Saturday, May 22, 2010

A 4am wake up call is a bit too early sometimes....

   These past two days have been so amazing that I just cant think of words to describe them. I am just glad that the day has finally come where I'm back in his arms again. It's kind of like the world is just a little bit darker when I'm apart from him, but I make it through everything with being able to talk to him and the ring I wear around my neck(my version of the lucky penny from the song Come Home Soon).
    Yesterday started with a bright and early wake up call. My sister had decided to call me at almost five in the morning. I remember being half asleep and hear my phone announce that "Cat-lynn" (exactly how my phone said it) was calling. I was trying to put together why she was calling because it wasnt even light outside. Rousing from my sleep, I answered the phone and waited a few seconds before hearing her on the other end of the line. She sounded like she had been crying and was still doing so as she called me. After asking whats wrong, because for her to be crying and calling me this early in the morning wasnt a good combination. I heard her ask me to come get her as she described the situation she was in. My sister, gotta love her despite all this she had put herself in, had hung out with friends from work and left her car in Spring Hill. She had ridden with them and left her purse and keys and any kind of money in her purse in the guys car. After she partied with them alittle bit, apparently they went upstairs for more fun then she bargained because the two girls and the guy started a threesome. My sister, despite being drunk, thankfully stayed away from the situation and called me. The bad part of the whole situation was that she had no idea where she was and couldnt even make out an address at all. I was so concerned for her and would have dropped everything to go pick her up if my car wasnt already packed and I knew where she was at. I told her everything was going to be okay and that I would call her back in a few minutes and I wanted her to find an address.
    This whole situation seemed beyond my scope of comprehension and I had no idea what she could do. I was out of options because I couldnt go get her, she couldnt call any guys from the DEP that she hangs out with (although she claimed to have none of their numbers but she has like three of their numbers), and she refused to let one of the only feasable options come pick her up as well as her Grams. I just couldnt think of anything and because it was beyond my control, I called him wondering if he would be able to help me out. I was stuck and backed into a corner and knew that he would have some sort of helpful suggestion. However, he didnt answer the phone. It turned out to be okay though because she texted me a short time later and said that she had gotten the guy to come down and take her to her car. I just felt horrible about the whole situation, but spent the entire time til she got home in a half sleep state. She finally made it home and I was able to get some sleep.
    I vaguely remember the phone call from him that morning at about a short time after 8. It made me happy because he was calling to make sure everything was okay after seeing that I had called earlier that morning. It was a sigh of relief because even though it wasnt at the time, I still knew he was there and looking out for me. I can understand why he would call me though so early in the morning because for me to call him as early as I did, there had to be something wrong. I spoke with him and remember mumbling out an explanation about my sister before I was told to go back to sleep. Not really too coherent at the moment and no fight in me, I remember putting out a "Yes, Sir". We had our typical goodbye spiel on the phone, which to me I have to have before I can go to sleep at night. I hung up the phone with him and fell back asleep.
    However, my sleep was short lived as my alarm went off about thirty minutes later. I knew that I could sleep a little longer and continued hitting the snooze button. I think I hit it too many times because I went to sleep and the next time I woke up it was almost ten. I sat up, slowly waking myself up and knowing that I needed to get the day started. I didnt want to get going, but my happy thought for the day was that I would finally get to see him again later that night. I was so ready for tonight to be here, but unfortunately I cant make time go faster or slower. It just goes at it's normal speed. So, I sucked it up knowing that if I didnt think about it time would go by fast and started getting ready for the day.
    My first item on the agenda for the day was to put the rest of my stuff packed into the car. I couldnt believe I was finally moving out of my apartment. It felt so liberating to be free of that apartment. Don't get me wrong, I loved it there but after having a rough year with an evil bitch ex-best friend and roommates, I was ready to leave the drama behind. It was weird because I left them a message telling them thanks for the fun times and that any food left they were more then welcome to help themselves to and I got nothing in return. I wasnt shocked to be honest, but I was still wishing for some sort of goodbye from them. There was nothing! Oh well, that's why I'm glad to get out and am the more mature one in the situation. I still cant believe the things my ex-best friend told me and am sure he would get a laugh out of them, especially if I showed him the facebook message she sent talking about how I "feed the sexual appetites of men" and all this other random crap. Oh well, I went to the office after checking my mail and handed those keys in. It was the most liberating feeling in the world handing those keys in because it meant that section and chapter of my life was closed. I was moving on to bigger and better things and the future was looking mighty bright to me.
