Friday, May 14, 2010

What an amazing week!!!

Wow, what a week it has been that I dont even know where to begin. There were so many sensations and experiences and emotions that it just seems to have been a blur. Sadly it ended a little too quickly, but I know these next few weeks will go by super fast.

    I guess the best place over any to start would have to be Monday and work my way thru the week. I'm still sad that it ended so quickly. I ended up falling asleep early Monday morning at about three thirty, which I guess I couldnt really sleep mostly to nerves or just ready for the next day to come. I woke up that morning and realized I had overslept by half an hour. Thankfully it wasnt too much, so I jumped up and began getting ready. I went through everything really fast, I swear it must have taken me maybe ten minutes before I was finished packing and ready to head out the door. Being a normal girl, I had a full bag for clothes and my computer and everything else was in my backpack.

    Well, after waking up and putting my stuff in the car, I went back and checked my room to make sure I had everything. After double checking, I headed out the door and got on the road. I couldnt believe it, but the day to meet him was finally here!!! Today was the day I was finally going to see him face to face. Unlike situations where I normally meet new people for the first time, there was no nerves or butterflies flying around at all. It was just pure calm and a sense of hurry to get thru the drive so I could run to him and jump into his arms. I headed on down the road and had no problems getting down the road. I made it to the Chattanooga area where I was stopping to pick up my phone. I was so excited to finally pick it up, although not as excited as finally being able to see him.

    I picked up my phone after waiting about thirty minutes for her to get there. Well not thirty minutes, but I got there and she was still about fifteen minutes away she said. Anyways...after picking it up, I had to wait to get to his place to play with it because she hadnt charged it. It was amazing and I couldnt believe I got such a good phone for only $30. I was happy with it and even though the screen was broken, well the front one, it still works just it needs replaced.

    After picking up the phone, I headed to his place. I couldnt believe that I was almost there. I booked it as much asI could down the interstate to get there as fast as I could. It seemed to me as if time couldnt go fast enough. I willed time to go faster and the miles to count down. I got closer and closer to his place and it was just a sense of calm and excitement in me. There was no other emotions felt in me other then excitment and I couldnt wait to see him. I got off the exit that he told me to take, having no issues with directions til he got there. I got told to go one way and when I passed the first turn I had to turn around. I was naming roads for him, trying to figure out the road I was supposed to turn on. After reading off the names, I named the next one and I had to turn around again. It was funny, but I ended up not going for the third time's the charm. I couldnt believe that I was finally there though.

    I got there and pulled into the drive. I had been talking to him since i got off the exit and he told me he had dressed up for me. Pulling around the corner, he was standing in the road waiting for me. I couldnt believe it, he was outside and just as cute in person (not that I thought he wasnt cute). I pulled in the drive and would have run into his arms if he hadnt been so close to my car. I just couldnt believe that the moment of truth was finally here. I stepped out of my car and within two seconds I was in his arms. I have never felt so warm and fuzzy and just it was like I belonged there all along. I couldnt believe how peaceful and great it felt to finally have those arms around me. I couldnt believe I was finally there in person.

    He grabbed my stuff with me and we went inside where I met his grandpa. He was a really nice man and seemed very nice. After talking for a few minutes with his grandpa, we headed back into his room. It was nice and small, but still nice. All I know is the next hour or so was a little blurry, but I remember going for a drive around town and then food. He was showing me around and I loved it. It had the feel of a small town, but wasnt extremely small either. It just seemed so amazing to me and just really homy feeling. We finished touring the town and I was amazed that he was just so sweet. He had opened the door for me and was driving me around. I couldnt believe it and felt just so special. I loved the feeling, even though I wanted to fight it too because it was something I wasnt used to. I know that is a fight I wouldnt win and that he likes doing it and taking care of me.

    Anyways, after touring the city, or what we saw of it...I'm still not sure if it is bigger then what I saw or if that was it. I'm sure I'll see more of it later if there is more. Anyways....we headed for food and decided to go grab some Applebee's for dinner. It was amazing, but service there was slow. It took us about ten minutes or so to get our drink order taken. The cool thing was that I felt totally comfortable with him, it was like he had said that it would be totally natural. It was like I had known him for years and we had been best of friends. He still doesnt know everything about me, but we're slowly learning more about each other every day.

