Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rocky start but it evened out...

   Man what a long and incredible day today. It just seems that most of the days lately have been long, but I also know that they're worth it. Today has just been way amazing, really too amazing for words.
     This morning started off kind of rocky. I woke up, sleeping a little later then I had planned because I had nightmares last night. I dont really remember totally what the nightmare was about last night, but I know it was a bad one. The bed sheets were all messed up again this morning when I woke up, which usually means I had an unrestful sleep. I dont know why I'm having all these bad dreams lately and I hate that it's affecting my sleep, but I cant really do a lot about it. I am just glad to know he's always there for me even when I cant sleep.
     After waking up and relaxing, I had a lot of fun this morning. I was texting him telling him that I had no idea what was planned for the day. He sent me a funny text message back with an idea on it. He suggested that I write to him. I had no idea what he meant by this so I sent him a reply back. When I got the response I laughed because I knew this would test me. He suggested that I write something spicy and send it to him. There was only one response that I thought of for this. I had a feeling that he meant a good story for him to read. I felt a little nervous about this. I have only written once before for him, so I was nervous about writing a spicy story for him. I started writing for him and finished it. I have to admit that as I was writing it, I felt myself opening up more and more to him. I think if I write a few more stories at times for him before I leave I will open up and be able to write a lot for him without being extremely shy. I know I wasnt too shy with things because I knew that with me writing for him that as long as I did my best, he would be happy with it. So I think I did my best on it.
    I emailed the story off to him and started my lunch. For some reason I seemed to be in a baking mood again today. I found my last package of muffin mix and went about making them. oddly enough, the mix tasted so good and sweet. It was much like me eating cookie dough as I made cookies. I made some muffins and then made some homemade croutons. I got the idea for those after seeing how a restaurant here made their croutons at work. All it takes is a little bit of melted butter and garlic salt on some bread and toasted in the oven for a few minutes. It was so yummy and the muffins were so good fresh out of the oven. I loved it.
      After finishing my baking, I relaxed and ate some lunch before getting ready for work. I loved the taste of my homemade croutons in my salad. I had decided to change up my salad today and added some chicken and my homemade croutons. It was so yummy and the croutons taste so garlic and buttery and crispy its just good. I dont know why but lately I've been in a cooking mood, I just havent had the right things to cook.
     Well after finishing my lunch, I relaxed then headed to work. I was in such a good moood and so giddy and happy nothing could change me. I was just happy. I started work and was taking runs. It was awesome because the last set of runs I took was three of them. I took them all together because they were right in the same area. I got two three dollars tip and a two dollar tip. I couldnt believe it. I loved it. I had to put gas in my car, but it lasted me the whole time.
      I was in such a good mood that not even my mother could kill it later in the night. It was awesome. I have been debating about whether or not to sell my car. The decision to do that is coming up fast, but I know I will need my car for sure for my job. The odd thing and this usually comes up everytime we talk was that as long as i made my insurance payments I would have a car. I just think this is stupid because I have to be able to live and get around, but my parents are going to prevent that if my other bills keep me from paying them for insurance at the time that they want it. I dont expect them to pay for everything, but when they got me the car I wasnt expecting it at all. They got me a car for college because they knew I needed one and they were the ones that also chose to purchase a new car instead of letting me continue to save up for a used car to pay for. I was told my car was a gift, but lately it seems more then a burden then a gift. I guess that's part of my dilemma is that it's constantly thrown out as a burden on them that they have to pay for it and everything else. Well I just dont want to deal with it, so I think I may be selling my car when I leave. I can buy a new car once I finish my training.
      After I got off work tonight, I headed home and spent about thirty minutes wandering around publix trying to find something for dinner. I am such an indecisive person and it was funny because I texted him telling him that I couldnt find anything for dinner. His first response was that if he was here I wouldnt have to worry about that. I laughed because I knew what he meant by that. I told him that I would actually like that because in all honesty I was so indecisive, someone choosing something would have been good for me.
    But I found my dinner and came home. I'm proud of myself that i have continued to stick to my goal to not eat any kind of fast food. I almost broke that rule tonight wanting to grab food with a friend, but I was proud that I stuck to it and didnt eat out. I went home and had mac n cheese with a sour cream chicken wrap. It was good and healthy. I get to workout some more later tonight and cant wait.I know for sure my legs will be burning tomorrow, but add that to my doorhanging tomorrow. I cant wait.
     I have to admit that tonight will be a long night. I am sad because he's working tonight, but I also hope that he's going to be safe. I am glad though that he is working an amazing job that helps a lot of people. I'm proud of him and it makes me proud to tell people that I have a boyfriend who is an EMT. It's amazing to me that he can do that. I love that he is saving people's lives. I am sad that I cant see him on the nights he works, but I know I get to see him the next day when i get home from work and he has caught up on his sleep. It's worth it.

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