Monday, May 24, 2010

Saying Goodbye is Never Any Easier....

Man what a day today has been. I still cant believe it's gone by as fast as it has. I feel like today was warp speed. I kind of hope that this next week and a half goes by super fast. It's not that I dont love spending time with my grandparents, but if we dont get to do anything I knoew the boredom from not doing anything will make the time go by so slowly.

    Anyways...the day started with me waking up in his arms. I cant believe how last night went it was crazy. Me and him were enjoying each other and it started out with my getting the spanking I deserved. He had told me he was going to do it and I believed him, I just didnt know when he was going to do it. Well, I can say the shock of the whole situation was when he told me to get up and when I was still dazed and confused he grabbed me and pulled me across his lap and had delivered a few smacks with his hand before I realized what was going on. I was still processing everything when he delivered a few more blows, then began rubbing my butt. I thought it was over, but he had another surprise in store. A few minutes later, I felt my pants being pulled down to the bottom of my butt. I was still in shock, thinking maybe the spanking was over and he was just going to rub the stinging away. I was so wrong here! He ended up delivering a few more painful smacks with his hand. I felt myself grabbing the bed and trying not to cry out from it. A few seconds later, or what felt like forever to me, I felt him reach over and grab something. As I was still bent over his lap, I couldnt see what it was...he had grabbed my brush. I felt him steady himself back up and then felt the next blow land. It stung like crazy as I realized it wasnt his hand, but it must be my brush hitting me. I couldnt believe it and tried to focus on something else other then the stinging pain it was creating. However, I wasnt able to do it and I found my free hand reaching back to block myself from being hit any further. I knew I had made a mistake as he just calmly reached for the hand and pulled it back, holding it in place. I have a feeling my other hand would have flown back if possible, but his body was in the way of this one flying back to protect my butt. I received a few more hits (I was too focused on not crying out to count the number in my head) and felt his hands slowly massage them. Towards the end it was like he gave me three or four back to back to hit the point home. I couldnt believe how badly my butt was stinging and just how much it hurt.

    After the spanking was over, he pulled them down and had me stand in front of his door with my back to him, showing him my nice red butt that had his handiwork all over it. I was still in shock that I had gotten my first hard spanking and was still in disbelief. He had me stand there for what felt like eternity. I began thinking about why I had gotten it and imagined it was probably because of my mouthing off to him earlier and telling him he wasnt going to put me over his knee. Well, it wasnt a no he wasnt but a no I didnt want him to. felt weird standing there like that because I felt so open and vulnerable and humiliated. I didnt like the feeling, but knew that he was doing it for a reason. He wouldnt punish me except to teach me a lesson and remind me of my place and I admit that I was definitely reminded of my place.

    The spanking finished and I climbed back onto the bed with him. I had to snuggle up to him on my stomach, but he was having fun with it. He would periodically reach down and run his hands up and down my skin that was still burning. I know I jumped a good bit, but I kind of liked it a little bit too. I think I like some pain, but not a lot of pain mixed with pleasure. We ended up kissing, which I have to admit that I love his kisses. They range from sweet and cute to posessive and letting me know I'm His. We ended up progressing from there. He had promised me some fun earlier in the weekend, but because of my period it had stopped things. Well the period had been gone since that morning so we were good to go. He began to play my buttons as he only knew how. We started and then I found myself on top of him. I have to admit that there is no better feeling when I'm riding him. He was playing with me and during the process, I couldnt believe it when he pulled my hand up and had me start playing with myself. I couldnt believe I was doing it, but I loved that I was doing it for him and would have kept doing it if he wanted me to.

    Things progressed from there and I was flipped over and he began to work his magic with his fingers. I couldnt believe it, but they felt so amazing. He always seems to know which buttons to push and this time I found myself begging for release. I know i was a little bit louder, but not too much from before. I could hear him telling me to ask him a little bit louder, it took all my resolve to ask a little bit louder because I was a little nervous about getting too loud despite him telling me that he would put his hand over my mouth if I got too loud. I was finally told I was able to cum and it felt so amazing and I felt his fingers slowly working.