    After eating dinner, we decided to have some fun and check out a movie. It was hilarious because as we were getting ready to go watch the movie, word had spread fast to his family that i was in town. His brothers were texting him asking him when they would get to meet me and see me. We decided to watch Iron Man 2, which is a good movie but not as good as the first. I loved watching the movie with him and I remember snuggling into him part way through the movie. I felt that this was just natural for me and he was so comfortable and smelled so good. I loved it and it felt amazing snuggling and cuddling with him. He really was so amazing to me.

    We finished the movie and headed back to the house. I dont remember if we met anyone, but I remember just heading back to the house and having fun singing at the top of my lungs in the car to the songs on my cd. I'm normally a very shy person and wont sing with someone in the car unless I really know them. I just felt so comfortable with him and knew that he wouldnt make fun of me. It felt so comfortable to me to just belt out my favorite tunes and he even sang along with me on a couple of them.

    We went home for the night and I remember laying in bed with him and wondering when I was going to get my first kiss from him. It was weird because I had thought he was going to do it earlier in the night, but it shocked me when we were laying there cuddling and getting ready to go to sleep when I felt him turn my head and plant the softest and sweetest kiss on my lips. It felt so amazing and was like fireworks exploded in my head. I had been wishing all day for this and it had finally happened. I couldnt believe it, but I loved every single kiss I got. We went to sleep that night and I cant believe how well I slept snuggled up to him as he did keep me warm during the night.

    I remember how it felt after kissing him. Things started heating up and I felt a sensation or need grow in me as his kisses got deeper. They became more passionate and I remember his hands roaming all over me. It seemed they found the spot that begged for more. I never knew hands could do such wonders on my body as they did. I felt myself let go several times and couldnt believe how much of a magical touch he had. I had never felt anything like it. He exhausted me and I snuggled up into his arms and fell asleep.

    Waking up the next morning with him beside me was the most amazing feeling in the world Tuesday morning. I was so amazed and it was awesome as he watched me slowly wake up. The best thought that comes to my mind about it is the lyrics from Gimme That Girl talking about "sleepy little head on my chest". I slowly woke up as he gently kissed me, while occasionally throwing in a tickle here or there. I couldnt imagine any better way to wake up.

    After slowly waking up, it was time to take a shower. I was more ordered to go get in the shower, which I already had two punishments and didnt want to add another onto my pile. I had gathered my clothes out and set them out for him to pick what to wear. It seemed weird to me at first, but I actually liked it because I was wearing what he liked and what he wanted. It's the little things that amaze me.

    I took a shower and then it was his turn. I came back in and was being extremely playful. I was in a playful rebellious mood and he knew it. I decided to try the play hide and seek trick. I just have to say that my first attempt didnt work out so well. I made it too easy for him to find me. I stood by my car, expecting him to come out one back door, but he came out the other. I couldnt believe though that he was going to play with me because I was snuggling with him, when all of a sudden he looked at me and said I had thirty seconds to go. I was puzzled and then he started couting down. I knew what he was talking about after it hit me and I went outside. I wasnt sure if his grandpa was home so I was careful when opening the door to go outside. I got outside and went and stood by my car. I would have crouched down, but a wasp in the bushes prevented this. I just didnt want to take my chances and get stung so soon.

    I saw him when I looked up and realized he was just standing there, watching me. I took off backing up down the drive way. After a few seconds of backing up and my plan of running down the street thwarted by the truck coming down the road, my last ditch escape was to zig zag across the yard. Well, apparently he was able to easily read me and had me in his grip within a couple minutes. It was crazy because he simply lifted me up and began walking with me. It was like I weighed nothing. I was laughing the entire time, but I also knew I was in trouble for it. I had been playful, but it was fun too. I think this time was a freebie but my next idea to play hide and seek might not go over that well.

