Saturday, June 5, 2010

Exhausting day but a beautiful wedding and a dressed up Master

Today has been amazing and utterly exhausting all at once. I cant believe just how long today seemed but it was amazing seeing everything with the wedding and all. I was excited to get all dolled up for him.
    Last night it was hilarious because the two of us were able to take a shower together. This is a rare opportunity for us and when we get the chance we take it. It felt amazing and we talked. I knew he was upset and he voiced that to me. I couldnt believe that I had forgotten to change certain things that had been left. I adamantly told him that I was His and only His and that I belonged to Him and i had honestly forgot about these details when I was changing everything. I hoped that he could see my sincerity because I only belonged to Him and only wanted Him. I could care less about anyone else....all I see is Him.
    Anyways...we were in the shower and it felt so good to relax and just clean each other off after the long day we had of running around and taking care of things for the wedding. We finished in the shower and I weighed myself. Somehow I had gained 4 pounds in the two days since I had last weighed myself. i couldnt believe that I had gained that much weight, so I decided I was really going to have to watch what I ate lately. (This was later changed after I weighed myself again, but thats told about later.)
    After the shower, the two of us lay in bed and I found myself rubbing his stomach and slowly moving farther and farther down. I find myself getting more and more comfortable with him and my body with him everyday. I know I'm not totally exploring everything at once, but I'm starting to reach out of my comfort zone of what I'm used to. I've started touching him and rubbing him and just feeling over him. Anyways, enough talk of that before I start thinking bad thoughts. I started rubbing his cock and began to realize I was getting turned on. He was slowly falling asleep because my rubbing felt so good. I couldnt believe that it would feel good enough to fall asleep, but I guess it did.
    The rubbing soon lead to the two of us messing around. It felt so good having his fingers in me. He started and then all of a sudden he stopped, leaving me incredibly turned on. We lay there cuddling together watching tv when I started laughing. All of a sudden I accidentally farted. I couldnt believe it! I felt so embarassed that this had just happened and his reaction was to bust out laughing, almost falling out of the bed. I felt so embarrassed, but he said it meant I was truly comfortable enough around him to let that happen. I guess that is true, but I told him I honestly didnt mean for that to happen. After laughing about it, he had me laughing when another one slipped through. This embarrassed me even further. Another few minutes later and a third one slipped through. He was rolling laughing this time and all I coud do was laugh and hide my head because I was so shocked. I couldnt believe it had just happened. Well, he told me yet again it meant I was comfortable around him. I am comfortable around him, but I also just felt embarrassed that I had farted so loud. Oh well, I guess it was going to happen sooner or later.
    Last night ended amazing and I passed out after being hyper as could be for a good bit. It felt so amazing passing out in his arms again after not being able to sleep the night before. It was crazy and I was glad for the peaceful nights sleep. Today just seemed to get here too soon though. I remember waking up to hearing Jimmy in the bedroom telling him that he needed to get up that it was 930. I couldnt believe he was in there so early, but I didnt hear him enough to wake up. I went back to sleep and woke up to him kissing me this morning. I sort of felt the first few kisses, but then the last ones I felt woke me up. It felt so amazing being woken up with good morning kisses and tickling. I loved it!
    The morning started off crazy and hectic after I raced to get a shower to shave and make sure everything was okay for today. I couldnt believe the day was already here that he would get to see me all dressed up. I threw on some regular clothes because we were going to be running around all over until later today when we would change real fast at Kevin's before the wedding and before grabbing the second batch of chicken from Zaxbys.
    We headed off to our first stop for the day, Kohl's. It was funny because we had to get a new pair of pants and a belt for him. Shopping for belts was a little funny because he told me that he likes the wider belt. I couldnt believe it, but it made me laugh. The other funny thing was when we were pulling into the parking lot of Kohl's there was a license plate that said OBDNCE and I showed him and we both busted out laughing. It was hilarious to see random things like that because they can be taken in a totally different direction then what they are meant for.
    After getting out of Kohl's we grabbed some subway and headed to get the cake. I couldnt believe that I was eating a whole entire footlong. It seems that my appetite lately since I have been down here, or well at my grandparents really, has picked up and I'm eating a lot more but I'm still losing weight. I think it is because I'm still as active as I was before, but am eating more healthy and more times then just once a day like I was before. I hated doing that, but when you have the split shifts like I did and no money to eat lunch in between---you do what you gotta do.
