Friday, June 11, 2010

Nothing like a relaxing day with your favorite person

   Today has been amazing and absolutely wonderful all in one. There were so many good things that i wouldnt pass up from today. I'm also glad that He is feeling better too. He got a lot of sleep last night and everything seems to be working its way out. This makes me happy that He's not sick anymore or feeling horrible.
    I woke up this morning before Him, which is unusual. Most mornings He is up and wide awake long before i am. However today, it was turned around. We passed out last night after getting home from the Brantley Gilbert concert last night. Both of us sweated so much in that little club, we had to have lost a ton of weight. It was hot, but worth it because Brantley Gilbert is an awesome singer and was so nice. We got front row seats and ended up shaking hands with him (more like exchanging sweat because his hands were so sweaty from it being so hot) towards the end of the night. I loved it and every song he sang was amazing. My favorite one, Whenever We're Alone, wasnt sung though but im not complaining because the concert was still good. He was a very good singer and shocked me when i heard him talk because his singing voice and the way he talks are so different. It's kind of like how Keith Urban talks one way and sings another, its awesome! It was funny though because part way through the night a girl tried grabbing his hat and he gave her this ultimate evil look. It was the equivalent to him saying "dont you dare try to touch my hat again!". I couldnt believe it, but i know its a southern guy thing to not mess with their hats. The only person that can wear them or touch them is usually their girl (i know this from personal experience with His favorite hat that is guarded with my life when i wear it or is with me).
    The two of us slept so well and didnt wake up til about 1230ish today. I couldnt believe that i got as much sleep as i did, but after checking the time it was like i couldnt sleep any longer. I grabbed the remote to turn on the tv and accidentally woke him up. This started the day and it was going to be a great one i knew. He pulled me to Him and we snuggled together and watched tv for a while. It was amazing because before too long i felt His hands begin to roam. I didnt know where they were going to go, but in all honesty i was hoping theyd go for certain places. Sure enough they did, i found myself asking for permission to cum after only a few minutes. I couldnt believe it took so little time, but with Him being sick the past couple days i havent really felt His touch or Him playing with me for a little while. It felt good and i craved it, but i knew it was when He wanted to give it to me and not on my terms.
      After waking up a little bit, i was sent out to get lunch. I dont know why but there is something about going out to get food for the both of us or just shopping for the two of us (like so far its been running in to get a drink or just the subway runs). It makes me feel proud because i'm doing something for the two of us and not just myself. It's my way of taking care of Him at the time to make sure i'm getting food for Him and all. I cant describe exactly why it appeals to me so much, but i really do love doing the little things like that. It makes me proud that i can go out and order food or pickup food for the both of us and remember what He likes from extra sauce to a certain drink. I love doing these things for Him.
    We finished up lunch and spent the rest of the day lounging around the house. There were a few more times of me being played with and brought to the brink before being denied. I found myself asking everytime, coming so close to letting go one time, before i let go but i was told no. To me it left me wanting more, but hearing the words no, i couldnt beg. I know from experience that when He says no, more then likely it will be a no if i ask again a few seconds later. Im still learning Him and everything else, but i think thats one thing i have down so far. There are a few times where He surprises me and within a few seconds allows me to, but most times its dragged out---much like today. I admit though that i am in awe of His hands and just how well they can play me and know just what buttons to push on me to get those juices flowing. They are amazing and nobody has ever created these feelings or urges inside me before. I love it and wouldnt want it any other way.
    Today has made me realize that no matter what He does to me or how much i crave something, my pleasure comes through Him and only Him now. I am His to do with as He pleases and if He chooses to not let me cum for a few days, then I am fine with that decision. I may pout a little bit or act upset, but in reality i love that He has this much control over me and what my body does. In all honesty i dont think i could cum without His permission anyways because i have gotten so used to it. I love the little lessons He teaches me everyday, although it may be the same lesson from a previous day but most of the time its taught another way.
    This lifestyle has always been in my thoughts since i could remember and i find myself in shock everyday. I still cant believe that i am so lucky to have found the one person that i love with all my heart and soul and who has become my world. I also find myself in shock that this same person is the same man who controls my body, mind and soul. He is my Master and whatever He says goes no matter what. I love knowing that He is always there for me and makes the decisions in my best interests. Each lesson i learn from Him is a valuable one and brings me deeper into the lifestyle. It's amazing looking back at the shell of a girl i used to be and seeing the woman i have become. There are still many more changes to be made, but i know that it takes time and work. I still have flaws and those will be worked on because this is all new to me, but i know that He is the one with enough patience to calm me when i threaten to go off the deep end or the strong and firm hand to land when i take a step in the wrong direction. I am anxious to see the many more changes that are made, but for now i cant wait to keep learning my lessons.
   Anyways, back to the rest of the day. After spending the afternoon snuggling, we headed out to the store because i was in a baking mood and wanted to make Him a cake. I preferred to make it from scratch, but cost wise it was better to make it from a box. It's all good though because the box tastes just as good as if it was made from scratch. We decided on a strawberry cake with strawberry icing :p (well more He decided but i put the suggestion of chocolate or strawberry). Leaving, I thought we were going to head to the store, but turns out we headed for dinner. I couldnt believe it when He told me the choices---Outback or Red Lobster. He had mentioned that He was going to take me out to a nice dinner because my grandparents didnt do anything special dinner wise like they said i would before i left for basic. It was amazing! I told him Red Lobster because their biscuits are so amazing.....It was a yummy dinner and I thanked Him because i hadnt been there since i was about 16.
   After dinner, we headed to the store to grab some food. All i can say is that when we walked out after checking out the two of us were pissed. It wasnt at each other though, but at how stupid people can be. Someone had parked in the front close to the doors and left their baby in the carseat and the windows of the car down. I thought maybe He was joking when He said that, but passing the car i could see the windows down. I asked Him if He had for sure seen the baby and He said He had. I couldnt believe that someone would be stupid enough to do that to a baby. Not to mention it is illegal. All I can say is i'm glad that i didnt work in that store or something because i would have walked back in and called one of the managers up and had them make some sort of annoucement for this person to go and get their baby. That's one thing that just irks me....but anyways off that topic.
   We headed home and started cooking the cake. It looked amazing and the batter tasted delicious. I have a feeling that when i get a chance to bake some more for Him, i wont be licking the spoon as much as im used to. He wouldnt let me lick it and told me to get out of the batter after i put it in the cake pan (i was licking the spoon i had used to put it in the pan). Oh well, its not really a loss anyways. Before we got home though, i was told that i was possibly going to get a maintenance spanking. I admit that i'm not too sure about it, but if it happens it happens. I'm learning to just go with the flow, but that its important to be reminded of my place even if i have been good. I guess i'll find out later if im getting one or not....
    I am so excited for tomorrow to get here that i just cant wait. I finally get to find out what my surprise is from Him. It will be exciting!!! I dont know what it is, but i'm sure it will be great especially since it is from Him. Oh well, guess its time to finish the rest of the night and see what tomorrow holds in store for me. There is this weekend then i get to see my recruiter monday, that should be fun---not.

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