    It was so much fun being playful with him and he knew it. In my first stages of playfulness, he had me pinned against the bed as I struggled against him to somehow free my wrist. He surprised me by leaning in and giving me the most powerful and posessing kiss I have ever had. It was so much like he was telling me that I was his and he'd do whatever he wanted. After getting away a little bit, when he released my wrist for a few seconds, he had me back on the bed and I was given the last few spankings from my punishment. I couldnt believe it, but through the clothes his hand hurt. I dont think he was hitting me full force at all, but I sure felt the sting of it through my pants.

    After finishing up that, we decided to just drive around and went to see his brother K. I couldnt believe how much I had missed being in a Zaxbys but I loved it. It brought back all the memories and to me it looked like this one was more efficient. The food prep area was in front of the counter instead of in between and they had two separate windows open at the same time. To me this is more efficent then trying to prepare two different types of orders thru one window especially when the orders start stacking up. It was nice talking to K about various things with Zaxbys and that i liked how his store seemed to run more efficient then things I have done.

    Later that night after running around and visiting with various people, we headed home and hung out there. We were hanging out in the bedroom and talking, he was tickling me among various things, when he walked out and Jennifer caught him. i had seen her earlier in the day for about two seconds, but she wanted to meet me that night. I couldnt believe it, but I had to act sleepy since he had told her I was going to sleep. We sat up talking about various things and laughing about a lot. It was so cool because I found that Jennifer was a lot like me in personality. I liked it that there's someone similar to me, but not really. She seemed really nice and Jimmy was joking with me and just having a good old time. I loved it all, it seemed that his family was so welcoming and just it was like I was another member of the family. I wasnt used to it at all and just couldnt believe how amazing they were.

    After talking with them, we headed back into the room and snuggled back up together. It seemed that temperature in the room would heat up everytime the two of us laid down together. Man I couldnt believe just how well things were going. We sat there talking about various things. I remember it took me so much courage to ask him to make me his little one completely. I had already been made his by mind and soul and slightly the body. I was his fully with my body too, but he hadnt taken it as his I guess is how I felt about it. It took me a few minutes to form how to ask the question, but I cant believe I asked it. I loved being able to ask him and he said he was proud that I asked. I loved how I could talk to him and ask my questions and always got an answer. It sometimes took me a little bit to form a question out of what I was thinking, but I soon got it. I remember him wearing me out again between his amazing kisses and magical hands. It seemed that his touch could do wonders and I found my body defying me. I felt like I wanted more and would do anything for his touch, but a part of me told me to take it slow. I couldnt believe he was bringing out a reaction in me that I had never felt before.

    Wednesday came with not much fuss and another amazing morning of waking up to him smiling at me and giving my gentle kisses as I slowly emerged from my sleep state. I couldnt believe that this week was already half way over. I knew that I was going to cherish every moment I spent with him. The normal morning routine started with me laying out my shirt choices and letting him pick what I wore for the day and showering after he told me to get in the shower. I have to admit that I really liked this routine and am quite curious if it will be a normal thing.

    We had decided to head over to his grandparents after grabbing our stuff to leave at Ks. We were spending the night at K's place because he needed a package signed for so he got to sign for him. It was so much fun hanging out at his grandparents as we talked about various things. I couldnt believe how nice his grandparents were and just how welcoming they were too. We were talking about going to grab dinner, when his grandparents offered to take us out with them. I told them how I couldnt believe they would pay for me and that I wasnt used to it at all. His grandpa laughed at me and told me to get used to it because that was how the family operated. I just couldnt believe it and was in utter shock. I knew that i needed to eat though because I was starting to feel queasy and had a headache. We grabbed mexican and talked for a while, but i found out that they were so accepting and loved me.

    After finishing dinner, we headed up to Ks. After getting there, we grabbed our stuff and headed into Ks. i have to admit that I really liked his brother's house because it was out in the middle of nowhere it seemed like, but there was one house close to it. I loved how it was in the middle of the woods and a small little house. It's like how he described it, a perfect little starter house. I sat with him on the couch and the two of us decided to make cookies. I had told him I wouldnt make any cookies til I got down there with him. We went to the store and got the ingredients for it and I had so much shopping with him. I spent the whole time pushing the cart, which I have always loved doing anyways. It's weird, but I love it. I like being the one pushing the cart while he grabs the items needed and puts them in (although on this trip, I was the one putting them in there.

