Monday, October 25, 2010

A Not So Exciting Day

   Not so exciting day today....the most exciting thing to happen to me was that i got to throw grenades today. Although that wasnt very exciting in itself. I felt bad because i did mess up on one of the steps, but i was fortunate to not be like the rest of those in my flight and get screamed at by the instructor.
   I guess that warrants an explanation. We were told today how to throw the grenade and how to go through the steps to be able to throw it right. i honestly did everything right until i got to the part where it talked about removing the safety clip and preparing to remove the safety clip. i had accidentally removed the safety clip, but kept a hold on the dummy grenade. i felt bad that i had rushed a step ahead, but thankfully he didnt yell at me. i just kept going and followed the rest of the steps like i should have. i couldnt believe it felt so amazing to throw one, but i couldnt even see where it landed because we had to immediately duck and cover.
   So today was an interesting day to say the least, but i realized just how beautiful camp is going to be when i get there. i know it wont be like a normal day camp, but it will still be pretty beautiful and amazing to me. i hope tomorrow is more interesting though and i cant wait for tomorrow to be over with because it means one day closer to being with Master.

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