Monday, July 12, 2010

Now two weeks away from You.....

   Wow! I hope this second week finds You doing well with me being gone. I cant believe that when You'll be reading this it will already have been a week since i left You. It will also have been three months now for us. Wow, it's just crazy how fast time flies by.
    I know that this week is going to be my hardest yet. Last week was more about the in processing and giving us all our stuff. It's hard to believe there is only 7 weeks left, but i know i can make it through it all. You have taught me i can. You have always believed in me and when i doubted myself, You gently reassured me that i could do it because You believed i could. I know i will have times where i doubt myself and even though You wont be there to voice it, i know i will be reminding myself that You believe in me and that i can do it.
    I wonder if You have gotten that second job You were talking about. I know and hope that whatever You do it keeps You busy and makes time fly by. I know time will be flying by for me as i face nights of little sleep and TIs screaming in my face. I shiver at this thought now, but when You're reading this i know it will be my reality. Although i must admit that my one thought is no matter how bad it gets with the TIs, nothing can compare to what i have learned with You. The only thing i'll have to make sure is i dont laugh in the TIs face and just think of You being them to make it through.
    You light up my life and make all my stresses worthwhile. I know that with You by my side i can make it through these next few weeks. My one happy thought i know i will focus on is always doing my best to make you proud and also (i guess its two happy thoughts and not just one) to make it through to graduation day to hear You whisper in my ear "Congratulations lil one". I know i want to make you proud and that will always be my goal. I cant wait to finish all this schooling to get right back to Your arms. Missing You a lot right now...
                                                                                                                                            Love ya,
                                                                                                                                           <3 lil one <3

                                                         " I Am Yours"
                                              I know I am Yours in the morning,
                                             when I wake with Your arm over me,
                                             when You tell me "good morning little one",
                                             when Your face is the first thing I see.

                                              I know I am Yours at night-time,
                                             when I kneel by the side of the bed,
                                             when You tie my wrists to the bed-post,
                                             when "i am Yours" is the last thing said.

                                             I know I am Yours when You teach me,
                                             when You patiently guide and explain,
                                             when i look at the charms I have earnt,
                                             when You help me to try once again.

                                             I know I am Yours when i serve You,
                                             when i kneel by Your side as You eat,
                                             when i fetch You a drink or the paper,
                                             when i wait by the front door to greet.

                                            I know I am Yours in Your pleasure,
                                            when You look at me with such pride,
                                            when we talk about my achievements,
                                            when You want me right by Your side.

                                           I know I am Yours in punishment,
                                           when i have failed to do a task right,
                                           when You tell me where i went wrong,
                                           when You send me out of Your sight.

                                           I know I am Yours in my thoughts,
                                          when You are on my mind all day,
                                          when i think up new ways to please You,
                                          when i imagine what You will say.

                                          I know I am Yours in my heart,
                                         when Your voice makes my knees go weak,
                                         when i crave Your touch so strongly,
                                         when Your presence is the thing i seek.

                                         I know I am Yours forever,
                                        until the very end of my days,
                                         i belong to You, my Master,
                                         i am Yours--always and all ways.
                                                 (i claim no ownership to this....found it online)

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