Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update in general...

    Wow, i cant believe that its been a good while since ive posted a blog. I feel bad because ive said that i was going to blog everyday, but i think i was a little overconfident in myself and how i was going to handle this pregnancy and school and work all together. Let's just say blogging had to be put on the backburner for a little bit while i figured things out.
     Things between Master and myself are better than ever. He is the most amazing man and truly knows how to take care of me and give me what i need. One of the last posts i made was asking Him to use me for His pleasure and just asking for more because i felt that since i got pregnant i wasnt able to do enough for Him. He majorly delivered in a good way and im feeling much better and happy about things.
     He treated me last night and made me feel so loved and special and very much like His lil one. It seemed like i had almost forgotten what it was like for Him to do what He wanted with no control coming from me. Last night was my first ever adventure into being tied up with rope and it was definitely interesting to say the least. Honestly, i never knew Master could tie me up the way He did. It was crazy though because He brought out the toys and it has been soooo long since my boobs have been smacked and spanked and just tortured. My hands offered slight protection, but not much. If i tried to protect them, my pussy would get spanked. It was hard to choose the lesser of two evils, but to be honest i wouldnt have had any other way last night.
       So....aside from Master and i getting back to ourselves i have been dealing with school. It has been a battle for me in between feeling sick and not wanting to go to class for a few days and keeping up with everything. Luckily most days at work i am able to work on my school work and get a good bit of it done so that i can just spend time with Master while im at home at night. It's good...right now im looking at A's and B's. My psychology class i bombed the midterm so now im trying to do my best to achieve that high B that i know i can get. Master actually wasnt upset about me failing the midterm, but told me that as long as i tried my best that i would be alright. He surprises me because when im hardest on myself, He says that as long as i tried my best and did what i could to do my best that He wouldnt be upset with me. Its amazing having a wonderful motivator behind me helping me to finish school. Im not sure if i want to take a full load yet this summer, but i know for sure that im taking classes. I may take as many as i can now so that i can spend time with the baby when it comes around fall semester.
       Oh, speaking of baby, for those of you that have read that Master and i are expecting....we have an update..We still dont know the sex of the baby yet (sucks for me and that was a big fiasco at the doctors office in and of itself) but we find out in about 2 1/2 weeks time frame. Im so excited and Master and i cant wait to find out if our hunch is right that we're having a boy. Everyone keeps laughing and asking how we know, but between the both of us its just this unexplainable feeling that it's a boy. I cant really explain it, but i just know that this baby is a boy by how it feels and how ive been feeling. If you go on the heartbeat, it says boy too. Our last appointment the nurse had to chase the baby around to find the heartbeat but once she got it, it was 139. So based off that, it says that its a boy too. Oh well, guess we have to wait a few more weeks to find out. For now Master and i are just looking at gender neutral clothes and stocking up on diapers and wipes since our baby's room is already ready and waiting for them to come home.
      Sorry to bore everyone with this blog, but i felt that i needed to do a catch up blog and let everyone know that we're still here, its just things have gotten a little crazy for right now. When we find out the sex, ill post about the baby.

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