Friday, July 23, 2010

Just an update on lil one

To those of yall who are reading this I thank yall for supporting this blog and I know My lil one thanks everyone too! My lil one has been in Texas for almost four weeks now and I just wanted to let the people that read this blog to know that she is still doing okay. I am able to get phone messages every week but it just isnt the same as having her next to Me. I have been receiving letters from her but they are few and far between because they have to earn the right to send them off. It really has been a hard time to have her gone for this long. It feels like a part of My soul is halfway around the world and there is nothing I can do about it. Thank God for friends and family if it wasnt for them I probably would be going insane! There is some good news though...she is just about halfway done with BMT and then I will be able to fly and give her the biggest bear hug in the world! I am slowly counting down the days that pass by! When she finishes BMT she will be able to contact more often! I have told her about a million times and I will tell her a million times more that she is making Me soooooo proud! she says that she isnt doing her duty by being here taking care of Me but before I even made her Mine I knew that she would be going away to the best armed forces in the world. she knows that getting through the training will make Me proud and I know in the bottom of her heart that it is her main focus!! We are going to be looking for an apartment together NO MATTER where it is! I cant wait for her to be back into My arms and she knows good and damn well that she has a welcome home spanking waiting for her!!!

To My lil one: you will always be My kind of crazy and nothing will ever change that!! I love you more than words will be able to explain. Keep your head up and keep pushing through you can make it!!!!

                                                          LOVE YOU ALWAYS,
                                                                     Master R

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