    I finished there with no problems, although this suprised me because I was truly expecting some sort of problem from management even if it wasnt right then. I was shocked when there was nothing, but my next step needed to be taken care of because I had a timeline to stick with. I went to the Comcast office next and took care of that. It was amazing because I had no problems and finished there quickly. I was amazed at how fast it went, but it seemed to me that time was flying by so fast (which wasnt a bad thing because it put me that much closer to being back in his arms where I belong).
    After leaving Comcast, I headed to my recruiters office. I was ready to get this over with because I knew it was the weigh in and some business to take care of. However, the weird thing was that when I got there, he didnt even remember that we had an appointment. He was at the gym with the other recruiter so the RAP guy had to come and weigh me and I signed my sheet. I debated on meeting up with Hayes to grab some lunch, but decided against it because something just didnt say it was a good idea to me. I decided to go with that feeling and headed to my familiar hangout of McDonalds.
    I followed his suggestion and grabbed some lunch. I couldnt believe that there was only a few short hours before work and then I would be headed back to his arms. I passed the time texting him and just looking up random poems. It was amazing because I found quite a few that I liked and sent them to him. I have a feeling that some of them will help him remember that I love him(well not really remember but just know im always thinking of him). I know that leaving him will be hard, but hopefully these will help him make it through til I graduate basic and he gets to see me.
    Well after killing time in McDonalds, I packed up and was getting ready to head to work. I couldnt believe it, but my manager called me. I couldnt believe it but he was letting me out of work early. It was like today just couldnt get even better. Well, I couldnt be further from the truth here.
    I left and headed out at quarter to five my time for him. I didnt imagine very many problems on the road, but I hit major problems as I got closer to the detour off the interstate because of the sinkhole in the middle of the interstate that had I24E shut down. I couldnt believe it, but it was like stand still traffic. I sat in traffic for at least 2 hours waiting to get off the exit. When I finally got off the exit, traffic seemed to move faster despite the volume that was taking the same detour. I think the trooper's along the way were spaced out enough to allow distance between the cars to make the travelling smoother. All I know is that within thirty minutes I was back on the interstate. I was amazed and was hauling tail towards him. I was doing the usual keeping up with the boys because I dont like going on my own, but if two others are going faster then ten over the speed limit I will follow them. I was enjoying following along with them because we were easily doing 75 to 80 in a 55. I enjoyed it and knew that as long as I was third wheel I wouldnt get pulled over. I smiled as the miles counted down and I got a little bit sleepy because my three hours of sleep wasnt cutting it, but I knew that I would get there shortly and could sleep as long as I wanted in his arms.
    I finally made it there after five hours of travel time! I couldnt believe it, but it felt so great to be back in those arms that I had missed so much and to get those sweet kisses I had missed too. It was amazing getting out of that car and running into his arms. It was like all my emotions were rolled up because I had missed him so much. I had imagined running into his arms and saying "Hello Master", but it seemed at that instant there was no words for me other then "I missed you so much". I couldnt believe how great it felt to have those arms around me again lifting me off the ground.I loved it and couldnt have been more happier after the long day I had before getting here.
    I went to sleep snuggled in his arms after a long day. I slept so well and didnt want to wake up this morning when he was tickling and kissing me. I have to say that I hate it but love it at the same time. I like being tickled, but it sucks as a way to waking up. Well, it sort sucks, but I guess its how he can wake me up. I was up within a few minutes despite my grumblings.
    I took a shower and got ready. Boy did that shower felt good, but it was amazing getting ready to spend the day with him and just enjoy my time down here. We were going to look at heels, which to me I was ready to do since I had gone to Wal-Mart with my friend when I got back the other day. I had wanted to look at heels then, but he had insisted I was only allowed to look at them with him. I was excited because I havent really worn heels before, well except for certain occasions, and this was going to be fun. I wanted to find a pair that was cute, but also not too big and not too high either. To me, this was going to be a fun day.
    We started out the day at the mall here in Conyers. It was a cool place and we checked Kohl's first. I found a pair that I liked, but as usual the 1/2 size bigger that I needed wasnt there. This made me mad, but such is life. We headed off to the next place of Payless Shoes. I looked and actually found a pair that I liked. It was amazing because they were a little bit higher heels then I was thinking, but I liked how cute they looked. I tried them on and it was amazing to see his face light up. I could tell sort of that he liked them, but I wasnt a hundred percent sure. It felt so good wearing them and I also liked how they looked with jeans. i may  have to wear them with jeans to get used to them one day while I'm down here. Anyways...enough gushing about the heels.