    Before too long, he was working my body back up to close to cumming again. I was flipped over again and felt him enter me from behind. I felt him go deep in me, which felt so amazing that I couldnt believe it felt so good. I love how he felt inside me as he grabbed my hips and moved deeper into me, making me his. It felt so amazing and pleasureable that I could feel myself ready to go again. I felt him slide out of me and he slide me onto my back and moved him into my mouth. I began sucking him off, wanting to do anything to please him and get him to drive me nuts with his touch again. I felt him change and move to where I was sucking him as he licked and ate me, but I couldnt believe it. It felt so good as he licked and sucked me. I couldnt believe it as I had yet another orgasm with him down there on me. It seems he has a magical touch and tongue and lips too. It's really everything about him sets me on fire. But back to what was going on.....his hands began dancing around in me and it set my body shaking. He moved me back and flipped around to where he was facing me, but still in between my legs. I couldnt believe it as I felt my body become closer again. I couldnt imagine how many times I had cum already, but I knew this was going to be another one. I got close and found myself begging him to let me go again. It's just such a pleasureable sensation knowing he was controlling them, but I was denied yet again for a little while as he built it up. I found my legs shaking as he had me hold them up as he fingered me and as I came close. He finally allowed me to let go and I felt my whole body shaking as I went over the edge. It was so amazing.

    Well after that, I felt him get up and lay down at my side. My mind was still reeling and I felt my pulse racing. It was like I was still coming down as I felt a light shined in my face. I was vaguely aware, but I knew he was checking on me to make sure I was okay as I heard him call my name. I turned to look at him and felt him grab my wrist to check my pulse. I was still coming down, but it seemed that I couldnt catch my breath and my body just wouldnt stop shaking. I couldnt believe the sensations I was feeling. I loved them, but it seemed I just couldnt calm down enough to stop the shaking. I felt him pull me to him, as he moved to put my clothes on for me. I would have put them back on, but was still working on my breathing and felt a little lightheaded. He gingerly dressed me putting on my underware for me and then my pants as I still felt my legs shaking still. They just didnt seem to stop, but I'm glad he was there keeping watch over me. His fingers felt sticky and he had turned on the light to dress me, when he noticed that I had blood on my belly from where he had rubbed his hands up and down it. I was in shock because I couldnt believe I was bleeding. I had checked and my period hadnt happened and nor had I had any spotting all day. it was weird and I was honestly a little scared about what it could be. I tried to imagine what was going on with my body and why I would be bleeding.

    He gingerly took care of me and waited with me as I worked on slowly calming my breathing down. He looked at me and told me to do what he said as I focused on controlling my breathing. I worked my hardest and focused on it because I certainly didnt want him to have to use my hairbrush on me again. I finally calmed down enough and was able to form thoughts, although they were still jumbled in my head. It took some work to put them together. I talked with him and he asked me if I was 100% certain that I was virgin. My mind was still confused and I shook my head that I wasn't a virgin. He asked me then if I had just had sex or something else, which I told him it was just sex (the wam-bam type of sex). I couldnt believe what he told me next though, that he had torn my hymen and that until just then I had technically been a virgin despite having sex. My mind was reeling trying to understand the concept he had just presented. How could I have had sex and still been a virgin? I had bled a little before when I was assaulted by those horrible hands (which are what I thought took my virginity away), but come to find out it wasnt him that took it. I was relieved, but it felt like I had so many questions running through my head.

    I remember having so many questions, but I was told it was time to go to sleep because I had an early start in the morning. I went to sleep snuggled in his arms as he made sure that I calmed down and remained calm enough to stop my body from shaking. I fell asleep happy and exhausted from that night. It was so pleasureable and I was happy too because he was the one that took my virginity (in all technicality of the situation). I love that the guy that I love is the one that took it and it made it even sweeter that I was made his lil one. I loved the feelings and loved that I was truly his all the way now(not like I wasnt before but for some reason this just made it so much sweeter).

    I woke up this morning and it was amazing waking up to his smiling face. I woke up cuddled next to him with both of our alarms going off. I woke up and rolled over and grabbed our phones, turning the alarms off and looking down at his sweet, sleeping face. He looked so cute laying there sleeping. He rolled over though and I realized he wasnt totally asleep. He was somewhat awake and wrapped himself in the covers. I laid back down for a few more minutes and snuggled back up with him. I had put the alarms for 7:15 because it gave me time to snuggle with him and then get ready to leave. I had a long drive back, only to get in the car again to drive to the airport. I got dressed and ready to go then laid back down with him for about ten minutes.