    We finished the shopping and headed home, singing along to the various songs on the cd. After getting back to the house, we brought the groceries in and began working on making the groceries. I feel bad because I did become a little bit bossy, but I felt that these cookies had to be made a certain way. My sister taught me a way that made mouthwatering, delicious cookies and I knew that I wanted them to be perfect for him. He had never had my cookies before, so I wanted to make sure they were good. I got asked a couple times if I was ordering him to do something and warned to watch my tone.

    We finished the cookies and to me they turned out amazing, with a little help from him. I couldnt remember the time frame on the cookies, but they were also bigger then the ones I have cooked before. He wanted to make huge cookies, because his family doesnt like mini ones so that they dont eat a ton, but more a few.

    After finishing the cookies, we looked at my profiles together. I was allowed on facebook for a little bit. It is weird, but I hadnt been craving to get on it like the last punishment I had been. I think it's because I accepted that it was what was going to happen and that I should just deal with instead of thinking and dwelling on it and making it worse. I then checked my email and decided to go through and delete emails on my cm account and my email accounts. I had so many accounts that I knew I needed to get rid of some them. I talked with him and after realizing that I didnt really need my cm account anymore, I made sure it was okay with him that i deleted it. Anyone that I talk to is either on my facebook or friends with me on fetlife. After doing this, i went through and deleted old emails and got rid of two email addresses. Now instead of 3 yahoo emails, I now have just one.

    It was an amazing night. After going back into the bedroom, we were snuggling and his hands found their way back to the treasured spot it seems he knows so well. I couldnt believe how good it felt and things progressed. I remember he slowly took off my shorts, but I vaguely remember that because I was so enveloped by his kisses. I loved it and it felt so amazing. We ended up moving positions and I found myself on top of him. That sensation was so amazing at the first moment I felt him enter me and he had finally made me his little one all the way. I mean I know that I was already his little one, it was just more official to me after this. I never knew though that something could feel so good. I loved the feeling of him in me as he helped me rock back and forth on top of him. This caused so many sensations in my body that I had never felt before.

    I remember trying different positions that night and it was so amazing. I have never known that just how deep he could go would make it feel so amazing. The best one I think was when he had me lay down and suck him while he went down on me. I felt like all my thoughts went out of my head and all I could think of was doing whatever possible to keep him doing whatever he was doing with my tongue. It was so amazing to me and I felt my body let go and I came several times during the night.

    I couldnt believe how amazing it felt and I remember I was trying to form the words please. I felt like I should ask him for permission to cum, but I didnt know how to get the words out. We were talking afterwards and I asked him if he would have been shocked if I had asked for permission. He shocked me when he said no he wouldnt have been surprised. I couldnt believe that I had almost asked though because to me it takes a lot of courage from me to ask something like that. It brings me out of my comfort zone, but I'm so comfortable with him that it's more about getting out of my shell then anything.

    I loved that night as we lay there snuggling and talking. It was amazing to hear him say that I was finally completely his. I knew it, but it was just more official now that he had taken my body too. I loved the feelings he was creating in my body and it felt weird liking them, but I knew that it was okay to feel that way and not wrong. It seemed my parents had always made me feel like it was wrong to have certain feelings, or more society added onto that too, but with him I knew these feelings were natural for me and totally okay.

    It was funny for me in a way, like not ha-ha funny just funny, that he had me admitting that I was a naughty little girl during the night. I would have felt that it was weird to say it, but for some reason I had no problem admitting it to him because I felt with all that had gone on I was his naughty little girl. I loved the feelings he inspired in me and how I was just so comfortable around him to admit things I never would have dreamed of telling anyone else. I love the feelings he inspires in me.

    It was amazing and he had truly worn me out. I dont even remember falling asleep, but I know I fell asleep snuggled up next to him in the bed. I love the feeling of my arm across his chest and feeling him breathing as I go to sleep. We both slept and woke up the next morning. I remember waking up and the bed was empty. I had no idea that he had gotten up other then the two second kiss that briefly woke me up. I got up and walked into the living room where I found him on the couch. I went and sat down with him and snuggled up with him. He laughed at me as I was still waking up and he told me to go back to sleep as I laid down in his lap. I didnt know I was so tired, but I fell asleep again snuggled up in his lap as he watched tv. I slept for what felt like hours, but I remember waking up to his gentle kisses. I loved them as he used them to slowly wake me up as he tickled me too.

