Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Day, Another Lesson Learned...

   It seems that my life is pleasantly amazing and I love it. Lately I have been doing some reading online and it is so amazing to see just how many people think along the same lines I do. It's a comforting feeling to know you're not the only one feeling this way. It's also nice to know that I'm not alone in having to write about things going on in my life (although lately I dont mind because it has helped me realize just how far I have come).
   Anyways, back to my task. It seems that today has been filled with amazing ups and downs, although for the most part it has been ups. I love how today turned out and wouldnt change it for all the world. I learned a valuable lesson that I think sometimes I bite off more then I chew (to be explained further later).
   I cant believe that I slept as late as I did today and when I woke up, I honestly did feel like I had slept half the day away. It was almost twelve when I woke up, but the bad thing was that when I woke up He was already awake in another room. I hate knowing that He has been up for a while and I have been snoozing away. I guess such is life and sometimes you get tired, but I think my new goal is to be up and awake no later then 10-1030 every morning. Although I have to admit that for now that I should enjoy sleeping in while I can because here soon there wont be any sleeping in at all or other things that I enjoy. Well, off that sad thought cause I really dont want to think about it right now.
    I woke up and realized what time it was. For some reason I had a burst of energy and was already making the bed, but yet I was still in a half asleep mindset. It was a weird feeling and it seemed like I was pretty much on autopilot making the bed, my one task that I have to do every morning. It doesnt matter how fast we get up, but I have to make sure the bed is made and everything. I love it though and wouldnt give it up. I just cant believe I got out of bed as fast as I did and already had the bed made by the time He came back in. In all honesty I think I broke my speed record (not really timed myself before though) because it took me maybe two or three minutes to have that bed made.
   I think He thought it was funny when he came in the room and I stumbled out the door to the bathroom and didnt say one word. I have to admit right now that I'm not a morning person and it usually takes a few minutes of being constantly tickled to wake up and be coherent enough to form sentences. It's all good and I'm glad that He is understanding that I'm not awake enough in the morning to talk when I first wake up. I think it would be hard for me to do a lot in the morning, although soon that may change and I may turn into a morning person.
   After coming back in and laying back down with him, we were laying down talking. I love the little moments that I get to spend with him just laying and talking. We have the dynamic of the 24/7 lifestyle, but it's not always visible if you were to look at us. Although I will say that for future reference for myself I will make sure to remember my place, but my fiesty side may ruin that for me every now and then. But hey, every good girl gets into some trouble every now and then right? It's just the little moments make things all worthwhile when I'm laying with Him and He pulls me close and it's like He's letting me know it's all going to be okay no matter what and I can feel just how much He loves me. Call me a sucker or a softy, but I love those moments when I'm just laying there in His arms because there is no better place to me. I also love these moments because I can talk to Him about anything and there is no risk of judgement or criticism. It's like He has told me time and time again that I can ask Him anything no matter how silly or weird I think it is.
    It's hard to believe our cuddling time ended, but it did. It was hilarious because I was feeling in a playful mood. I ended up getting my ass beat with the belt. Well not beat, but I got about six to seven smacks with the belt because I didnt do something when He said to do it. Curse my playful nature, although I have to admit that every now and then a playful spanking feels good to me. This one felt good compared to another I received. I definitely dont want to repeat that one anytime soon.
   The two of us purchased some pizzas online. We were thinking about getting Pizza Hut---well rephrase that---He wanted to get Pizza Hut and I wanted Papa Johns. I used to work for PJ so I know their pizza dough is fresh like they said and I wasnt too sure about PH. I told him that they had two large anyway you want them pizzas for $20 (good grief I sounded like I was answering the phones at work again lol). Well I convinced Him to get the PJ. I love it and my favorite pizza is their BBQ chicken with onions. It is so yummy and the BBQ sauce is so tangy and it's better the the plain and boring pizza sauce on the regular pizza. What can I say I like things to not be boring, even with the food I eat.
