Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shopping can be so much fun....especially with my Master

Today has been a wonderful day mixed with an absolutely exhausting day yesterday.I had so much to do yesterday that when I finally was able to relax, it felt like I had slept for a million years. I cant believe all that has happened between yesterday and today and it was just amazing! I guess the best place to start is from the beginning, so to the beginning I go.
    I started off the day yesterday waking up at 6am. I couldnt believe how early this came even though I had been sleeping since about 1030-11 the night before. I had been getting tired while talking with him on the phone and then he told me after a short time that it was time for me to go to bed. Not wanting to argue because going to sleep meant the day would come faster, I agreed and went to sleep. Anyways, 6am was an early start but I felt somewhat rested too. I heard my alarm go off and began to get up, bustling around to make sure I had everything picked up in my room before I went to take a shower. My grandfather was in the shower when I woke up, but was out about five minutes after I got up. He opens the door and asked if I was up, which I wish I had been able to make a smart comment but I didnt. I knew that he had noticed there was no television on or that the light wasnt on in the bedroom when he shut the adjacent door between my bedroom and the bathroom. I just held my tongue and told him that I was up.
    The next part of my morning was basically me getting ready for the long day ahead and taking a shower. I couldnt believe it was finally here and I was going to be back in his arms tonight. Nothing could ever feel so good as being back in his arms. I was out of my shower and straightening my hair when my grandpa came in and asked me another question that I had to hold my tongue on. I have kind of realized that I am good at holding in my smart comments for most of the time. There are a few times that they slip through, but thats my personality and I wouldnt be completely me without them. He asked me if I was dressed and I responded that i was because he had heard the shower running and now it was running anymore.
    Anyways, he told me that he needed my help as soon as possible. I was wondering what was going on, but I finished straightening my hair then headed out. It turns out that my grandpa had been smelling one of the fuzes sparking in the box in the other room. I couldnt believe that something like this could happen. I was a little concerned for him now because his house seemed to be falling apart from the inside out. It was an old house, but he fixed it a little bit.
    After helping him with that, it was time to say goodbye and head off to the airport. I was so excited and ready to leave, but I didnt want to admit it to my grandparents. They even asked me point blank if I was ready to leave and I was like no I'm having a good time, but I know I have to spend time with other people. My grandmother is the only one that seemed to even remotely care about me heading back home or even what was going on in my life. The whole time I was there, my grandfather complained about how i didnt want to spend time with them and everything else, but my grandmother worked all during the week while I was there but the few days she was home she spent time with me and asked me about things going on. She showed an interest to me. All I can say though is I was glad to be heading to the airport. My grandfather and I rode in silence to the airport and our goodbye was a quick hug and a "call you later" parting.
    I went through the checking in process and everything and got to security. It was crazy because being a tuesday, I didnt expect for this many people to be flying home today, but it must have been a busy day. The line was backed up almost to the start, but I jumped in. It took me about twenty minutes or so to finally clear the checkpoint and all. It was cool because the guards that were screening luggage saw my shirt and told me congratulations on joining the air force and all. I couldnt believe that with a simple shirt, brought a lot of thanks and well wishes. I hate it, but I guess it comes with the job so I might as well get used to it. I made it through security and spent the next hour and a half killing time until it was time to board the plane. It was so amazing to finally board the plane because I knew I was that much closer to being back in his arms.
    After getting on the plane, the time passed rather fastly as I killed time talking with the two people sitting next to me. I know that is one reason why I love flying Southwest because the people are usually so nice and respectful. It's amazing and I wouldnt fly any other airlines and all, but I know sometimes in the future I wont have a choice. I landed almost twenty minutes early and picked up my luggage.