    I was told not to go back to sleep, but it was weird because my body felt like it wanted to go back to sleep. I knew though that he was right and I shouldnt go back to sleep, so I fought to stay awake. I sat up and was going to get on the computer for a little bit to check my email, but decided to grab my phone instead. I went and got it and came back. After coming back in and sitting down, a short time later I was told to go get his belt. I couldnt believe it and had silently been hoping that he had forgotten, but I also knew that wouldnt happen. I went and grabbed it, silently preparing myself for the punishment that was about to happen. I grabbed it and was headed back to the living room when he met me down the hallway. I was told to go back into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. I know that my mind was going "Oh my goodness this is about to happen", but I also knew that i had earned this punishment and that it would be over shortly. I trust him and know that he wont do anything without a valid reason behind it. I laid down on the bed and put my head on the pillow. I knew I might need it, but wasnt sure as to what the hits were going to feel like. I braced myself as the first blow came, I saw the belt go up and felt it's sting. It felt lighter then I was expecting, but I wasnt complaining. He stopped after I had received four and asked me how many hits that had been and I told him. After that, he continued again and stopped at eleven. I again answered him and let him know how many that had been. i remember the last few hits felt harder then the first ones and it stung. It seemed that he hit about the same places, my butt and the top of my thighs around my butt area. I grabbed the pillow and began breathing heavily trying to keep myself from crying out, I knew i wasnt going to because it didnt hurt that bad but it was starting to build. Before I knew it, it was over though. I felt his hands caressing me and rubbing and massaging away the stinging. The sting was still slightly there, but it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.

    After finishing that, it was time for me to get a shower. I never knew that a shower would feel so good, but it did. I relaxed and washed my hair and cleaned up. It felt good cleaning up for him. I finished and got dressed, but realized I had left the bra I needed at his house. I decided to throw my tank top back on, but I had to grab a tshirt from my car. I couldnt believe how it felt wearing a skirt and no underware, but he seemed to like a lot. I liked sticking with his rule of no underware. It made me feel free, but i knew that he was the only one that knew I had nothing on and was free as a bird under my clothes.

    I shocked him twice that morning with laying out his clothes and even folding up the blankets and stacking the pillows together. I dont know why I really did it, but when I got my clothes out I knew that he was going to be needing his so I laid them out. I even made sure to grab his toothbrush and deodorant and put them out. I dont know why, but I just felt it should be done. After that, while he was in the shower I picked up the room by packing our clothes up and then folding the blanket and putting the pillows on top. I just felt that it was my job to make sure things were cleaned up. Well not my job, but more that it should be done. It was like I knew he would want me or ask me to clean it up, so I did it.

    After cleaning up, we settled down to watch tv and I played on the computer. We had plans to go over to his grandparents later today because they wanted to tell me goodbye. I couldnt believe that Thursday was already here. I didnt want to leave him and put the thought out of my head all day about having to leave him. We waited for his brother to get home and left, heading to his grandparents house. It was amazing, but funny because his brother was picking on me about not coming back down in time for the wedding. I couldnt believe it that I had already met him just once and I was being picked on and joked around about not coming to the wedding. Me and him left on that note, headed to his grandparents. It was funny because he was having fun with the fact that I had no underware on under my skirt. I was trying to remain calm, but I knew it would be a little hard if he kept going. Thankfully, he stopped but it was still hard to regain my composure.

    We arrived at his grandparents and it was amazing talking to them and listening to them talk about various things. We had decided to head over to say goodbye to them because I was leaving tomorrow. It was amazing because his grandma wanted to take our picture and she did. It was so amazing how happy she was about the two of us together. She even took down my birthday and my leave date for basic and my graduation date. I cant explain it but it was so amazing knowing that his family had just met me, but they already embraced me openly. It is just an amazing feeling because my family has never treated me the way that his family has, aside from my grandparents and my sister.