    I got up and grabbed my things and headed out to my car with him behind me. He was still dressed in his pajamas, but he still looked just as sexy even with his hat. I love him in his hat, as much as I love him without it. I went out to my car and it was one of the hardest moments ever. I hate having to say goodbye to him, but was a little bit easier knowing that time was going to fly by for when I got to see him again. It was hard though when he gave me a huge hug because I knew he was having the same dilemma I was of saying goodbye. I hadnt even left yet and I was already missing him like crazy. I took in the kisses because I knew it was going to be a little while before I got to see him again.

    I got in my car and left, steeling myself and not planning on listening to the cd he had made me until after I got going down the interstate. I was in shock though becasue before I had left he had handed me a $100 bill. I was in shock because that was a lot of money to me to give to me and tell me to use it. I didnt know it then, but it would come in handy. I used $25 for gas and then headed down the road. I put in the cd he had made me and almost started crying because i missed him as I listened to the song he chose that seems to talk about us "Whenever We're Alone". i love that song and it speaks to me so much because I feel that way and know he does too.

    I got down the road and was texting him the entire time. He was keeping me awake and I was making great time considering I had hit some traffic outside of Atlanta and in Atlanta. I was glad for the drive to be over and I finally made it to my friends place. I instantly had to hop out of my car, had enough time to check out his place for a few seconds, and then got in his car to take me to the airport. I couldnt believe it, but before long I was going to be in the air and on my way to Florida and the sun.

    I got to the airport and went to check in my bags. I couldnt believe it and should have remembered from last time that I would have to pay for bags. It was $25 per bag checked in. I was glad he had given me the money this morning, because my brain didnt realize that I could carry on the bag if I removed my shampoo and my razor from the bag. I used $25 of the money to pay for the bag and then used some more money to buy me some lunch. I couldnt believe it, but today was going to be such a long day.

    We loaded onto the plane on time and it was a long day before I would get to my grandparents. I was bored waiting for the plane and my only excitement was the text messages I got from him as he continued talking to me and keeping me content. I finally loaded onto the plane, but we were taxiing for take off when the pilot comes over the radio and says we'll be waiting about 20 minutes because there is too much traffic in Atlanta and Atlanta wasnt ready for us. It was hilarious to think about, but it was frustrating because we were parked on the tarmac waiting for take off.

    We finally got going and landed in Atlanta. I went ahead and got off the plane when they were suggesting those with close flights to go ahead and get off. I got there and saw that I had about thirty to forty minutes before my flight was to leave, but it turns out when I got to the gate they were already starting boarding. I was surprised that they were already boarding, but it was awesome that I wouldnt have to wait. The flight was boarded and I let my grandpa know that I was on time. There would be a delay here too, but a different one. The entire plan was loaded when a flight attendant came over the radio and said that we had to wait for our pilots to come on board. I couldnt believe it and thought it was hilarious.

    We finally got a pilot and headed into Tampa. I found myself thinking of him and missing of him. It killed me that I was back in Atlanta and couldnt see him. When the plane finally took off, I found myself gazing out the window, trying to find some familiar landmark that would help me recognize Conyers. I couldnt find anything and was a little sad. Finally after realizing that we were far enough to where I wouldnt be able to see it anyways, I sat back and put my headphones on. I was tired and figured I could take a nap. I was asleep within minutes and woke up when we landed in Tampa.

    Man I cant believe how long it took, but landing in Tampa felt so good to know that I was finally there. I headed out and got to meet my grandparents. I was thinking they wouldnt recognize me with my new hair, but they recognized me as if nothing was different. We headed out on the road and I admit that my grandp's driving scared me still. He was weaving all over the interstate and even ran a red light heading to where we were eating dinner.

    All in all, the day was an extremely good day. I cant believe how fast it went, but I'm hoping it goes better. I was glad that I got to talk to him on the phone because it made the long day that much more worth it. His voice always lets me know that everything is going to be okay. It was especially comforting because my grandpa wasnt very happy about how i had met him and all. He felt that i didnt even know anything about him, but its crazy because I cant describe to him why I know him just as well as I do. I know I love him though and I dont care what my grandpa thinks about him. I know what I know and thats enough for me. I guess its more that I want him to know that I'm happy then anything.

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