    Well we went and picked up the pizza. I have to say this was where I made another mistake that might have led to me learning a valuable lesson and being reminded of an important thing today. He told me that He was hungry and wanted some pizza. Well, I didnt think about what came next out of my mouth (that tends to happen a lot but it's usually stopped with a reminder of the infamous "Excuse me?" that makes you think twice about what you just said) and it might have pushed things further along. I told him "you can wait til you get home" not thinking about what I had just said. I got the response of "Excuse me?" and I realized what I said. I didnt really say anything because you cant backtrack and pretend you didnt say it, because then you get in trouble for lying but at the same time you cant admit you said it either. It's the typical lose/lose situation. Oh well, I guess thats why I'm still learning how to filter my mouth.
    We got home and ate our lunch and spent some more time cuddling and watching tv. In all honesty I dont care how I spend time with Him as long as I get to spend time with Him. Our time together is valuable to me and He knows it especially with my dates coming up soon. Ugh, dont want to think about that. The two of us talked about some things and I started reading online. It's crazy how reading some erotic stories can get me so turned on, but because I'm not allowed to touch myself I had to quit while I was ahead. That is one of the rules that I have from Him is that I cant touch myself (within few reasons of course) because I'm His to do with as He wishes and my pleasure comes from Him and not me.
   Well, after some time laying together and reading, we finally had the house to ourselves. After a short time He pulled me up and I thought we were going somewhere, maybe to get dinner because I didnt know what time it was. Boy was I proven wrong because shortly after being brought up, I was pulled back down over His knees. Its a weird feeling to describe being pulled over someone's knees. It shocks me every time it happens because He does it at the times that I least expect it. Oh well, such is life. Things are done at His time of choosing and not mine, which I like the element of being surprised because then it makes it that much more suspenseful for me. I received numerous smacks bare handed and then he pulled me up. I could feel the heat coming off my smarting butt even through my jeans, but I knew I couldnt rub it yet.
   I was silently celebrating the ending of it, but it wasnt over yet :(. I was told to get my hairbrush, which to me are words I dread hearing cause that hairbrush smarts. I went and got it, taking slow steps back but there werent many steps until I was back by His side. It was time for my spanking with the brush, but I had to pull my jeans down first though, which to me was the hardest thing ever. It just makes it that much more humiliating to me.I pulled them down and was pulled back down over His lap. I steeled myself for the hits from the brush thinking it would be only a few minutes of smarting. Little did I know it would get worse then that. I was spanked several times, so many that I lost count. I was then stood up against the wall. My butt was smarting so bad now and I wanted to rub it so much. I couldnt believe the pain, but I honestly was close to tears at this point. I received more hits and it seemed that I couldnt take much more.
   After what felt like an eternity, He turned me around and pulled me towards Him. It was so amazing to feel his comforting arms around me because I was in tears now. The pain level on my butt had maxed out and it was burning like crazy. It felt good as His hands massaged it away. It still smarted, but seemed to go away a little bit. I was told this spanking was to remind me of my place. I had posted before that I thought I might need to be reminded of my place, but today I got way more then I bargained for. It was crazy, but I wouldnt change it for all the world. I know I am new to this way of life, but I know this is His way of teaching me and guiding me. Without occasional lessons to remind me of where I stand, I would become unruly and get out of hand. I wouldnt be doing it purposefully, but it would be more because of my personality and it wouldnt be kept in check.
   I know I have a fiesty personality that comes out, but I have also learned that there are times for it to come out and times where I need to put it aside. I have learned so many valuable lessons both in and out of my new way of life that I still cant believe how far I have come so far. I know there are many more lessons to learn, but its amazing to look back and see the shell of a person that I used to be compared to who I am now and who I will be. There are times I may not completely agree with what He is doing or how He does something,but the one that comforts me is that I know everything He does is for my best interest and is what He feels I need. The one thought and reminder I have written down is : "Let Him be the Dom/Man I want even if I dont agree with the punishments that He feels I deserve." It rings true now and always for me and is my simple reminder. Well, thats enough for one day have to leave something for the future....

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