Friday, April 30, 2010

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart....

 Wow, it just seems that the days just continue to get crazier and crazier as things progress. I cant believe that everything happened today that did. It was just weird.
     Well, the day started off with me waking up. I didnt sleep in too long today because I had to renew my car tags as well as take care of some other errands. Packing my things and making sure I had picked up, I put the things in my car and shut the trunk. Now this is where my morning got interesting. I had set my keys on the lip of my trunk at the top to hold my paper that had my notice on it. Well the notice almost blew away so I had grabbed it with my wallet. Forgetting that my keys were still in the lip, I shut the trunk. Immediately realizing what I did, I sigh in frustration. I couldnt believe I had just locked myself out of my own car. I was upset, but embraced it. I went into my apartment and immediately set out to try and find something that would unlock my car. I ended up trying another key, a hanger, a butter knife, kitchen knife, and a hair pin. I couldnt get any of it to unlock, but thankfully my mother called about this time. Sighing and not knowing what to do, I asked her if she knew a way to get into a locked car. She replied to have the courtesy officer help me out. Well I had to go to the office anyways, so I asked them and turned in my notice. I was told the courtesy officer couldnt help me out, but that I could try the local PD. Not wanting to pay for a locksmith(and not having the money for it too) I took the advice and called them. After calling them, I was told that because there wasnt an animal or child in the car, they couldnt help me but the Sheriff's Department could. Getting the number for that, I kind of laughed to myself and hung up thanking the lady at dispatch and the police department. I called the Sheriff's Department and thankfully they sent someone out. Within ten to fifteen minutes, a lady officer came to the apartment and unlocked my car for me. She had it unlocked within minutes and this was where I found out my car has an alarm on it. If anyone tries breaking into it, there is an alarm that goes off. This gives me peace of mind.
       After that excitment, I got in the car and headed out on the road. I headed up to get my car tags. I had decided to stop at the place very close to where I deliver. I stopped there and paid for my car tags then went outside and began scraping off the place to put my county residency sticker. It's weird that I paid for tags on a car that I'll only drive two months before I leave. I finished up there and left to get gas. The tags took short amount of time, even with putting them on my car.
        Leaving to get gas, I stopped at the pilot. It was the cheapest gas so far including my town. I went in and prepaid for my gas and went back out to pump it. The funny thing was, I had told the girl the wrong pump. I had told her three instead of two, so I had to go back inside. Well while I was in there waiting to tell the lady that I had told her the wrong pump, a guy had started pumping gas on the one I had told her I was on. So she had to get him to pay her for the gas and put my gas on my pump. I couldnt believe it, but I told him about it and got reminded that I shouldnt be sweating the small stuff. I laughed and told him that it was a way to test my resolve. I just couldnt believe it was really happening all of this.
    Well after another test to my resolve, I decided to do what he had reminded me to do and laugh it off. I just grinned and bear it and headed to work. I was picking up my paycheck stub. I picked it up and headed back to my car, getting ready to head home to my parents. I couldnt believe that my check was almost $100. I was told that would almost never happen, but I think with all the extra hours I was getting it was really possible.
       I headed home to my parents and got there. It's amazing how relaxing I can get when I'm in a safe environment and all alone. Now I kind of wish I had had someone there to enjoy it with, but its okay. I can wait til I see him anyways. I was bored and started looking up stories. I was texting him during this and let him know what I was doing. It was funny because I had enjoyed reading all of them. He texted me at one point telling me that he wanted to see me in position if he got off early tonight with nothing on. I can admit that my heart skipped a beat, but I already knew that my response was going to be a "Yes,Sir". I trust him completely and am completely comfortable with him. He's so different then anyone else and there is a trust there that is different then any other kind of trust. I guess because our type of relationship goes beyond the traditional boyfriend/girlfriend and extends to Dom/sub as well. I was reminded simply that I had to be reminded of my place as well. I can admit that my heart skipped a beat, but I wouldnt want it any other way. I love being his and being reminded of it. I am constantly reminded that I am his and that he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants from seeing me on cam with nothing on to anything else. I love this feeling and wouldnt change it for all the world.
     The one interesting thing that happened was when I was looking at all those stories. I couldnt believe that I was reacting to them the way I was. I could feel the heat in me growing and wanted so badly to touch myself. I just couldnt do it quite yet. But it was amazing these reactions that I was having. I read those stories, imaging him doing what was being done to each submissive in the story. I read of girls being spanked, fucked, and just dominated. I dont normally use that language either, but thats the only way I can think of to describe it. I couldnt believe how turned on I was feeling by all of these stories. I felt amazed by it and all the feelings it created in me. I cant wait to see what feelings he creates in me in person.
      I only hope that things will go well when we first meet. I loved how we were talking last night and asking each other questions. We were getting to know each other on a much more personal level on what has been done and all. I was embarassed by quite a few of these and couldnt believe that I was really asking some of what I asked too. It just surprised me so much. I even asked him for more last night when he first told me that it was time for bed. I couldnt believe it that I had even asked, to me it seemed more like begging I think, for more questions from him. I think he really was slowly drawing me out of my shell. I find myself just growing more and more natural interactions with us, not that it wasnt before. I couldnt help but love all the feelings and emotions he's creating in me. There's nothing like it. I have admitted things to him that nobody else knows. There are a couple friends that believe they know about me, but in all honesty they dont. The only person who really knows me on so many different levels is him. Now granted we're still getting to know each other, but I feel that he knows me so well and how i react and my emotions. It's amazing how well he knows me and understands,but he's also still learning some of my reactions.

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