    After receiving a few more well wishes, I went and met up with my mother. She didnt even notice my new hair color. i know that she knows me well, but I would think that she would notice a change lke that. It just aggravated me that she wouldnt notice anything like that. The worse part was later in the day when we went to lunch. She spent the entire time lecturing me about my relationship and asking how well I knew him. It just seems that she feels I'm making unsafe choices and that she just doesnt want to see me hurt and that I'm jumping from relationship to relationship. I feel so frustrated that she cant just leave me alone and just be happy that I'm happy. No, thats not good enough for her. She has to know what I'm doing and everything else with him or even makes assumptions that arent true. It's just frustrating when your own mother cant be supportive and understanding of a relationship and tells you that you have been jumping from guy to guy. No offense, but everyone does then when they are dating and trying to find the right person.
    Okay, enough venting about that. I left my mom after giving her the 40 for my insurance for the month and headed for the recruiter. I had managed to get out of meeting with him at the normal DEP meeting time by telling him I had a family event that I had to attend. I was amazed it worked, but I just wasnt going to be able to do pt and then drive down to georgia after flying and everything else anyways. I met up with him and weighed in and that was it. I was proud of myself because after all the good food I had eaten, I still lost weight. I weighed a total of 144 when I was weighed, but the weird thing is that I'm not doing anything to lose the weight, nor do I know how its happening.
    After finishing with my recruiter, which took a whole ten minutes max maybe, I was on the road again. I couldnt believe the moment was finally here that I was going to be back in his arms within a few hours. I knew I was constantly counting down the miles til I was back in his arms again. I stayed in touch with him the enitre time and called him when I got off the exit. It was such a long drive it seemed to me, but it actually ended up only being about 3 1/2 hours or so.
    I finally made it and was back in his arms again. I cant begin to describe how amazing it felt to have his arms back around me again. I dont know how to explain the type of smell he had about him, but it was such a good smell. It felt so good to finally be home. I havent had a place to call home since my parents moved when I graduated high school and I love that I feel so safe and at home with him. It's amazing the difference in feelings from when I'm around family and friends at home to when I'm around him and his family. I never wanted him to let go of me with that first hug, but he did which was okay. I just felt like I hadnt seen him in forever.
    Well we went and grabbed some dinner and it was good. The food was good because I hadnt had mexican in a while and was actually craving some cheese dip. Well, not really craving it but its one of those foods you realize you havent had in a while and you want it. We ate well and I felt so full it was crazy. I was just happy to be spending time with him. These hours and days are precious to me but he is an amazing guy.
    After dinner, we headed back to the house and stayed in for the night. Both of us were tired and didnt really want to go anywhere, whch was fine for me. We started watching Facing the Giants and I wish I had remembered it had Georgia football clips on it. It was a good movie and he really liked it. i was glad because after the long day I had, it was a good uplifting movie that i needed. It wasnt that he couldnt cheer me up, but I just needed something like that to cheer me up.
    The movie and us being apart for so long must have keyed in some horomones or something because all it tooks was his kisses to warm me up. I couldnt believe the reactions I was having from just his kisses. They were turning me on so much that I shocked myself and found my body reacting in ways I never thought. I began to grind my hips against his legs, it was almost like I was begging him in a subtle way for more then just kisses. We started kissing and he began playing with my nipples.
    Well it progressed from there. I found myself sucking and licking him. I admit that I never thought I would like sucking his cock as much as I do. I guess its because I know that by doing so I am close to him or I know that I'm pleasing him. I am not sure just how or why I like it. it's crazy, but I love the feeling of knowing that I'm pleasuring him even if it is just with my mouth.
    After doing this for a few minutes, it progressed from there. I found myself with five seconds to become totally undressed. I missed the deadline by a second and received a smack on my bare ass for it. I didnt really know for sure what was going on while I was undressing, but I knew that I had to remove my clothes as fast as possible. When my clothes were finally off, I lay back down with him and he began to play me like a fiddle. I love how he can play me like a fiddle with his fingers because he knows just what buttons to push when and just how to send me over the edge everytime we play.