    Anyways, we talked a while and then it was time to go. I had to get dinner soon because if I didnt I was going to start feeling sick again. We had talked the night before and he made me realize I need to start eating more everyday that by not eating I'm depriving my body and then other things happen. I couldnt believe it, but I knew this was somethign to not mess around about and that I would listen to him. He knows what he's talking about and if he thinks it is wise for me to do that then it must be good advice.

     We left after his brother got there and got to eat dinner at Sonny's, which is my favorite barbecue place when I go to visit my grandparents. It was second rate and I ate my first salad with Thousand Island dressing on it. It was crazy though because the service there was horrible. I got a cold sandwich and when it was sent back, thanks to him because I didnt have the guts to send it back so he did it for me, it came back with chicken on the sandwich instead of pork. I knew it was that, but it was interesting debating with his brother over what it was. Dinner ended with no big problems other then the cold sandwich, but we had decided to go bowling.

    We headed back to the house and his brother was laughing at us as we dropped him off at his grandparents to pick up his car. He was teasing us about making out because the two of us were just hanging out together and it seemed we always knew what the other was thinking. There was never anything so amazing as that feeling of knowing what he was thinking without him saying anything. I loved it. After we got back to the house, I changed into pants and the three of us went over to visit his friend Scott. I found it funny because the first day that I came down, Scott was checking me out. I thought it was hilarious, but I love him so it doesnt matter. Besides that I dont see anyone else, I only see him and that's fine with me.

    After talking with him, we all headed to go bowling. I was ready to have so muc fun. Bowling for me is fun but I'm also competitive with it too. It was so amazing bowling together and I kept refilling the drink for him. He had gotten some moutain dew because it keeps him awake and I made sure to keep it full. This shocked him and his brother thought it was funny and cool that I kept getting up and refilling the drink without having to be asked. He made a comment about being whipped, but little did his brother know how true those words were. It was hilarious. I also found out through bowling that I should have listened to him about wearing underware to go bowling. I told him I would be fine when he told me I was allowed to wear them. Well halfway into the bowling, i was feeling the constant rubbing from my jeans and it was having an effect on me.

    We finished bowling with a lot of fun and I ended up winning the last two games. With that I have no idea how I did it because I had messed up my knee and was playing on a sore knee. I hate that it works against me but with stopping so hard everytime I threw the ball, I know it would have a lot of pressure on my knee. Anyways...we headed home and me and him headed to bed. I couldnt believe that it was the last night that I was going to get to sleep with him and snuggle close in his arms.

    We started out kissing and snuggling again when his hands found their way to my magic spot. I couldnt believe just how he made me feel. After our talk last night with him, I got to the point where I was begging him. I remember when I first felt the urge to cum, all I could manage out was a "please". I couldnt imagine myself asking for permission to cum, but in this case it was like I needed it. I kept saying "please" with him responding "please what". I finally was able to gasp out my question of "please may i cum". I kept getting told no for a little while and my only response I could think of was "please" everytime he told me no. It was like something inside me needed to know it was okay from him. I was so close to being over the edge, but I miraculously was able to hold myself back because I knew he wouldnt be happy if I didnt wait til he said i could. It was crazy because as soon as he told me I could, it was like my body let go as much as possible. I felt my body rocking as I felt one orgasm crashing into another. I think there were at least two to three. Feeling my body crash up and down it was amazing.

    After I finally quit crashing from my many orgasms that he kept giving me, I calmed down enough and soon found myself on top of him feeling him inside of me. I cant explain the amazing sensations he creates between my legs, but things kept going and it was like I couldnt get enough of him. I felt myself become louder, but it was like I didnt want to be louder either. I was stifling myself in his shoulder and in the pillow at his head. It felt like I was slowly losing my senses. I felt like all I wanted was more, but at the same time it was like I didnt want too much either. It was a crazy feeling. It was amazing because I have never felt so amazing and seen colors and stars all at the same time. With him, he was able to do this a couple times and I couldnt believe it.

