after doorhanging and all. I was just glad that I had such an amazing night and day today.

    I cant wait for tomorrow because I get to hand my apartment complex my keys and tell them goodbye for good. I love the apartment itself, but not the management. It seems that they just seem so impersonal and just uptight about a lot. The student staff are amazing and very helpful, but the real management suck. I am just ready to get out of here.

    My plans for tomorrow involve a very busy day, but I am ready for the end of the day to lead me right to his arms. I love that I will be able to end my long day tomorrow in his arms and he can finish up his long shift too. I am so glad that I get to spend the weekend with him. I am goingto be so exhausted I think, but I also hope that I dont smell like pizza when I see him. I know I'm changing clothes and will be taking my hair down too. I hate having my hair up a lot, so I'll be glad to let it down. I am just ready to be back in his arms tomorrow night after going to Comcast, seeing my recruiter, and then working for a few hours. I will be so ready to crash. Ugh, one more night and then I'm in His arms. I cant wait to be back where I belong. Just to make it through tomorrow is my happy thought and then to follow the road that takes me to him.

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