    I found myself getting louder, but I couldnt believe i got as loud as I did. Arter covering my mouth with his hand for a little bit, which I found hot and just turned me on even more, he moved from his hand to me gripping a part of the pillow in my mouth. I have never bit down on a pillow so hard. I found him playing with me and I was denied the ability to cum without asking him permission first. It was so hard for me to ask, but I found my mind only able to pull out one word at a time. All I could continue to say was "Please" followed by "Master". I tried with all might and after what felt like an eternity I was able to choke out a gasped "Please, Master may i cum?" I had been told I wouldnt be able to until I could form a complete sentence before I said this line. Immediately after I said this, all it took was two words from him and i was gone---"cum now". I dont know why, but knowing he is controlling when I am allowed to cum and when I cant is a major turn on for me and takes so much will power out of me. I found myself out of my body though with those two words as my body began to feel all tingly and I felt like I had stepped out of it for a few brief seconds.
    After coming back down, I felt his fingers dancing again. It seems they would stop dancing on me and I felt myself rising back up again. He pulled his fingers out, leaving me frustrated but began to finger me in the ass.I couldnt believe how good this felt and I loved every second of it. He had already been doing it before when I came the first time, which I think is why I had such a powerful feeling orgasm from his fingers in both areas. I couldnt believe it. I found myself laying back down with him and then playing with him as I calmed back down.
    I calmed down and it seems things were going to stop there for the night, when he began kissing my neck. This is my turn on spot and he knows it. I couldnt believe it and how good it felt. I love it when he kisses my neck and breathes in my ear. Hearing those dirty words in my ear or him telling me to do something in my ear is so sexy to me that I feel myself get wetter when I hear it. I found myself playing with him, when  I leaned back down and began licking and sucking him again. I felt him getting hard in my mouth. It was weird when I felt him pulse and grow harder in my mouth. After a few moments I felt myself being pulled on top of him and then a pleasant sensation. I love being on top of him with him controlling every movement as I move up and down him. It felt so good and then he started playing with me. He brought me so close and let me cum again.
    After coming back down real fast, there were a few more hard thrusts into me, which turn me on so  much more because they feel so great. I was amazed and as i was laying on him, I felt his fingers begin to move in and out of my ass again. They felt so good, but there was a little bit of pain too. It was a good feeling kind of pain mixed with pleasure that I couldnt believe how good it felt. After a few seconds I felt him moving his hand down and guiding himself to where I thought he was going to go. Instead of going back into my wet pussy and staying there, he went in for a few seconds and then pulled it out and pushed right into my tight asshole. It felt so good and amazing feeling him slide into me that I was in between shock and amazement and just how good it felt. Listening to him, I felt him move faster and then after a quick order of being told to move faster, I moved up and down faster on top of him. It felt so good that I couldnt believe it. He then brought my hand up and had me play with myself. Between the playing with myself and him in my ass and pussy, I came so close and was there waiting for him to let me over that edge. Within a few seconds I felt myself go over the edge and lost my balance.
    I regained my balance and was pulled off of him. He put himself into my wet pussy and gave several thrusts into it, before pulling out and ordering me to clean him off. I couldnt think of anything to do other then obey him and after getting my hair out of the way, i bent down and began to clean him off. I made sure to lick and suck all around cleaning him of all my pussy juices. I couldnt believe I was tasting myself for the second or third time in a while. I never thought I would do that before, but I actually dont mind the taste of myself. I wonder what it tastes like to him.
    After cleaning him up, I grabbed my clothes and put them on again so that I wouldnt get cold. I cuddled up next to him and we talked for a little bit and Jimmy brought in sonic after a short time of running to go get it. He came back and I made sure to drink a good bit of my drink because I was making sure to clean anything of taste out of my mouth because he had mentioned before that it was a pet peeve of his that he didnt like to kiss after that. After a long day, I fell asleep happy and content and in no better place in the world then his arms.
    I slept for what felt like an eternity and woke up snuggled in his arms. He had gotten up earlier in the morning and I half woke up, but we both went back to sleep and passed out. I was woken up later by him with him tickling me. I couldnt believe that it would be so amazing to wake up to his sweet and smiling face this morning. It was a wonderful day.
