Monday, July 19, 2010

Three weeks away from You now....

   Wow! Now its three weeks i have been away from Your smile and loving arms. I know this week will be hard as i'm sure i'm getting used to the crazy sleep schedule and everyday schedule that basic has now instilled in me. I'm hoping that by now i have heard Your voice because i can only imagine it being harder not being able to hear it.
   I cant even fathom being away from You for three weeks when You read this. I know by now i will be missing You like crazy, wishing i was still by Your side being Your lil one. You dont know (although i have an idea You do know) just how much i love You. There are no words to describe just how much i love You. You have taken me and made me Yours mind, body, and soul.
   I cant believe it's been three weeks and there is only five weeks left until i get to see You again. I know that if i'm allowed to, because im not totally sure on what i will and wont be allowed to do after graduation, i'll be running into those arms of Yours and jumping in them. If i cant run and jump, i know for sure i'll be giving You the biggest hug ever. I just know right now, i'm probably just now used to the schedule they have us on, but looking forward to pushing on through basic to graduation. It puts me that much closer to my job training and being back in Your arms again.
   I hope that You are staying busy and doing things to keep You distracted. I hate the idea of being so far away from You because i cant take care of my Master. It's a big dilemma for me and to me right now, i feel like i'm not doing my duty. However, i know You will disagree with that because You knew i was leaving for the military when we first started talking. I guess all i can do is push on and hope to make You proud in all that i do. My happy thought is the countdown has begun for me seeing You again. I hope You still think of me and remember me. I love You so much!!
                                                                                                                                           Love ya,
                                                                                                                                        <3 lil one <3

                                                                "I Love You"
                                            For all the times You brighten up my day,
                                            For understanding what i'm trying to say,
                                            For Your reassurance that it will be OK,
                                            For all of these things, i love You.

                                            For Your advice when i dont know what to do,
                                            For Your beautiful soul which comes shining through,
                                            For being there each and every time i need You,
                                            For all of these things, i love You.

                                            For Your part in helping me to grow,
                                            For the things about me that only You know,
                                            For cheering me up when i'm feeling low,
                                            For all of these things, i love You.

                                            For showing me what love is all about,
                                            For being so special, both inside and out,
                                            For letting me rant and moan and shout,
                                            For all of these things, i love You.
                                                   (i claim no ownership of this....found it online)

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