    After that, we went looking around for clothes but after a few seconds he decided we would check the other mall. I didnt know how far it was away, but I was game for it. We left and decided to check out the Bass Pro Shops. I was excited, mainly because I was just spending time with him, but also because I hadnt been in a Bass Pro before. We checked it out, but didnt find anything to buy the first time. After checking it out, we came out and checked other random stores. It was amazing going into the other clothing stores and looking at various things. It's still weird that I'm encouraged to get whatever I like, a feeling I'm definitely not used to completely yet. It's like a part of me is hesitant, which I'm not a crazy shopper anyways, but it's just weird for me to be able to get anything I want regardless of price. I'm used to living on a budget and having to do without some things because of it. This is why I havent really been clothes shopping in about three years at least, because my parents only bought clothes when I really needed them or outgrew my clothes and even then it was a fight.
    We walked around the mall and ended up checking out Bass Pro again to look at the Sperry shoes. I admit that I have been wanting a pair, but with only a month left and it being summer, I know they wouldnt really get worn. I'm at the time of the year where I either try and go barefoot or wear flipflops everywhere. I hate tennis shoes and would run around barefoot all the time if I could. I love the feeling of barefeet in grass or on concrete. Anyways...we decided we were done there and ended up leaving.
    I couldnt believe how things were going and was loving spending all this time with him. It's crazy how he has no problem going and looking at so many different things. Our next stop was Best Buy to look at the cd's so he could burn some music onto them. He wasnt totally sure which ones to get, so I showed him the best ones. We also looked at the laptops while we were there. It still blows my mind away that he is willing to pay for one for me. I just cant believe it, I know I say I'm used to him taking care of me, but something like that I'm just not used to. I know it's his way of taking care of me, but it still blows me away because that is a lot of money to spend at once. It's crazy, but i love it to that he is taking care of me and making sure I am taken care of. We looked at the computer he had looked at online and I really liked it. It was something that I had thought about getting before, but couldnt because of my money situation.
    We finished there and headed back to the house after getting some ice cream. It was so yummy and I knew that I was going to have a sugar rush. It was so very good that it was worth it. It was funny becasue it made me into a playful mood and he knew it before too long when I was facing the other direction. I dont know if I ever get like that playful look in my eye, but I knew I felt it. I was so ready to have some fun and felt like being extrememly playful.
    Well, we had so much fun and I showed him the dress that I have for the wedding. I cant believe how much he liked the dress and thought I looked so cute in it. I hadnt worn the dress yet, but I felt like a million dollars in it and was glad that it looked good. I like looking good and dressing up for him whether in a skirt and shirt or a pair of jeans a shirt. I like to make sure I always look good for him. It's just crazy because he has such confidence that it passes on to me and I know that I carry that confidence in myself now too. I dont care what other people think and I walk with my head held high as he has told me to do countless times. It's crazy because I  have been told by him that so many guys are checking me out when I'm with him that I just cant believe it. I'm not used to guys wanting to check me out, it's more my sister but I love every minute of it. I love it not because of the attention, but because he is so confident in me that it passes onto me and the other guys are jealous of what he has. I know and so does he, that I'm npt going anywhere. He is so amazing that I wouldnt know what I would do if I lost him and certainly dont want to think about it. I love everything about him and just love spending every minute with him.
    Anyways....enough gushing about him. It turned out to be an amazing night with some frustrations, but I can say that I'm glad he was there with me. I most certainly would have gone off on the waiter, but a simple finger across the lips let me know that what I had said was already enough and he would take care of things. I was so mad, but I knew that I also have to keep things in check. I love how things are going and how he can keep me in check with a single look or gesture(usually to the belt that stops me in my tracks). 
    After a day like today, I'm still in shock that i got so lucky as to find a guy like him. He truly is my world and it's funny how I'm slowly becoming a Georgia girl. I have three Georgia items right now, but I know before I leave for basic next month that the number will probably go. I cant believe I have to leave him Monday and i'm sad about this, but I'm also happy because I get to see my grandpa. I havent seen him in a year and a half, but I know it will be fun and I will be able to make some good memories while I'm there. I'm excited because it's time to hang out with my grandpa and then after that I work two days and then it's back down here for 2 1/2 almost 3 weeks. I just cant wait because it seems like nothing can go wrong when I'm down here with him and that no problem is too big and there is always a way around it. I love him and that he's in my life because I know I have things to learn and thankfully he is patient enough to teach me. I cant wait to see what the future holds both in lessons and just for everything. I wonder waht fun tomorrow has in store after the crazy and hectic past two days...who knows but I do know it's a bright future regardless with him there to make me smile and to just hold me so I know all is right.

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