Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Interesting Twist....Taking Care of My Sick Honey

   It seems that life sometimes has a way of smiling at you and you dont know it. Today has been an amazing day and I wouldnt change it for all the money in the world (even Him teasing me while i write this blog).

   I have to admit something that I kind of left out yesterday. When I got my spanking and it was over with, the two of us went out to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant. I can say that I was so self conscious the whole entire time. It was bad because I had to seat myself gingerly in my car because after the spanking I had gotten with the hairbrush and the barehand had made their mark. My skin was still sensitive and burning and I walked, wondering if people could tell I had just been spanked for being a bad girl and not remembering my place. It was a new feeling to get used to. The restaurant we went to had nice booths to sit in and thankfully the waitress sat us at a booth instead of a chair. I know if we had been sat at a table with the wood chairs, my discomfort would have been even more noticeable because that wood is unforgiving where the seat of the booth was a little more inviting. I'd like to say that my butt looked like this after the spanking, although I didnt look at it until quite a few minutes after the spanking, partially from having to stand there with my pants down for a few minutes so he could admire his handiwork.
   I'll just say again that I learned my lesson and I'm still feeling its affects today. There are still slight marks from the hairbrush, but I like them in all honesty. To me they are a reminder of where i stand and to not forget my place again. I had been acting kind of spoiled and he put me back in my place. I have been very careful since then, although I know my playful and fiesty side will come out every now and then but i know He is ready for it.
   The day started with me waking up shortly after he got up this morning. The two of us had fallen asleep last night quite fast. After being told to get off the computer, I lay awake for a little while longer after hearing Him snoring. I knew He was tired and hadnt been feeling good, so i let Him sleep. Besides it was cute watching and listening to Him sleep because it's more often the other way around that He is watching me sleep. Anyways, it was crazy because He was asleep part way through the night and ended up moving me to where i was curled up with my back to His chest instead of leg draped over His legs and arm over His chest. I usually sleep in either one of these positions anyways....We always fall asleep holding each other, which I love because it lets me know that im always His even after the day we've had whether it was good or bad and that He loves me. It's things said with His actions and not His words.
    After laying there awake for a little while this morning, it was amazing because we were planning on going to an amazing place today and for those of you who know it, i can finally say that i have officially been to....drum roll please......The Varsity in Atlanta. This place was huge!!! It is officially the world's largest drive thru and I was so impressed with it and everything it had. It was just amazing. The cheeseburger, fries, and onion rings I had were amazing but I would never suggest eating that much grease again. It wasnt so much the grease, but everything in all that food that I ate---let's just say my body was protesting every bit of it. All of that is made for a visit once a year because it is so greasy. It's crazy but I loved it because it was good and i can now say that i have been to one of the places in Atlanta that everyone goes to.
    The funny thing that happened at The Varsity (me and Him laughed about this later because both of us could care less what other people think) is that i was holding the baby that his family watches. She's so adorable and cute and at my age, what can i say other then i love babies. I know that i have to wait to have my own right now, but it's great to be able to play and just take care of other people's babies. Then again i have always been this way since i was little. It's the motherly thing I guess....idk. It was hilarious though because i had the baby and was following behind Him to see what was on the menu and everyone i passed gave me this look of "I cant believe thats your kid" or "She looks too young to have a kid" or just the typical downer look. It's like they were all judging me and automatically assuming that she was in fact my baby. Well, she wasnt, but i thought their reactions were hilarious. He found them funny too and agreed with me that both of us could care less about what they think.
    Sticking with the mother topic here real quick, i can say that i was fascinated with myself after our visit. I was juggling a baby in one arm while holding a bottle and in the other hand had an ice cream cone and was eating it and trying to feed the baby a little bit. I think this was a case of multi-tasking to the extreme, but ive always been good at that. It was crazy because He was telling me it was the maternal instinct kicking in. I didnt realize it, but oh well. I say that i cant wait to have my own child, but i can wait too until things are good (even though i know sometimes things unplanned happen), although its more of a just not right now at this moment idea.
    The other thing that got me thinking and i found an image that got me on this thought topic. It kind of goes with the whole kid thing, and not meaning this to have some hidden meaning behind it, but i just love kids and i'm a disney kid at heart as it is. I saw this image while looking up something online and thought it was hilarious. I didnt know that the disney people had a darker side to them, but I'll let you judge for yourself here.
   The picture speaks words because now that I think about it because Tigger was always pouncing and landing on top of people. Maybe like the other disney movies, there is a hidden meaning behind this or i am just being my usual self and over analyzing things.

   Anyways, back to the day. After getting back from The Varsity, He lay down because He didnt feel well at all. I felt so bad because i didnt know what to do and what He's feeling i just cant fix--all I can do is let him sleep and make sure He gets water and fluids and eats. I left the room and let Him sleep and camped out on the front porch with the laptop for a good two hours. It was so amazing just sitting outside while He was sleeping and working on things. I love making changes on here because it's a way that i can truly express myself the way i want to and He gets to see it. I love it!!
    After i was done working on various things with the blog and looking up various items, i headed in to check on Him. I went in and He popped up as soon as I closed the door. How is it that He always knows because i had been so quiet closing that door hoping not to disturb Him. Oh well, so much for that. He didnt get a whole lot of sleep, but had managed to get some thankfully. I hate that He is sick because i truly feel helpless and unable to do something other then get Him meds (if He wants them) and make sure He eats. It's just frustrating to me to not be able to do anything other then that, because i'm used to being able to do a lot more. I guess this is something to get used to for now.
   I did get to go and get dinner which tonight made me feel accomplished because i know im doing something to help take care of him. I like taking care of him, but it seems that i'm not really doing anything now. :( I wonder if im the only one that faces this kind of dilemma. It's not like i can order Him to drink or get rest by going to bed early or anything because He wont listen to me. I wouldnt be able to do it anyways because He is my Master and i just couldnt order Him around even if i wanted to.
   Well, enough for today I guess. I need to get back to taking care of my sick honey. There may not be much i can do, but ill do whatever i can for now.

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