Sunday, May 9, 2010

One More day!!

Wow, today has been incredibly long and short all in one. I cant believe that it's almost over though and tomorrow is finally here.

    Today started out normally. I woke up late after sleeping through my alarm. For some reason I woke up early this morning and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I woke up around 6 am and had to go get an extra blanket and turn the air on because it was just too hot and stuffy and too bright. I used my extra blanket to cover my eyes so it was almost dark in the room.

    After waking up, I checked my text messages and sure enough I had a good morning text message. I love getting them everyday. I know I've mentioned it before, but I really do like them just because I know for sure he's thinking about me.

    Well after that, my day started. I called my mom to wish her a happy mother's day and talked to her for a few minutes. I just felt extremely rested and happy today. I think this is partially because I know that tomorrow is going to be such a wonderful day. Anyways...I talked with her and then got up and decided to go ahead and fix my brownies. For some reason I was craving them. I started them had to wait half an hour to be able to eat one.

    After putting the brownies in, I headed back to my room and was going to clean it and finish packing everything else that I needed. I couldnt believe what I was smelling when I went back to my room. Yet again I was smelling the smoke from my roommate smoking weed. I was fed up and texted him letting him know she was smoking again. If it was cigarette smoke I wouldnt have a problem if she smoked it outside, but with it being weed, I cant get into any kind of trouble from that. He strongly recommended I talk to the office and report her. After taking his suggestion, I headed over to the office and filed a statement against her. I couldnt believe that after my other roommate had already asked her not to smoke in our apartment that she would do it anyway. I have a feeling they are going to have a lot of issues with her.

    Anyways, I'm off my soap box now. I just hate what she's doing but thankfully I'm not going to be here too much longer. I talked with my grandpa later today and found out that he got me a plane ticket for me leaving the 24th and coming home on the 1st. I'm so excited!! It's like this month keeps getting better and better. I get to go visit him tomorrow, good bye party when I come home, canoe trip the next day, work for money, move out of my apartment, and then I get to go visit my grandpa. I cant wait because I havent seen my grandfather in about a year and a half. I hate it not being able to see him for long periods of time, but school prevented it in a way.

    After talking with my grandfather, I went ahead and gathered up everything that is going with me to his place tomorrow. I have some things that I dont want staying at my parents, like various medicines or writings and such, because knowing my mother at the least she will go through it all and choose to throw away things that I would like to keep and then I cant find them. It's kind of like how I went through all my keep sake items looking for my $50 savings bond that I used to have and for some reason the chest was organized and my things were put into containers. I have a strong feeling that she took it and cashed it for some money, thinking I forgot about it or that I probably threw it away.

    After going through everything, I took it out to my car and packed it up. I decided not to put my bag of clothes in the car yet since I'm putting my bathroom items in there and will be packing those in the morning after doing a few touch ups. I cant believe that tomorrow is the big day!! I'm so excited that I just cant stand it. I'm so ready to meet him for the first time. I'm excited though to finally be held in those arms, but not really ready for the punishments even though I know I deserve them. Lol, I dont think I'll ever be ready for them, but I know they are needed to remind me of where I stand in things and to help teach me. I have a feeling that while I'm down there I may earn a couple cherry red asses, I'm just not totally sure yet.

    I finished up my packing and grabbed some dinner. My macaroni and cheese left over from last night's dinner made of a good dinner tonight. I wasnt too hungry, but it was just enough food for me to be happy. I had it and a couple bottles of water since I knew I hadnt really had any all day.

    Well, my day is just about over with. It's consisted of me fiddling around, doing things here and there just to keep myself busy. Normally I can find things to keep myself busy, but today it was like random things that I just decided to do. I got a good bit added to my book that I'm working on and even had time for a small art project. I cant wait for him to see it and I'm anxious to see what he thinks about it. I have only just started it and have some things to add, but I'm sure over time it will happen. I just cant wait. I'm so anxious for tomorrow to get here that I'm not totally sure I'll be able to sleep tonight. I know if I do, I'll be dreaming of me and us meeting tomorrow and finally getting his arms put around me. I cant wait to see him in person and to hear him say "Hi, little one". It's causing so many reactions, but mostly anxiousness that the day will come and go already. Now I get to play the sleep and wait I guess here's to the sweet dreams with him in them.

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