Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a LONG day for sure....

   Boring is what today has been....nothing but majorly boring. Classroom instruction and death by power point was the major factor of the day. i hate powerpoints and just wish that there was a better way to teach us what we had to learn other then sitting us in a classroom for almost 12 hours straight lecturing. Our classes start around 0715 every morning and we didnt get done today with classes until almost 1700. Although the other thing to it is that for every hour of instruction, they give us like a 10 or 15 minute break. It sucks because if they cut out half the breaks we took, we would be done faster and able to cover half the material in less time.
   So the other thing i have realized yet again today is just how much i love and miss Him. He is my whole life and my whole world. One of my friends here is struggling with her husband who is thinking of divorcing her and is spending all her money and his money to by things like sports tickets and everything else. im not going to get into anyones drama or anything, but ill just say i feel sorry that he has already gotten the papers and is working on a divorce. Although on the other hand i dont feel sorry too because she is talking with several different guys here that are friends with her. i have heard other females on the team make comments about her.
  i cant believe though that a good bit of the females here cant seem to keep the guys out of their pants for lack of a better description. They are so sex starved or love the attention here because females are few and far between around here because it is a male dominated career. It just sucks that these females are going to end up getting half the team sick, not that i have to worry though because i aint doing anything with anyone except Master so im not worried for me. It wont be a good kind of sick either...half the girls on the team have slept with at least one or two guys here that they were talking to. Funny thing is one chick, i think may be pregnant but not sure cause it seemed she was in pain today and just looked funny. Who knows though....haha she didnt give enough time for that birth control to kick in.
   Anyways, i love Him so much and have realized just how much more thankful i am to have Him in my life and for the level of trust we have with each other. He is my saving grace and i know with Him i can do no wrong. He helps me out and is always going to be in my corner fighting for me. i cant wait to be home with Him because being here im so ready to be home. Hearing songs every morning in the chow hall that remind me of Him, makes it hard to focus because im stuck on missing Him, but drive it out of my mind.
   I guess my thoughts are a little scrambled here, but its been a long day. LONG day for sure and tomorrow will be longer too.

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