Sunday, May 2, 2010

We may be building a boat!

   Man today has been an adventure but at the same time, I just cant believe all that has gone on with the weather and everything else around here.
     The day started out with me waking up to the booming thunder outside. I had slept horribly all night long, waking up off and on to loud thunder or the pouring rain. I woke up when the thunder was so loud that it caused the bed to shake in my parents bed room. I'm no scientist,but I know thats some loud thunder if it can do that. I was slowly waking up when I got a phone call. He was calling me, telling me to wake up. I admit that I really liked getting a good morning phone call. I admit it was almost afternoon when I woke up, it was probably 3 hours after I got my good morning text message. I was so happy to hear from him though. I dont like storms and to talk to him and hear his voice calms me down a good bit. It's weird, but in a good way, just how comforting he can be and I'm not sure he even knows it. Just the sound of his voice or just knowing he's there calms me down a ton.
     Well, I spent part of the morning trying to get the internet hooked up and finally succeeded in my task. I couldnt believe I had finally succeeded in it. I thought maybe the password was in the phone files that my parents kept for the bills listed on something about the router. However, i was wrong. The last place I checked for the password was on the router and it turns out he was right. This was where I found the password. I had to write down all the different numbers there, but I tried the third number on the sheet and it was the one that worked. It took me a while but I finally got it working and had an amazing connection instead of a random Wifi connection with some router I wasnt sure of where it was.
      After finally connecting to the internet I started talking with him on skype. It was amazing that his internet finally started working too about the time mine did. Of course, I had to get up and turn on the light so he could see me, but that was no big deal. I was happy to see him again. He was all cute and dressed up in a blue polo shirt. I have to admit that I really like that shirt on him. It just is so cute, but it was funny because he was all dressed up and I was still in my spaghetti strap shirt and pair of shorts(underware included in there). He even remarked on it, but I felt comfortable with it. I was comfortable in what I was wearing and when I said so, he was happy that I was comfortable.
      After talking with him for a little bit, I realized I was getting hungry, so I had to come downstairs and fix myself some lunch. Luckily I had some mac n cheese left over from my dinner last night and decided to fix that for lunch. I reheated it back up, adding a little milk once it was warm to get it creamy again. I grabbed my food and headed back to my computer on the couch. I finished it and he had decided to play a game. I had to choose the game though. I had so many different ideas and thought that I maybe liked the idea of the questions game. I knew I didnt want to play the truth or dare game because I was bad on coming up with various challenges. I just didnt think I could go thru with that just yet.
     Well the game started after I finished my lunch and we got to asking each other various questions. I found myself getting more and more curious. One of the questions that I asked had to do with receiving my spanking punishment. I wondered if he would start over if my hands were to fly up or if he would just continue after pinning my hands. Well, I didnt asking about my hands being pinned, but I did find out that if my hands flew back he would start over from the same spot, but it would be harder hits. I admit that i'm nervous because I have a feeling that my hands will for sure be flying just to cover myself or rub my butt after a smack. I do know I am ready to get the punishments over with, but that might be part of the torture as well is making me wait for them and not knowing when they will happen. It was amazing talking and finding out that he cant wait to see me too and have me snuggle next to him and watch a movie. It's exciting.
      The game somehow progressed from asking questions to playing truth or dare. I decided to go safe at first and stick with truth, especially after finding out that any dare I said for him I had to do. I am very bad at coming up with things for truth or dare and it showed. It took me a while to come up with various questions while it seemed it only took him a few minutes. I took a dare shortly into the time and it was to go without my bra for the rest of the time I was talking to him. I took it and removed the bra. It was okay because I felt fine just wearing my shirt, shorts and underware. Later on another dare was for me to go without underware for the rest of the time.
     The no underware dare later turned into another rule for me. I am now no longer allowed to wear underware without his permission. I admit it's taken me some getting used to, but I like it in a way. It's really free feeling, but only I know. I mean in all honesty I could not do it and remove them before I talk with him, but I just dont see myself doing that. I know that would be wrong of me and I think the guilt of disobeying him and not telling him would eat me alive. I also know that if I did something like that, I would have a bright red cherry ass afterwards too. I dont think I want that. I will do what he tells me though because I know where my place is and I like it that way. I know I'm not always going to be perfect, but for me to disobey him on something this little, I feel that how could he trust me with the even bigger things? So enough preaching to myself, but I do know I will stick with the underware rules. I'm prety sure that if I was to ask to wear them for something reasonable like working out or going to a specific thing where they would probably be needed, then I should be fine.
    After getting off with him, I showered and changed, making sure to follow my new rule. I have to say that wearing jeans with no underware is a little bit uncomfortable at first. I found the middle of the jeans dug into me if I sat the wrong way, but this was an easy fix. Anyways, I grabbed me some dinner and really enjoyed it. I feel bad because I'm eating my parents food, but I know I will try and help out with groceries when I get money. I didnt really plan on getting stuck here like I am. I only hope the roads clear soon so I can go home. I just hate being stuck here for too long. I was happy though that they have all healthy food. I really love it and was happy that they have good healthy food and I can keep on track.
     After finishing my dinner, I realized I was really craving some cookies, but I definitely didnt want to get out and brave the weather and the roads. It's clear over here, but after everything I just couldnt bring myself to go out into it. I decided to see if my parents had everything to make something cookie or cake wise here. I found that they sadly didnt have everything to make anything except Snickerdoodle cookies. I am okay with those type cookies but I just didnt feel like fooling with them. Not to mention my parents only had Splenda sugar and that type of sugar sucks when baking because the cookies dont rise like they normally should.
    I killed time waiting for him to get home by playing on facebook and reading. I cant believe that I finally remembered the website with all the good stories on it after about 3 years of not reading from it. I was so amazed and happy that I remembered it because it has some really good stories. I think I'm going to have to reread through them and find something that I like and share it with him. i think he would like them. I also talked with a friend on facebook to kill time. I met him on my summer trip and he was joking about how I should just take a break from boys because I was having issues with my boyfriend at the time I was there. I asked him about various things and found that the amout of time at my first station would be between two and four years. I couldnt believe it that the time would be that short, well I guess after living in one place for 15 years, two years seems short to me. I am glad though that at least its sometime to get situated and all. I also asked about my car and mentioned that I was going to sell it and he actually suggested that I keep it so i dont put myself in debt trying to get a car that I cant afford right out of training. I'm not sure, but his advice does seem right. I guess I may talk to him to see what he thinks about it and if I should sell it. I just dont want to make the wrong decision and put myself in further debt, but I also need a car that is reliable for me after all the problems I've had with my parents car and all.
     I'm just ready for all this rain to end. I think it is a new beginning though. I know that either way no matter what happens, I will be making my trip to see Him next week and picking up my new phone too. I'm excited to get it, but I'm ready for it. I hope that I can go home soon, but I know that time will only tell with all the rain water that the state has gotten and more that is supposed to come on Friday.
    I also cant believe that tomorrow it will have been one month since I became his little one. I am so happy and I have noticed a lot of different changes in myself lately that i dont think I would have ever made before. I know that he's made me so happy and its amazing knowing that he is always there for me and has my back in the ring. I just know there are no words to describe it other then happiness. I cant believe it and I look forward to more to come, but time will tell. I cant wait to see him and for it to really be official and I'm his in mind,spirit, and body. Right now I know I'm his in mind and spirit, I just havent become his physically yet. I know that will come though. Until then I'm happy with what I can get.

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