    Before too long, I felt him pull me off of him. I heard him calming me down and I felt my breathing slowly become slower. I was talking with him as I slowly calmed down and he told me that I had been in subspace after I described the sensations to me. I remember feeling nothing else around me and it was like he was the only thing I noticed. I didnt hear any noises from the fan or I didnt even realize it was cold. I just focused on him and it was like I couldnt get enough. I loved the feelings and how it blew me away. I was impressed too because I didnt really know what it was, but I'm glad that I trust him and he knows what he's doing. My body felt so worn out, but it also felt good. He checked my pulse, making sure I was okay as I slowly calmed down. I love that he knows me though because with subspace it can be very dangerious if I get too far into it. There was just so many amazing sensations and feelings that my body was worn out. I remember feeling that between my legs felt like such a raw area. I asked for permission to wear underware for the next few days because I knew it was going to be tender and extremely sensitive to any kind of rubbing.

    After that, I remember talking with him for what felt like hours about various things. It's crazy how we can talk for hours on end, but I never feel tired. It seemed as if we never ran out of things to say which is an extreme first for me. I have never had someone that I could be so open with, share my secrets with me, and still have so much to say it felt like. I loved spending every minute in his arms. I sadly fell asleep in his arms, but I loved laying right there. We talked about my family and whether I should tell them and the necklace and other things. I loved wearing my necklace with his ring on it, but I knew I had to be careful around my parents. It was amazing telling him all these things and knowing he wasnt judging or anything, but listening to me and my cares and concerns and issues. It's a great feeling knowing he's there which is one reason why I know I love him so much.

    The next morning, we started out waking up side by side together. I couldnt believe it and just soaked in every minute of waking up together with him. It felt so amazing and I never wanted it to end. I had to get a shower though, so after numerous kisses and tickling, I was coerced into the shower. I finished up in the shower and came out wearing his GA tshirt. Well, it''s really my tshirt but it's for GA which he has officially made me a GA fan. I love it all and cant wait to go back down again. Well after getting a shower, it was time for him to hop in the shower. I decided to shock him yet again and make the bed in the morning. He came back in and it was the first thing he saw was a made bed. He loved it too, much like I thought he would. I love surprising him with little things like that. We had so much fun laughing and giggling as I was pinned during my playful mood. For some reason, I felt like I wanted to be extrmely playful and it was like I was asking to get in trouble. I couldnt believe that I was asking to get in trouble.

    I basked in his kisses, but one of them was extremely special to me. I was laughing and pinned underneath him when he leaned in close to my ear. I was never suspecting what I was about to hear next, but he almost made me cry when I heard those five words.."I love you lil one". I was in shock that I had just heard it as he said it and immediately leaned in to kiss me. I was so shocked and surprised that it took me a few minutes to admit that I loved him back to him. The only response to that in me was to kiss him and whisper back in his ear "I love you too Sir." I was in shock but it was words that I never thought I would hear him say.

    After that, we pretty much laid down and snuggled together as we killed time before i had to leave. We had gotten lunch earlier and I tried to ready myself for saying goodbye to him. i just didnt think I could handle it. We gathered my stuff and put it in my car. I brought the box in from my car and put it in my room. I know that he will keep these things for me and not do anything with them like my parents would. It's weird because there are some things that I just dont want to leave with them at all.

    We finished up and I had to get ready to leave. I couldnt believe that the time had finally come. I was not ready to leave at all. All I knew was that saying goodbye to him was going to be the hardest part of this day. I felt like I was already missing him and I hadnt even left yet. I was getting ready to get in my car to leave and we were saying our goodbyes. I got one last huge hug goodbye and it was like I felt that neither one of us wanted to let go because we would miss each other so much. I had to leave though, so we both said goodbye. It was with the usual stay safe and everything to which I replied my usual "always". It was so hard leaving him and I was about ready to send him a text message as I got down the road, when my phone rang from a text message a couple minutes later. I knew he was just like me after I read it because it simply said that he was already missing me too.

    I drove home yesterday, the whole time thinking of him and how the time the two of us spent together was so amazing. I cant believe just how amazing he makes me feel. It's a feeling like nothing else in the world and I wouldnt trade it for anything. I know that its hard for me to get used to guys checking me out, but I will always hold my head high because I'm proud to be his. I know I am his fully, much like he is mine too. I have come to realize that much like a regular relationship is a two way street, so is one in the lifestyle. I am his just as much as he is mine because one cant exist without the other.

