Sunday, May 23, 2010

A fun but too brief visit for sure

Today just seems to have come and gone and I have no idea where it went. i hate that I was having such a good time and it's now just over. I have to leave to go home tomorrow and I really dont want to. I wish I could just stay here and not have to leave because it's just so comfortable here and it's just so stress and drama free (for the most part at least).
    Anyways...the day started out amazing. we had stayed up late last night listening to various songs. I love him so much and I hope he knows because I just cant find the words to express it. The songs he was playing last night made me cry happy tears because I couldnt imagine a better person to be spending my time with and to be my dom and boyfriend all in one. It's crazy that we dont seem like we're into the lifestyle at all, but I love that mystery aspect about us that people dont know.
    Waking up this morning, it seemed to go faster then I thought. I was woken up to kisses and him whispering in my ear that he had a surprise for me. It wasnt really the surprise that got me awake, but his kisses helped too. I loved the way they feel and I'm sure I was giving him an extremely sleepy smile. I love that he thinks I'm beautiful even when I feel like I'm at my worst like just waking up in the morning. He is so amazing. I remember trying to figure out what the surprise was, but for some reason i just couldnt come up with it. He got up for a brief moment and came back and said they're gone. I couldnt figure out what he meant until he climbed back on the bed and said that I could take a shower with him this morning. I couldnt believe it and was loving this idea. I have wanted to do it before, but with his family there before it just wasnt possible. I was excited and got up after a few more tickles and kisses to help me wake up.
    I was awake and had grabbed my clothes and headed for the shower. I cant wait until later today because I get to finally dye my hair to the color I'd like. I want to go a darker brown just because it's for the new me. I feel any shade of blonde ties me to the old Courtney that I used to be and I've left her behind for who I truly am and the type of personality I truly have. We both headed for the shower and I can truly say it was the most exhilirating experience taking a shower with someone you love. I am sad that certain things limited things from happening, but I dont crave it or anything. It's just being around him or just talking with him for some reason turns me on. I love the feelings he creates in me, but I'm learning to control them too.
    After finishing the shower, we hung around and played on the computers waiting for his grandpa to get home. We were going to eat lunch with him because he does it every Sunday. I like that he has this kind of tradition and was glad to be a part of it. The decision of where to go was left up to me and I couldnt think of any place but O'Charleys, so we headed there. I was amazed and it was a good morning of sharing stories and talking about various things including what he would name his daughter if he had one, Madison Leigh. I really like that name and think it is extremely cute. I dont think there could be a better name, but you never know til the time comes and I know thats a good while away (just not in the plans...not working on a full house as he jokes with me now).
    After finishing lunch, we headed back to the house and then headed to Kohl's. we were having fun shopping and I loved it. This was after making a Wal-Mart run to return my Georgia pants so that I could have the right size. I like them and wanted to wear them last night, but I didnt have the right size so I couldnt. It was so amazing spending time with him and then we came back to his house. I love just spending time with him because lately I know it's precious. But enough on that...dont want to dwell on something that will make me cry thinking about it.
    The next part of our day we decided to go swimming after getting home when Shantelle sent him a text asking if we wanted to swim. I was fine with it because I hadnt been swimming in a while and I was glad for the chance for him to see me in my swim suit. it was an amazing time. i had my first time of jumping off the building into a swimming pool. At first he wasnt going to let me do it because he didnt want me to bruise my ribs, but he later said it was okay. I got stuck up there though because I froze. I didnt want to hit the concrete below it, but he was right there ready to jump off with me if I needed him to, which is amazing because he is afraid of heights. I love him so much, especially if he is willing to get over a fear of his to jump with me. He didnt have to though and I was able to jump a couple seconds later, although they thought my facial reactions were hilarious during the jump. They said it was like slow motion watching my realization hit me that I was fixing to hit the water. It's all good because I loved it and i had fun with him. I would love to lose some weight before I get back in that swimsuit, but I know he likes me just the way that I am.
    After swimming, we headed back to the house because Jennifer was supposed to color my hair. However, she wasnt here so the two of us decided since we hadnt heard from her that we would head out to get dinner and then go see Kevin. I like seeig his family because they all make me laugh, but it was fun. We went and grabbed some Chinese food then headed for his brothers. Getting to the restaurant I was joking around with him and he had mentioned I was going to go over his lap tonight, but I thought he was joking so I replied simply "no" without thinking about it. I got this look of "what did you just say to me" as he looked at me and told me that I would for sure be getting it for that. I was half joking, but I also didnt want to go over his knee tonight. I know he had said last night he would spank me on my period, but I wonder if he would if he knew that today I havent had anything that I could tell other then extremely light spot earlier today.
    Anyways...enough thinking about that. We talked with his brother for a little while and he said that afterwards my brother likes me and was mentioning to both of us about saving up to go to Florida in two years. i couldnt believe that I was included even though his brother was vaguely hinting at it, but it was fun. I love the fact that his family includes me in things. We finished there and headed home.
    After getting home, we still hadnt heard from Jennifer and I really wanted to dye my hair before i left for my grandparents. He told me that he would help me as much as he could, I just had to let him know what to do with it. I liked this idea and let myself go with it. I mean if worse comes to worse, I'm sure my grandma could help me fix it when I got to them tomorrow. Besides he was being helpful and I was grateful that he was willing to help because most guys would tell their girlfriends to let another girl do it they werent going to touch it. It was amazing because he did such a good job. I love my hair as it fits the new me and I also love the fact that he likes brown haired girls anyways. It's just an added bonus.
    I cant wait to see what tonight has in store to be honest and am curious as to if I will learn anything new maybe. I love him and have had so much fun while I've been here from fixing his bed to getting things taken care of that he tells me too. I'm still learning, but for some reason I feel like I want to learn something tonight, just not sure what. I am curious if the floodgates might be opened that he was talking about the other day. Speaking of those, I cant believe what happened last night. He was playing with my nipples and teasing them and then I'm not sure what else, but it was a mixture of pleasure and pain to me. It was like it hurt, but it also felt good. I dont think I get off on pain, but last night told me otherwise. Whatever he was doing felt so good and caused me to cum. It was crazy because just as I was about to ask he had already read my mind(or body as he later told me) and told me to cum. It's weird that I could do it on command, but I love it and the release felt so amazing. I wonder what tonight has in store, if it will be as pleasureable. I just am focused on enjoying every minute with him because I am going to dread tomorrow.

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