    The cake place was amazing as we walked in. The cake we picked up looked absolutely beautiful and I couldnt believe this little hole in the wall place made it. It was definitely one of those mom and pop places, but they get their business by word of mouth. It was funny because me and him were talking about that. We both agree that it's better to get business for a place like that with word of mouth because then they are true customers and not people who are just drawn by the flashy showiness of the people like those shown on the show "Cake Boss". I loved how the cakes looked and just how creative these people were. It was funny because they were so afraid of the cake messing up, saying it would fit in the floorboards of my car, but I can understand that because they care about the cakes they make.
    AFter dropping off the cake at the barn, we headed off to grab the Zaxbys chicken and then back to Kevin's place to change. It seemed these errands were making the day fly by, but it also seemed going slow as can be too. I couldnt believe how many things he had to do today, but I was glad that I could help him out as much as possible. I was excited for him to see me dressed up. It seemed that he really liked it as he looked at me all dolled up. I was worried that I wouldnt look good or that my makeup would look like crap, with me only using a little bit, but he loved it. He told me that I looked sexy and that he liked how my makeup and everything was done. I knew my feet were going to be killing me after a few minutes with the shoes on though, but to me it's all worth it to look good for him and be there standing next to him looking good too.
    The wedding preparations right before was crazy. He had so many things that he got put in charge of and I ended up getting tasked with things too. I had to find people and tell them to be certain places, direct people to sign . I couldnt believe the guest book, direct people which way to go for the food, helped him with drinks, and just helped out where I was needed. I like helping out any way I can and I felt bad for him  because it seemed he had so many tasks to do that had him going twenty million directions at once. I couldnt believe how amazing it was meeting his family and friends. They are all kind of crazy in their own unique way, but they are also cool and funny and just seem to be so much fun to hang out with most of the time.
    Well after getting all those things done, it was time for the wedding. He looked amazing as he helped in the procession of pushing Nanna down the aisle. I couldnt believe how amazing all the guys looked and then when Shantelle came out---I was in shock. She looked absolutely gorgeous and her dress looked absolutely beautiful. I agree with the thought or saying (whichever one it is) that every bride glows on their wedding day. She was glowing as she tried so hard not to cry. It was really beautiful and I loved watching every minute of it. It gave me quite a few ideas for when I get married, but knowing me they may change between now and then,
    After the wedding, there was a time for cutting the cake and eating and everything else. It was a crazed haze of activity and I'm glad I have him to take care of me when I dont realize things could go bad for me. Like as it got later and later at the party, I hadnt eaten anything since lunch and neither had he. He had drank probably about 3/4 of the Mountain Dew I had gotten him. Between drinking a little bit of that and some fruit, my sugar level was maintained for a little bit but I felt light headed again a short time later, almost to where I felt like I was going to just pass out (kind of felt like getting suddenly tired to me---it was like I got tired all of a sudden). He grabbed me by the hand and led me outside to get air, which helped a lot. I guess that's what I needed. I felt bad because he was taking care of me, but I know there will be moments when he will be taking care of me instead of me taking care of him.
    RElaxing and grabbing air, we headed back inside before leaving to hear the speech Shantelle's dad made. It was a beautiful speech and he almost lost it towards the end. After the speech it was time for the couple's first dance, daddy daughter dance and a mother and son-in-law dance. The son-in-law dance ended up changing to an everyone help them out dance. The funny thing was that it was the Cupid Shuffle dance. I love this song and would dance to it every chance I get. I looked at them and was waiting to go out, when I looked back at him. It was almost as if I was asking him permission in my mind. I dont know why I looked back at him, but I saw him nod telling me to get out there. It was so much fun and I shocked his grandpa by dancing and jumping in and just going with the flow. I think it shows I'm not afraid to just jump in on things and that I've gotten comfortable around his family and friends that I have met.
    Today ended with us grabbing some dinner at Chili's. It was so amazing going out to dinner all dressed up. I loved being dressed up because it's not often that I get to do it. I loved how he was dressed up too because he honestly looked sexy. Today has been such a long and exhausting day that I'm sure the two of us will probably do nothing except relax tomorrow. It felt so good to get home and relax with him that I cant wait to share a shower with him and just snuggle up to him. I think tomorrow I may be able to put more thoughts out from today, so who knows what else might come out tomorrow.

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