Thursday, June 3, 2010

You'll never know how much i love You...

The weeks and days have flown right by and just keep moving on,
I will myself for time to slow down so I can cherish it with you,
But it seems that only makes times hand move quicker around the clock,
Laughing at us as it wont be too long before we say goodbye.

Goodbye for us has been so hard as the distance seemed so long,
But with a call or a simple text the hurt disappears right away,
I long for the day when I can come home from work to you,
Because to be honest you're all I see and long to be comforted by your arms.

You have brought so much light to my life that the world is no longer dark,
It used to be that gray clouds would mess up and darken my day,
But the instant that they roll right in you just laugh and hold me tight,
Helping me to see the golden sun shining behind each cloud.

I have been so blessed and happy to have you in my life,
For you have taught me so many lessons it seems others had just forgot,
Your loving hands showed me more patience then I ever thought possible,
But I could tell there was love there and knew you were something special.

My career path will cause times where I will have to go away,
But as life's trials so far have shown I know that you will always be there,
You are the rock and the lighthouse showing me just where to go,
Promising that no matter how far your arms will always be waiting for me.

The comfort and affection you give are just so amazing to me,
Because it seemed that with all I had to face you would slowly just dash away,
You calmed my fears and soothed my mind reassuring me you'd always be there,
Grabbing my hand and holding it tight squeezing it to abate my fear.

My shell of the girl that I once was before is now laying shattered on the ground,
You have brought me out of my comfort of all that I knew to be safe and well known,
Showing me the world is beautiful and I shouldnt be afraid to stand up and fight,
But gently reassuring me that you were there if I was in need of any help.

I love every minute I spend with you my Master and amazing love,
For I never could have been as happy in things as I am now with you,
You make my wildest dreams come true by being all that I've ever wanted,
And you truly are the blessing in disguise to my life that had been torn by conflict and strife.

Soon I will go away for a period of time that is known,
But your lil one will return very soon to the arms that are so comforting and warm,
Until then I hope you always think of me and know that I think of you,
For I am always Yours in my mind, body and soul.

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