Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's amazing how His voice is so calming....

Man today just seems to have creeped by. I had some fun, but it seemed like it was taking forever to get over with. I woke up this morning and found that I wasnt really sore at all from the other night. I had very little soreness, which should be over with by tomorrow.
    Anyways...I woke up this morning and realized as I slowly woke up that I was curled up as if he was there beside me. I had dreamt of him last night with him in my dreams and it seemed my body was subconciously letting me know it felt he was there too. I loved the feeling and even in my dream he was still as supportive as can be.
    The sad thing about my dream last night was I had a dream that my friend died in basic. I couldnt believe I was having this kind of bad dream, but I was. I dreamed that I was so upset that I went walking around so much and when I came back he was there and he was upset that I had gone out by myself that I could have gone with him. I thought it was crazy, but it was a strange dream. My dream changed after that and I couldnt believe why I was having it. I was just glad to know he was there for me.
    Well after waking up from a long night of sleep, I got ready and made my bed. I knew that even though he wasnt here, I still had to make my bed. It was a rule and I must follow it as if he is here. After finishing that, I headed to the kitchen and found my grandpa stirring his stew. I couldnt wait to have his stew because it's always good everytime i have it. I chatted with him some and then went into the living room to relax and watch tv.
    The day passed by with me looking up things here and there as my grandpa kind of kept to himself playing on the computer and looking up news articles. I couldnt believe that he would keep to himself, but then again I didnt really expect anything different from him. He's older, but set in his ways so I didnt expect him to change anything. I ate lunch and we talked some.
    The day passed by with me looking up a few more things, but I wasn't really finding anything else. We got to starting dinner and I couldnt wait to eat. His stew is always good. I helped set the table and got the drinks for everyone. I made sure everything was good and both my grandparents had gotten food before I sat down to eat. I wanted to make sure they were taken care of and new he would want me to do this as well. It was more a habit then anything for me to do that anyways. Well after doing this i fixed myself a bowl of soup with a little bit of meat. I had gotten maybe 4-5 pieces and a whole lot of vegetables.
    After finishing this bowl, I noticed my grandpa was done and asked if he'd like some more. After being told no, I went and grabbed me some more stew. This time I grabbed a little bit extra meat, but enough to really take away from the stew. I think I had about 6-8 pieces in a bowl full of stew. I knew to take any more then that would take away from the stew and I wanted to leave some for everyone else. I then grabbed a little bit of potatoes, since i had mostly gotten potatoes on the previous bowl. I headed back to the table and asked if anything else was needed for my grandpa before sitting down because everyone else still had full drinks and food bowls.
    I sat down and finished my soup and then talked for a while before getting up to help clean up the kitchen. I would have started washing the dishes after cleaning the kitchen, because I knew it was the right thing to do, but our dinner visitors had already started. I finished helping cleaning up then headed into the living room. My grandpa and his friends were talking so I decided to get a jump start on my journal for the night. I couldnt believe my first day here was almost done and the week halfway gone. I am so ready for the week to be over with.
    The night continued to drive on and I felt that it was going to be a long night. Well my grandpa came into the living room after his friends had left and told me that they wanted me to eat whatever I wanted when I was here, but that me taking all the meat from the stew wasnt nice. I was blown away and instantly told him that I hadnt taken all the meat. I knew I hadnt and that there was tons more and we had two other people eating with us. it was crazy and I knew I hadnt but he lectured me and pretty much told me point blank that I wasnt considerate at all. I guess I shouldnt have gotten my second bowl of stew then because I was now inconsiderate. I knew I wasnt but it hurt hearing my grandpa say that I needed to learn more to care about other people and all. I was just blown away because if he had noticed everything about me, then he would have been fine.
    Oh well, i guess such is life. I have decided I'm bored here and cant wait til I get to go home. I love it here, but at the same time I also hate it here. It get to be so boring, but I also get to do whatever I want without much getting in the way of it. I My grandpa usually leaves me to my own devices, but he's also somewhat nosy on things and what I'm working on every now and then but I usually make sure that I'm not in anything bad at the time. I only hope that time here passes fast because if they go like today does, I'm going to go out of my mind of boredom aside from the text messages that I get from  him that keep me entertained and happy.
    I cant wait for later tonight so I can call him and talk with him and hear his voice. It's amazing how calming hearing his voice can be for me. It's so amazing and I love every minute that I get to talk with him. He knows everything about me and knows just how to calm me down. I cant wait to be back in his arms and for him to see what I'm like all dressed up. He's going to look so adorable all dressed up to. I cant wait for it and cant wait to find out what all we learn and experiment with in the two and a half weeks that I'll be down there. I know I'm eager to learn and eager to please.

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