Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Minor Frustrations

   Man today has been both amazing and frustrating all in one. I feel that I had a lot happen, but nothing that couldnt be fixed. I felt proud that I accomplished a lot too.
  Well the day started out with my waking up and heading to work. I was laughing at myself because I was eating oatmeal and driving down the interstate. I was running late this morning and I knew I had to eat breakfast. I'm glad I did because if I hadnt, I would be starving tonight. I finished it and made it down the interstate. I got close to the exit and of course hit traffic. I ended up having to call my manager letting him know thatI was going to be late.
   I made it to work safe and sound. I was lucky because we had a ton of pizzas that had been ordered. I had to help make them and one of them was a thirty pizza order wanted right away. I was so happy because this meant that I wouldnt have to worry about doorhanging today. It was awesome! I couldnt believe how well things were working. I helped them out with pizzas and was working on them when the manager got called back into work.
   Well I was about ready to tell him off today as he was working the prep line with me. I usually dont have a problem with people telling me things, especially him but today it just got on my nerves. He was telling me I should only be measuring out so much sausage on the pizza. Well no offense, we had thirty pizzas to make and I didnt have time to measure out every little cup of sausage or other ingredient on the pizza. It just annoyed me and he was trying to get me to do it with every pizza. Anyways, I continued doing what I was doing, not really caring or worrying about what he was going to tell me because I was going to finish these pizzas faster then if I had to measure out every little bit.
   Well I finished helping them out, then got some time in folding boxes. I ended up leaving work at almost one, but that was partially my own doing. I could have done like the other manager did and just dip out, but I make sure they are good and arent going to be swamped before I leave. I dont want to just leave them stranded.
   After leaving work, I headed to my new hangout. I kind of like killing time around McDonalds. It's a lot of fun. I started the day working on the two forms that I had to fill out for him. I ended up not being able to fill out one because I didnt have a signature and only part of the other because I needed some information on him. Well this started a stream of phone calls and productiveness. I had to call the bank to ask them how to go about getting a signed form, from there it went on to my loan companies and finding out how much I had in loans, then it progressed to sending an email to work, gathering addresses, and various other things. I did so much during that down time in the space of about three hours that I am truly happy. I was proud of myself and the time that I had used wisely.
   Well, during my kill time, my grandpa called me and we began talking. I told him about various things and we talked about me coming to visit him. I'm excited that I should be able to go visit him around the end of this month. I love him and it's always amazing when I get to spend time with him. I wonder what we will be doing, but I dont really care as long as I get to spend time with him. I know plane tickets are expensive, but I know its worth it because he probably wont be able to make it to my graduation.
   Anyways, after getting off the phone with him, I headed back to work. I called my aunt and discussed with her the situation of things. It was amazing how she was so in tune to everything and offered to go ahead and get a storage unit so I could put my things in now and when she gets here she'll add her things to mine. It was awesome and I felt happy. I know I'll have to make a drive up to take my things, but its a drive I can easily make. I'm just glad that she's understanding that I'm moving out of my apartment earlier then expected because of me having to visit my recruiter another time.
   After finishing up talking to her I headed to work. It was filled with its usual events and adventures. I couldnt believe that things went the way they did and tonight was truly amazing. I cant wait to see what the rest of the week holds. I also am excited and cant to pick up my phone, get my money for my other phone tomorrow and also to see him in 3 days!!! It's going to be so amazing and until then I'll pretty much be dancing through everything.

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