Friday, June 11, 2010

Country girl rocking the day away.....

   Yesterday was so much fun that I just cant believe it. I couldnt imagine spending the day any better then I did and I'm glad that He is feeling better. I hate that He wasnt feeling too good the past couple days. Last night though was a night of fun and exhausting, but well worth it.
  The day started off amazing for us. We woke up and snuggled together, waking up and watching tv. I love the little moments like this because it makes everything so worthwhile and it's when i find myself falling in love with Him all over again, especially when He tickles me as a way of waking me up or when im still half asleep pulls me over closer to Him to snuggle on His chest. It's the little things like that which make my heart melt over and over again. It's crazy, but I love it.
    I woke up, but I had been awake since earlier in the morning. Sleep hadnt come easy to me, but i was glad that He got a good night sleep. It wasnt great for Him compared to other nights, but at least He got some compared to the night before. I found myself with my head buried under the pillow for part of the night because His nose made His snoring a little louder. I dont mind it because I can tune it out, but for some reason my brain and mind were wired for sounds. This added onto the fact that i was having bad dreams made for a bad night of sleep. Although I can honestly admit i would do that night all over again because He was able to get a good nights sleep.
    After waking up, the two of us grabbed a shower and cleaned up. I love seeing Him when He comes out of the shower all clean and dressed. He dresses in what people would describe as the preppie look, but it's not really the preppie look if that makes sense. It's a still all His own that He has. I love it and His hat, that I rarely see Him without (because His hat is a part of who He is as a person), just makes it that much hotter to me. Anyways, I better stop while I'm ahead before I start drooling....
   We headed out to start our crazy hectic day. I couldnt believe that tonight we were finally going to see Brantley Gilbert!! This guy is an amazing singer and his songs are so good. We have a song that the two of us love and I was hoping Brantley Gilbert would sing it later tonight. Well, we grabbed some mexican for lunch and boy did it taste good. Neither one of us had eaten there in a while, so i suggested it thinking we should give the other restaurants a break. We werent too hungry either and it would be faster then any other places we went to. It was good and i was happy that He was feeling better today.I hated that He had been feeling sick the past day or two, but there wasnt really anything I could really do about it.
    Lunch passed and it was amazing because He felt that He was a good bit better and He had taken some medicine. I still admit that i hate feeling helpless and powerless to make Him feel better when He is sick, but oh well. Enough about how i didnt like He wasnt feeling good. There's only so many times i can say that before it gets repetitive. Anyways....we headed over to a country/western store to get some boots and jeans for Him for the concert. I can honestly say that i am glad we didnt have more time to look around then what we had because that store has a lot of bad ideas (well not bad but can be evil ideas more then bad) lurking around in there. I admit though that we may end up going back there, but either way i dont mind it because its not about what i want anymore, but what He wants.
    We finished up at the store, let me just say on a side note that i never knew a pair of jeans and boots could cost so much. I consider myself a country girl, but i still have yet to own an authentic pair of cowboy boots. The pair i have is fake looking, although they look real and feel like real boots. I just dont have a pair from one of those brands that make the cowboy boots....oh well. I have something to look forward to buying int he future---my first pair of REAL cowboy boots :).
    Anyways, after leaving the store we headed over to His brothers house to print off our confirmation. It was hilarious because there is a dog there that hates me and barks his head off everytime i come in. It's hilarious, but we printed it off and headed out because there was so much to do.
     After that, we headed back to the house to change and get ready for the night. It was amazing watching Him change from His usual clothes into the cowboy outfit. I couldnt believe how hot He looked and it was all i could do to keep from drooling on myself. I couldnt believe it, but He was right about how He may look like a preppie guy but he is a country guy. Boy was He right!!! He was absolutely amazing looking in the clothes. I loved every bit of it and i kept getting asked if He looked alright. I told Him that He looked fine, but He was more then fine to me. I loved this look. I honestly hoped that He couldnt see the twinkle that i had in my eye for Him.
    We left and headed off for the concert. It was going to be so amazing and this guy was awesome. I was so excited because i was dressed up for Him and He loved the way i looked dressed up as a cowgirl. I dont dress like one often, usually sticking with the more girly look, but it was a change for me and i wanted to dress like a country girl with Him. It was bad though with traffic (although later it turned out to be good luck) because we got stuck in major traffic and even went the wrong way for a short while. It was funny because we were lost, but still holding hands and listening to the radio. He was mad at Himself, but i can honestly admit that it happens to everyone. We got there with about forty minutes left until doors opened, so we went ahead and got in line to get tickets. I got my hands marked with the usual black X's when we were finally able to get in (cant wait til i dont have to get them anymore....counting down the months) and we headed to a place where we could see. This was the best spot for the night because it had a perfect viewpoint and we could see everything going on. The night ended up being a hot, but fun one and i wouldnt change it for all the money in the word. The two of us came home exhausted, but with a night of good memories.

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