Friday, May 21, 2010

I Wonder What It Could Be?

I didnt want to make it obvious but as always you are on my mind right now even as I talk with you(although there's never a moment when you're not on my mind). I am searching for things that remind me of you and here are a couple of them. I know sending them through here will allow both of us to have a copy so we can be reminded of how we feel about each other. I know it will be hard when I leave and I hope these will help you make it through until you get to see me again as all I will have will be my thoughts of you and letters. But here they are....I love you so much babe :*

I would like to have a house with a window to the sea and a tiny garden right outside. I'd sit out front and listen to the trees and smile as the world went by. I would like to have a place with a window to your heart, so i would know what you were feeling all the time.. I'd watch your days and listen to your dreams and give you part of everything that's mine. I would like to have a house with a window to the sea and a place in your heart next to mine. By the window, I'd give you my only key, so you could come visit me anytime. I would like to give you a place in my heart, right next to the wind and the sea. I'd sit outside on the front porch to wait... and smile when I saw you coming.

When I am scared.... i reach for you, and your arms build a fortress around me.
When I am sad....your voice is a song, a rhythm of a lullaby to soothe me.
When I am lonely...your smile is there to shine and illuminate even the darkest corners of my soul.
When i am is you by my side sharing it that makes it complete.
I am scared that someday you wont be there.
I am sad to think that not everyone has someone like you.
I am lonely when you're not here within reach.
i am happy when we are together...touching.

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