Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New me = new plan

   Wow what a wonderful, amazing, beautiful day, both with the weather and just everything that happened. I couldnt ask for a better day, despite some somewhat bad things that happened.
     The day started with me waking up still super sore from my p90x workout. I couldnt believe that I was really feeling the burn, but I know that me doing this workout is for a good cause. I slept off and on again last night with very bad dreams again. I think it's really starting to trouble me that I'm having bad dreams again. I dont really remember what each one of them is about, but I think they all have a common theme that someone comes and takes me away and holds me against my will. I'm not sure if this is my mind's way of working some problem out or something else. Oh well, either way I'm sure I'll get sleep soon, for now this is just a hump in the road to get over.
    Anyways...after waking up, I had a lovely breakfast of some healthy cereal I picked up yesterday. Some organic cinammon crunch cereal, which really does taste almost exactly the same as General Mills cinammon toast crunch. It was yummy and I was proud of myself. I finished it and headed off to work. It was an amazing morning and just so beautiful outside that i couldnt wait to get to work.
       Arriving at work, I checked the schedule and sure enough I was doorhanging with my manager again today. However, I had decided that no matter what happened today I wasnt going to complain. I was going to enjoy it and just suck it up and deal with it. I was going to remain positive. I did very well on this I think, but he'd be more the judge of it. I was positive to myself even after seeing I was doorhanging with the manager that is mean. Today he just didnt seem as mean, he even sang along to the radio for a little bit of one of the songs. We headed out and began to find a place to go. We ended up choosing this neighborhood close to the airport area that was closed in with no outlet. It was probably a good mile to mile and a half long road, not inlcuding the little side roads that we went down as well. I started out and began working my way to the very end and then back towards where we had come in. I loved it and enjoyed the nice walk, despite my muscles being a little bit sore. I found it loosened my legs and made it easier to walk with them. Well I covered the neighborhood and headed back to my car, getting a call from my manager saying they were swamped at the store. We headed back, but just in time to them catching up. I felt bad, but I did try to get back fast.
     After getting back to the store, I stayed for a few to make sure that things were taken care of, I got off work and headed to my new favorite hangout, McDonalds. I had made a conscious effort to not eat any fast food and I was going to continue with that. I ordered a drink and sat down and began to amuse myself on my computer. I started watching The Blind Side and was talking with him. It was so much fun and I learned a new lesson from him. I learned a new response from him for times when I usually respond with "if you say so". Instead of saying that, my new response is going to be "yes Sir if that is what you desire." I know its going to take me some time to remember that, but I am making it my priority to remember. I wouldnt want to get in trouble for not remembering it, although i think(and hope) that he will give me some time to learn it and remember it instead of my usual saying. Although I have a feeling there might be some motivation behind it.
    Well after I got done hanging out at Mcdonalds, I headed back to work and had some fun there. I started out working and earning almost ten dollars on my first two runs of the night. I was so amazed and couldnt believe it. I continued driving and grabbing runs til my last two runs. I finished up and came in. I normally come back in and D or the other manager counts my money and I'm out. This is usually because their labor is up and they have to get me out, but tonight was different. I came in and got told to stock the sodas in the freezer and then I could go home. I did what I was told, because thankfully there wasnt a lot to stock anyways and I was helping out the person on the night shift, but it was still weird to be doing it. I had so much fun.
       I finished work and headed home to hang out with my friend. I couldnt believe that I had made almost thirty two dollars tonight. I stopped off to hang out with my friend and grabbed some dinner with her. I was proud of myself because I kept with what I said. I had planned on having just a salad, but after not eating since this morning a salad didnt totally quench my hunger. I was proud though because all I got was some grilled chicken, corn, green beans, strawberries and a small dab of mashed potatoes. I was so proud of myself that I stuck with what I had said. i could have gone hog wild and eaten something extremely bad like fried chicken or tacos or something else, but I didnt. I realized after that that I have a stronger will power then I thought. I knew I had a good willpower, but being able to resist the foods that are my utmost favorite to keep my goal was way more important to me.
     Well I finished out the night and headed home. i cant wait to talk to him tonight. I am debating if I want to switch up the days on my workout because my body is so sore today that I really want to be able to move and walk tomorrow. But I know there are other people that have started this that are going through the exact same thing. I'm not complaining at all, I'm just ready to get it over with for the night. I'm debating on doing Yoga over Shoulders & Arms with Ab ripper. Here's to a whole new sensation and feeling tomorrow night.

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