Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trust is a big thing for me....

  Wow what a day. There were just so many good things that happened I just cant believe it.
  The day started out with my heading for another morning shift yet again. I was happy though when I got there because we were swamped so I got to stay out in the restaurant. It was so much fun, but i started getting easily annoyed at my manager. I was easily keeping up with the pizza making, but he kept coming over and claiming that my sauce border was too wide or I just wasnt doing it right. I finally just stepped back and let him do the job because I was getting too frustrated and was ready to go off on him.
   I was taking the pizzas out of the oven before the end of the day and got a phone call from a local number. This was where the day really turned good. I answered the phone thinking it was my mother, but it turned out to be my doctor's office. I was told that I didnt have to come in for my test tomorrow because for my age it is normal to have a positive test and it show up normal when they do the further test. I was so amazed at this and the lady said that the nurse would call and explain just why later, which I still havent received that phone call, but I was in utter amazement. i couldnt believe my good fortune with this phone call. I was slightly worried that it could turn out to be something bad, but am glad that it's nothing to worry about. Of course my mother tried to tell me to be worried by saying that with our family history(which to be honest I dont remember anyone in my family having a bad history with that area, we're more kidney problems), but I know there's nothing to worry about. I'm not them and dont really even have the allergies or medical problems they do. I know that I should pay attention to it, but in this case I think its wrong. I just think she really was tryiing to make me worry and think it is something bad, but I know its not. Either way I know I have support.
     Well anyways, off a touchy subject. My next good fortune was that I was already planning on taking my dad to work but I was going to be held over at work. I was going to go doorhanging in the early afternoon, at the hottest part of the day. I would have been fine with this any other day, but I honestly was worn out from feeding pizzas into the oven and having to keep up with them and into boxes with them. I just needed a break and asked my manager how long he was planning on doorhanging. When he asked why I was asking I told him that I had to take my dad to work today, which he replied that he'd go doorhang by himself. I felt bad, but it's kind of stupid to go doorhanging during the hottest part of the day in town. But I left and headed to my parents to hang out with my dad.
     It was nice getting to my dad's. When I got there, he was taking a shower and I helped him by taking the dog to the park. She's a little spark of energy it's so crazy that she has so much of it too. He came down and gave me a hug telling me thank you for taking him to work. It's a first and it was nice to be able to just enjoy time with my dad. I really did enjoy it and am going to talk to him about maybe planning a day just for the two of us during the week before I leave because I feel that we need to work on our relationship. But anyways...I took the dog to the park and played with her and just had fun. I must say that after playing with her today, I miss my dog even more because she was my cuddle buddy and protector. She was always there. But I had fun and hung out with my dad talking. We got to talking about basic and I talked about work and various things. It was nice just talking.
    Well, after we got done talking and he was ready, I headed to take him to work. I took the way he knows just so I knew I was going the right way, which i knew a faster way and think I might want to tell him next time so during the summer he has a shorter way to go sometimes. I drove him to work with him joking about my car smelling like pizza or making comments about how I was going to get a ticket cause I was going to fast. It was nice though because it wasnt a lecture, it was simply a playful oh you're going to get in trouble. I liked it. I had to laugh because he made a comment during the route about something and I had a smart aleck comment ready and on the tip of my tongue but I stopped myself. I pictured him in the seat instead of my dad and I held it in. I had the thought run through my head of what would he say if I was there. I was so proud of myself and realized that I think my smart aleck mouth has been curbed, for the most part at least. I dropped my dad off and said goodbye, wishing him a good day at work and then headed off to get gas and to use free internet.
    I killed time in McDonalds before heading to work. I got back into work and of course tonight is yet another Singles Thursday. I hate doing the single runs partially because it means we get backed up as drivers, but I also know they cant say anything about it taking so long. I got the first couple orders delivered and came back for my next one. It was a close order and I took it, knowing where it went. i had to call her because it didnt list a building, just an apartment number and every apartment in the complex area had a number 28 in it. Well, after getting a hold of her I delivered her pizzas, but hit another snafu---she only had a $100 bill and I didnt have enough change to break it. Well, I gave her the pizza, took her $100 and went to get change. Grabbing her change I headed back to give her the change and take another order out. I stopped and gave her the twenties for her $100 and then told her the order total. Looking at me, she handed me two twenties and told me to keep the change. I was so shocked that I couldnt believe it. It was a $19 order with a $20 tip. I was in utter shock, but finished my night out. I ended up making $46 tonight in tips, partially thanks to her $20 tip.
    The funny thing happened during my work shift and I was amazed at how the conversation went. The guys were checking out one of the driver's girlfriends and apparently he had a naked picture of her on his phone because I heard a comment made about that picture. Well, one of the guys apologized and asked if I had heard anything that went on. I replied that I hadnt and that I only heard about the naked picture. Well this launched a discussion about how all guys care about girls is how they look. This lead to a discussion how when girls talk about guys all it is is about how much money he makes or what he drives. To me that's a very shallow view point and only applies to the high-maintenance materialistic girls. I argued with them and at one point the comment was made that they were talking about the extremes and what about the girls who get down and dirty, but also clean up just as well when the time comes. Their reply to this and I laughed so hard inside was that those types of girls are bad news. When I asked why, I was given the response that it was because they usually tried wearing the pants in the relationship. This is where I almost lost it because to me I was the type of girl to get down and dirty but I clean up well too. I definitely dont try wearing the pants in my relationship (and have a feeling it wouldnt end very well if I did try). I like my relationship how it is and wouldnt want it any other way, but their comment just made me laugh.
      After finishing out my last work shift, I headed home. I cant believe that my mind has constantly been reeling and trying to figure out what he was talking about earlier today. He asked me how I would feel if he asked me personal questions. I know I am totally fine with it because I truly trust him 100%. He has always been there for me through everything. There's complete trust there and I love it because I havent been able to trust someone this much and this completely since I was assaulted(at least in the male aspect). I'm still trying to figure out what all he wants to know, but either way I'm fine with it because at the same time it also gives me a chance to get to know more about how he thinks. I'm anxious to see what all comes up, but I know it will be fun. I'm also excited because a few more days until I've officially been his a month(May 3rd is 1 month) and also I get to see him after making it through next week. Man it's going to be a long but well worth the wait week.

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