Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sometimes pain can bring ecstasy.... :)

Today has been the most amazing and relaxing day ever. We pretty much did nothing and it felt so good to just sit back and relax after the two crazy days we had. I cant wait until next weekend though to find out what my surprise is. After today its going to drive me nuts until then.
    Well last night ended up pretty awesome. We were relaxing and watching tv, which was so much fun after the long day of running all over and taking care of wedding things. The night ended pretty well with the both of us grabbing dinner at Chili's. It was so good and we had amazing service from our waitress. After getting home, we just sat and relaxed. I was being playful with him while we were cuddling and I ended up getting turned over and spanked quite a few times with no pants to spare me. I remember struggling to get away, thinking it was funny until they started hurting. It was weird because I didnt know I was in a playful mood but it was put to an end real fast.
    I was spanked quite a few times and found myself throwing my hands back, trying to prevent myself from being hit harder. It got to where it stung a good bit and it was on bare skin. I think I was still in shock, but I remember throwing my hand back to protect myself. I felt it pulled up into my back and pinned as my other hand was still pinned underneath me. It's weird but everytime I've had that happen, he has only had to pin one hand because the other one is pinned underneath me with my body weight.
    Anyways, after being spanked, my pants were pulled down and he began fingering me until I came close. I begged him to let me cum, but all i kept getting told was no. It seemed that he liked teasing me. I was so close and I felt myself getting closer until I felt him move me to where I was licking and sucking him. I dont know why but anytime I do this I love it. I guess because it lets me know I'm making him happy either way with sucking him. After a few minutes of sucking on him, I was pulled up and on top of him. It felt so good having him inside me that I couldnt believe it. I think this was more about teaching me something though, I guess more about there is a time to be playful and a time not to be. After a few minutes and a couple orgasms for myself later, I felt him move me off him. I was then moved back down to where I was cleaning him off from my juices being on him. I didnt particularly hate the taste, but I didnt love it either. It's one of those that it tastes pretty decent, but then again I'm partial to it.
    A few seconds after cleaning him off of all my juices, I was pulled off and told to kneel on the floor in front of him. Within a few minutes I found myself being face fucked, for lack of a better term here. It felt good, I guess because I was craving the sensations it was creating. I wanted him to use me however he wanted and at this point he was doing just that. I found myself gasping for air a couple times because I was trying to be good and take it as deep as I could. I know that I still havent gotten over my gag reflex, but I know with time and some training and help I will get there.
    After a few minutes, I couldnt believe what I was hearing or saying to what was happening. I heard him asking me if I was "ready for Master's cum" and all I could think was yes. I think I voiced a "yes, Sir" or a nod, not totally sure but I know I answered him. It was what I was craving at the moment. I dont know why but I hope its supposed to happen, lol. There are so many things that I'm still learning about and reactions and everything that are normal for situations. Well, I was able to have some of my Master's cum and boy did it taste good. At least what I got of it because a good bit of it ended up on my chest and neck. Oh well, beggars cant be choosers.
    After that, i felt exhausted but I was content at the same time. We cuddled back up together and fell asleep. I knew the two of us werent waking up until later in the day because we were exhausted from the day before and taking care of everything. Well, we ended up not waking up until about elevenish, or at least I didnt. I woke up to his smiling face looking at me as he was watching tv.
    The day started out with me taking a quick shower so that I could get dressed for the two of us to go out with his grandfather. They go out to lunch every Sunday and its amazing spending Sundays at lunch with his grandfather and him. It's nice time hanging out together.
    After we got back from lunch, we headed to get some things from Wal-Mart. It was going to be a fun trip because honestly shopping to me is always fun no matter what kind it is. We headed there and picked up some snacks and some other things. I loved getting this done and it felt good. I was in jeans and a tank top, but he was looking hot in his Georgia polo and khakis. He looked like one of those football fans . I loved the way he looked today and love seeing him dressed up or dressed down. He is right that he is a country guy that knows how to dress.
    Anyways, back to the day. After shopping at Wal-mart, we headed to Kevin's house. The two of us were texting each other while on the way there. Leaving Wal-Mart I had told him that I was sad because my phone wasnt going off anymore. It was like all my friends had forgotten about me. I havent received a text message from anyone except my recruiter to tell me congratulations since I have been down here. I love spending time with him and everything, it was just I felt like they had forgotten all about me. Well, he made me realize that maybe they arent texting me because they know that I'm safe with him. I love this explanation and know its more then likely true.