    The day started out with me grabbing my suitccases and unpacking them after folding his clothes and my clothes. They had been put in the dryer and needed to be folded and put up. I put all my clothes up and left thingsin the suitcase I wouldnt need or wear and put it under the bed. After packing up all my clothes in drawers and everything else under the bed or in its own place, his room looked cleaner. I couldnt believe it, not that it was dirty before but it was neater now that my suitcase wasnt sitting in the corner or a backpack half under the dresser. Things are more organized now.
    After getting a shower and heading out for the morning, we went for him to get his haircut first. I couldnt believe how different he looks, but I think that it will take a little bit of time to get used to. After leaving the hair place, we headed to the nail salon. I couldnt believe that I was getting a manicure and a pedicure. I loved the way it felt having my nails done. I may not always be a girly girl but to get my nails done every now and then felt so amazing. I couldnt believe how well they looked and how cute. I may not always do this but I know that every now and then would be so amazing.
    We headed from the nail salon to his grandparents to surprise them. I couldnt believe how surprised Papaw was, but I loved it. He wasnt expecting it, but that's what made it the greatest. His grandparents are so much better then mine, not that I dont love mine. It's just how they are so open and accepting of everything and just are supportive. I couldnt even believe it and he mentioned to his grandmother how I wasnt used to people being there for me since I have always been on my own since I could remember.
    After his grandparents, it was time to head to the store to grab our things for dinner today and tomorrow. I cant believe that tomorrow is our anniversary of 2 months. It feels like yesterday that we started "dating" to people outside and that I officially became His. I love knowing that I'm His and spending every moment with him. My family and friends may not be able to understand it, but I dont care anymore because his family has openly accepted me with them. They have become my family too. I am so happy with him and it felt so amazing going grocery shopping with him. I couldnt believe it was our first trip together like shopping, shopping for food and other supplies. I grabbed makeup and some markers to finish the pictures I had colored for him and then we grabbed food. I loved it and couldnt wait to get home and cook for him.
    We checked out and headed home. It was amazing because I found myself singing at my loudest to every song that came on the radio. It felt so amazing to be carefree and happy to just be there with him in the car. He told me that he would be content to just sit and drive with me where ever I had to go. I love being in the passenger seat with him and driving because I just dont have patience for it. I get impatient and cant sit still long enough. But after we got home, Kevin showed up a few minutes later as we were unpacking bags. It was amazing because I surprised him. He was curious as to how I got down here in time for the wedding, but I told him i got off work and my last day of work was before i left. I couldnt believe it, although I'm so happy to be down here.
    i started dinner and finished the pictures that i had started drawing after watching him replace his air conditioner. Well, he didnt replace it, but added some krazy glue and changed the filter. It was amazing seeing him like that because he looked so hot as the Mr. Fix it guy too. I dont know why it was just something about it. Anyways, dinnertime came. It went so amazing that I found myself fixing plates for us and making sure he had drinks. He had already poured them, but I made sure they were full. I was so amazed and happy when I heard him say that he liked it and it was really juicy. I cant wait to see what else I get to cook for him, but I'm so happy my first time cooking for him went so well.
    Today has been so amazing that i cant wait to see what else the future has in store. I am also curious about what plans there are for the 2 camo bandanas we got are. I wonder...but I'm sure that wonder will end sometime soon. I am debating too whether I should give him the rest of his surprises tonight or space them out. I just have two more left, but I think he knows part of one of them. Well, I think I'll give them to him tonight but I will have to be careful about it. It's actually a two part surprise, but I'll enjoy giving it to him because I have a feeling he will like it very much. I hope too that we get to try more things in the future, but I love learning new things too. I loved how tonight felt cooking for him and making sure the laundry was done and the bed was made. It was amazing! I felt even more submissive today then in the past and I love it. I cant wait to see how much more I blossom under his teaching, but time will only tell.

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