Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sometimes Life is Just Crazy...Pure Crazy

   Man, what a day. I cant believe how crazy the whole day has been and everything that has happened. I just hope that later this week isnt as crazy as the whole day was put together. I dont think I could handle another day with the mix of emotions that I had. Well I guess enough of just talking about how it was crazy, i might want to actually say why it was crazy.
        Well the day started with me getting to work. I got there on time and walked in. F was working tonight and I can say that he is the least favorite manager to work with out of all of them. Everyone seems to think that he's an arrogant kind of asshole like guy. He just kind of assume everything you're doing is wrong and all. It sucks. But anyways, he handed me my money and I helped put out pizzas and then went on my first run. It went uneventful and I ended up getting an $11 tip from my first run. It was a long day. I was just about ending my first shift this morning and I was pulling into the dealership. This was where my mix of emotions come in.
         I pulled into the parking lot and it was a congested road. I had a clear view behind the huge truck that was sitting in front of where I need to turn. He left a gap for me to go through and indicated that I was clear. I pulled forward a little bit and checked to make sure and I saw it was clear. I pulled into the parking lot and as I finished the turn and was almost in, I looked to the right and saw this car coming. It hit me with full force, and the only thing I could think to do was grab the steering wheel as hard as I could with both hands. I remember the thoughts running through my head were "Oh shit I'm about to get hit." I dont remember what else went through my other other then that as I felt the car hit me and shift my car slightly to the left. I couldnt believe I had just been hit. I was in utter shock and felt it was somehow my fault, but I knew that I was in the clear because I was almost in the parking lot. I got out of the car and remember shaking because I had just been hit and didnt know what to do. I was a little dazed, but I know I was very grateful for wearing that seatbelt. If I hadnt been wearing it, I think things could have been worse.
         The only thing I dreaded next was calling my mom. I was afraid that she was going to be upset with me, but I calmly explained to her things that had happened and she calmly told me to get his information. She instructed me to make sure to take pictures of everything and have all his information. The whole thing I found odd and she did too after the fact was that he didnt really insist on calling the cops. Most people after having an accident would insist on calling the cops to get a report of the accident and everything. I do know after talking with my mom, she agrees that he was in the wrong. The back half of me car from the back half of my tire to the side of the trunk was where I was hit. This means that he saw me pulling in. The other thing was that he hit me with enough force to move my car. Now the light was red at the time, so for him to be able to hit my car with enough force as he did, he had to be speeding. So thats my hope is that it can be taken care of.
         Anyways, after that rough start to the afternoon I went and hung out with my friend who was leaving for basic training soon. I owed him lunch/dinner off a bet we had so I took him out to eat. It was so much fun talking and laughing with him, because the way we are friends we like to push each other's buttons. I still cant believe that he will be leaving here shortly. But I guess such is life..I'll be leaving soon too. I'm nervous about it, but so ready at the same time.
         Well, the afternoon came to end and I headed to work. I didnt really want to go into work, but hey it was two hours worth of tips. I ended up making a little over $100 in tips today. It was such a good night, but I also ran into someone that I knew from church. I was just ready for the night to be over with after having a long day. I couldnt wait to relax and just be comfortable. I realized though so many stressful things have happened in the past couple days that I'm just ready for things to stop stressing me out and to stop getting bad news. The one good thing through everything is that my parents have started to be there for me and he has been there as well. With the bad news yesterday, I thought he would run but he didnt. He stood by my side and said everything would be okay. He has been there and lets me know that things will be okay. Thats why I'm glad I have him because when I stress out or get worried over something that isnt really anything to worry about, he helps me see the better side and that things will all work out. I cant wait to see what the future holds for things because so far everyday that I've known him I've been the happiest girl ever, despite the bad things that have happened to me.

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