    We got to Kevin's place so he could pick up his shoes and said hi to everyone for just a few minutes. It turns out that Shantelle's mom now knows what my surprise is for Saturday. I'm not sure what it is and my ideas got shot down because I know it happens later. It's something that if we leave the wedding thing by 5 we would have plenty of time and I'm wearing my summer dress. It really makes me wonder, but who knows. I guess this will be one thing I'm going to have to let the curiosity eat at me since I'm sure none of them are going to tell me what it is.
    After picking up his shoes, we headed back to the house. It felt so good to head home to relax. I told him before we left that I was in a playful mood and wanted to play. He told me that he would play with me, well the first time it was another definition of the word play, but we still played. We got back and he told me as we pulled up that I better run. It took me a few seconds to realize it, but I got out the car right as he parked it and took off. It didnt take him but a few steps past the driveway to catch up with me. I had ditched the flip flops, thinking they would make me faster, but I should have run with them instead.
    Well, I was still in a playful mood and wanted to play hide and seek. It was funny because I found myself ready to play and he was willing to seek me. I had mentioned before to him that my best hiding place I could think of was the trunk of my car because then he couldnt see me. I knew for sure that he wouldnt find me there because he wouldnt expect it. Well, after what felt like forever and not hearing him searching anymore, I went back into the house and he was laying in the bedroom. He had given up on finding me. I laughed because I had won this game.
    After playing this, I was still playful and ended up getting things started with the two of us playing together. We were in mid process of him turning me on when Jennifer came busting in the room to tell us that his mom was here and that she was going to go off on him. I can honestly admit that I was alittle upset that they would just come busting in like that because of his mom being here. She can get upset all she wants, but she can do it outside the room. I'm not normally mean about things, but it just seemed she barged in or was making certain comments to him about the two of us. I was about to strangle someone if anything else was said.
    Before too long I found myself tied and he was tickling me unmericlessly. It felt so good but I got to the point where I had to call mercy. I loved it though because I hate being tickled for too long but at the same time I love it. After being tickled things progressed to him fingering me as hard as he could. I'm not sure how many of his fingers were inside of me, but they felt good and hurt all at the same time. The crazy sensations I was feeling inside of me were hard to put together even after things were all done. I found my body being wracked by orgasm after orgasm that he allowed me to have. I found myself begging each time for him to let me cum. I'm not sure but I think I might have orgasmed once without him giving me permission, but I think he would have said something. It was right before he gave me permission for another one, but they were like back to back. I love the feeling of him controlling my body like he does, making me beg for it. It's amazing that I have gotten used to having to ask him for permission to cum. I cant even let go of all sensations without him telling me I can, even though I know it's in my rules too.
    Well after this, we cuddled together. I know I worried him at one point after because I was unusually quiet. I tried calming him by telling him nothing was wrong, but he sensed I was thinking about something. Its such an uncanny ability he has of being able to tell when something is on my mind even when I say there isnt anything. I love that he does that, aside from the fact that I know I can never lie to him anyways. I was trying to focus and draw my thoughts together and just figure out what all I experienced today. It was also hard to move because between my legs was soooo incredibly sensative that it was sore. Any movement, if it was the wrong way, would make it hurt and just felt like bare skin sticking to each other.
    I couldnt believe the feelings that have been created in me. I feel that my body feels so sore, but I also loved all the good feelings he created too. I finally got to where I was feeling better and could finally form sentences. It was amazing and I loved fixing dinner with him because he was laughing at me and my penguin walk the entire time. i cleaned up and headed back into the bedroom. It was a long and good night. We cuddled together and I couldnt believe that today was as amazing as it was. The best part of the night to me was when he calmed my fears after having a little bit of bleeding when I went to the bathroom after a short time. He let me know it was nothing to worry about that when he started worrying was when I needed to worry. It calmed me a lot because with everyone else, I was accused of being a hypochondriac and a "worry-wart". I love how he just lets me know it's natural and it was probably something from earlier.
    Today has been so amazing and I cant wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me. It's going to be an amazing day! I know it! I know there is a lot to do before I leave, but I'm loving just relaxing and enjoying all these little moments with him. I love him so much and he really is my world.

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