    I found myself thinking about him the entire drive home though and even cried when he told me I had treated him like a king. I couldnt believe that I had found a guy so amazing and perfect for me. I love him with all my heart and soul and would hate losing him and cant even think of that. I sang along with all the songs on my cd and found myself thinking about him with each one. It was like instead of being able to run my hand across his face or chest, I had to suffice for his ring. I felt my hand running circles in where it fit around his finger and rubbing my hand across the stone he had in it. It was like I began to notice every groove in it and couldnt help but wish it was his face or chest instead.

    After getting home, I called him and it was so amazing to hear his voice talking to me as i drove from the exit to my house. I missed his voice already and this was as close to being right there with him that I could get for the moment. I was ready to turn my car around and head back to him, but I knew that if I could make it through this good bye and the 20 days until I saw him again, then I could make it through my goodbye for basic. I know that it is hard for the two of us because we miss each other so much, but we're looking forward to seeing each other when I head back down.

I couldnt believe that I had made it home after a long day of spending time with him and driving home. I was just ready to relax, but I know that today will be over with soon. I made it through the night and got ready for bed after my party. I had been told no after party, but I did have one bad moment after my going away dinner. I was coerced in a way to taking a shot, when I should have stood up for myself and told them I wasnt going to take a shot. I am glad that I had the courage to insist that I wasnt going to come over and drink with them, which was good because I was already in trouble with him, or more had upset him by taking that shot. I cant believe that I had been so stupid to do that, but I know that I'm still learning. It seems I made a stupid mistake that I should have known not to make. All I know is that I will really be examining things that I do based on all that's going on.

    After that I started writing and couldnt even begin to describe how things were going. I knew that I didnt want to go to sleep, but with my early start in the morning and his early morning shift the two of us needed sleep. I just knew it would be hard because I didnt have him next to me. I knew that it would be hard to sleep and it was proved that it was right after I woke up this morning. I slept off and on all night, waking up numerous times throughout the night. I realized that part way through the morning I had woken up and turned over, thinking my body pillow was him, and I immediately snuggled with it. I couldnt believe that I thought it was him, but it was about the same height as he is when he's laying down. THe only thing missing was his breathing.

    I woke up this morning thinking about him on my mind. I missed his first text message and woke up a short time after his second text message because of a facebook message. It's weird how I dont wake up to his but at random moments I wake up to facebook messages. I feel bad about it, but I dont know how to fix something like that. I was sad that I missed them, but I woke up to his text letting me know I better text him when I wake up. I love it and the good morning text messages are even more special now. I thought of him and instantly smelled the shirt I had gotten from him to sleep in. It smelled like him and was so good smelling. It didnt smell like strongly, but it was just a guy smell that reminds me of him.

    After waking up and working on my journal some more, my friend texted me and we decided to grab some lunch. It was so amazing because I was bragging about him to her all through lunch and how I had so much fun. I really cant believe how much fun I had and how amazing the time was. I loved it. It makes me feel so happy to brag about him to my friends. It's crazy because I love him and know its amazing how he makes me feel. We were talking and she noticed his handiwork. I loved it and it makes me feel proud to wear the hickey he put on me. Most people would try and cover it up, but I'm not going to because to me it makes me proud. It was great because he compared it to a collar for me. It was a mark that lets me know and is a reminder that I'm his. I love it and feel the same way that it really is his mark and reminds me that I am his.

    I went through the day working on various things, but the one thing that has constantly been on my mind has been him. I cant believe that I only have 19 more days til I get to see him, but for me they are the longest days ever. I hope the time goes by fast. I cant wait to surprise his brother for the wedding. They all think that I'm coming back down after, but we talked it out and I'll be able to go down early and have some fun with him. I cant believe I'll have about two and a half weeks with him. I know it will be the most relaxing two and a half weeks of my life spent with him. I cant wait for it to see what else I will learn. I know he has already mentioned that I'll be learning how to address him, like when I should and how to act when around him. I cant wait and know that I will learn much more then that, but that's a good place to start. I just hope these next few days fly by fast because it's going to be an amazing two and a half weeks spent with him.

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