Monday, May 3, 2010

A Month of Pure Heaven to me

   Wow, today has been both exciting and sad and happy all at the same time. I cant believe how today has gone.
    Last night ended on a decent note. I got in trouble for questioning him instead of answering with the correct answer of "Yes, Sir" when he told me to do something. I just was in playful mode and thought maybe he was joking when he said he missed me stretch. I joked asking if he really did and instantly realized what I had done wrong. I knew I should have answered a different way after he told me to do it again. I didnt mean to answer that way, it came out in a way. I really need to start working on thinking about what I say before I say and remembering my place.
    The funny thing was that this whole thing happened after a funny conversation. We were discussing a story I suggested. The sub was like me in personality and had a very funny(I thought it was funny) commentary running. It was a mix between witty and sarcastic(although I'll keep my sarcasm in check because I've had enough from that, especially since I still have to do my punishment for my sarcasm of holding a dime to the wall for ten minutes in just my underware). But it was funny because the story started where she was playing around and then decided to play hide and seek in her husbands truck. I was laughing because this was exactly something i would do. It made him laugh and we got to talking. I realized that he would laugh at this, but it would also make him mad. At the same time, I like the idea of it but dont like the idea of a bright red ass. I think the benefit of having some fun makes the punishment worth it though. I may have to have some fun when I go down to see him, but i know I'll have to scope out any good places to hide first.
    To start the day off, I woke up to the doctor's office calling me to let me know why I didnt have to go for a doctor's appointment to get the colposcopy thingy. I was excited and she told me i didnt have to because of my age and the American Guide. She said that based on the guide that for someone to come back with a positive HPV result and an atypical(thats what she said instead of abnormal) results on my pap smear that the immune system usually fights it and rights itself. I can see this happening because I understand that younger people my age do have stronger immune systems. She did say though that they suggest me to go ahead and get my annual exam done next year and they would go from there. I dont mean to bad mouth my mom, but I feel that she wont like this and assume that the doctor is wrong and they shouldnt be going by a guidebook with our "supposed family history". It just annoys me that she assumes doctor's who do this kind of thing for a living are assuming that I dont have to worry about it. Oh well, I'm not going to sweat the little stuff.
    Well after that, I got up and texted him, telling him good morning even though it was nearly the afternoon. I couldnt belive that I slept as late as I did, but I didnt really sleep well last night with all the rain. I also had to wake up early because I had to call my work and let them know I wasnt going to be able to make it in. I just didnt want to chance trying to go to work and getting stuck out there. There were roads that were still closed this morning, but after an afternoon of sunshine some of the waters had receded a little bit. I liked texting him and got to getting ready and just dressed. I wasnt going anywhere but I was going to enjoy my day off.
    After I was getting ready, I came downstairs and fixed myself some breakfast/lunch and went and played on my computer. I had turned the news on and was watching news about the flooding and which roads were closed and just catching up with everything while uploading old writings to my facebook. I feel so bad because I fell asleep while doing this. I was texting him and just quit texting him as I fell asleep multitasking. I felt horrible because he later sent me a message not too long after I woke up asking me if I quit talking to him. I realized real fast that I hadnt told him. Apologizing quickly, I hoped he understood that I was sorry. I felt bad that I had fallen asleep without telling him. The mistake of stopping talking to him was a mistake I almost made once before and I learned my lesson. Anyways...I felt horrible and he was sad that he wasnt able to go home tonight so that I could receive my punishment. I hate being in trouble, especially that I could do something like not text him and let him know I was going to sleep, even though I didnt mean to go to sleep. Oh well, I did the crime and I must do the time. I just know that Im still getting used to the whole lifestyle and it's taken me some time, but I also have to work harder to not be so absent minded. I guess it's just another thing I need to work harder at. I'm trying and I hope he can tell that I am especially because I hate having him upset or disappointed with me.
    Well, during this time I was tasked with writing a story. I have to say this one is going to be interesting. It's got to be about what it feels like to strip and get into position. it might be short, but I am struggling to figure out how to begin it. I know though that as long as I try my best that he will be fine with it. I only hope that I can do well with it for him.
    After getting this task and finding out that I was in trouble for my earlier moment of absent mindedness, my parents came walking in the door. It was crazy, but i can admit i was glad to see them and know they made it home safe. They came home and I was tasked with helping them unload the car. After that I pulled up the facebook page and began showing them pictures of all the different flooded areas. My mom was shocked by everything that had happened as she saw the various pictures of the devastation going on. I still cant believe it.
    Well after that, I ran to the store to get some Subway for all of us. I had the choice to either get Subway or something else and chose Subway. I ended up continuing with my healthy diet, which so far I have noticed that I'm losing weight from it(not a whole lot to be noticeable but enough that I'm maintaining a healthy weight) and I'm staying healthy. I got the sweet onion chicken teriyaki with lettuce, light mayo and parmesan cheese. It was good and healthy. I like that I'm sticking with what I had decided and not eating fast food (to me subway doesnt count because its like a sandwich and you can go food to me is mcdonalds or sonic or taco bell).
    After finishing dinner and hanging out with my parents watching tv, I realized just why I hate staying with them. I was told that sleeping in the bedroom upstairs tonight I couldnt play on my computer because the door had to stay open. This frustrates me because there is no privacy and I just hate all the rules and that my parents snoop around. My mom was looking through my facebook pages(under supervision) and being nosy as to what my friends had updated. I just hate that she has to know everytihng going on in my life or my friends lives. I understand that she's protective as a parent, but I hate it too. I can only have one person knowing those things and I feel that there are some things I just cant and wont talk with my mom about. He knows that I like my privacy and I can understand with the dynamic of things him wanting to know whats going on and all, but he's even still not as nosy as my parents are.
    Oh well...the night has been amazing, but I hope it goes well tomorrow. I almost cried checking my email tonight when I saw that I had a message from him. I know today is one month from me becoming His lil one. I still cant believe that its already been a month. Time just seems to fly by with him. But made me cry because checking my mail and the message from him, it was an ecard. Tryiing to figure out what it could be, I open it up and it had a simple message of Happy Anniversary and that he was thinking of me. I've never had someone be this sweet to me and it almost made me cry because it was so special and just unexpected. It was sweet and sensitive and just romantic to me. I found the card funny too because it also said he couldnt wait to get his hands on me. I feel those sentiments all over. I cant wait for the rest of this week to fly by and Monday to come so I can drive down to see him and finally run into those arms that have been so protective already.

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