Thursday, June 3, 2010

Surprises Galore :)

Today just couldnt have gotten anymore amazing then it was. I had so much fun today and it was just the start of the day. I got to spend the whole entire day with him and even got to watch him cook. It was an amazing day in my book and life just seems to be so great because despite the potholes I hit, well just small roadblocks to getting a couple things done, he was there the whole time telling me not to worry that we would find a way to fix it.
    The day started off completely amazing. Well, before I talk about this morning I have to mention last night. I let him read the poem that I wrote him and I almost cried when he told me he loved it and it was so great. He even wanted to print it out and hang it up. I write a lot and that is how I express a good bit of my emotions from rage to hate to sadness and love. It's a way that I can express how I truly feel on the paper without anyone condemning or judging me and I love it. Well, I let him read it and I was thinking to myself that I hoped it wasnt too much for him. I have written a couple poems in the past for other people and it just seems like they could care less about it all and just discarded it aside. For him to say that he absolutely loved it and that he wanted to hang it up meant the world to me. I had written him how I truly felt because there was just no poem that I found that told him what was going on. It was a truly amazing feeling knowing that he really liked something I did that came from the heart.
    After letting him read that, we snuggled up a little bit. I can honestly say that even if nothing happened between me and him sexually at times, I would be completely content to just lay with him and snuggle. It is such an amazing and peaceful feeling when I'm laying down in his arms. It's like I know that he will keep me safe no matter what, although he may torture me or tease me, it is for fun and out of love. It's not meant to harm me or break me down or with an ill intent. I love him so much and have never felt as safe as I do now with him since the night of the assault. It seems that all my feelings about that have disappeared when I'm around him and I'm not afraid. His arms comfort me and let me know that he will be there and protect me even as I sleep. I love falling asleep snuggled into his arms.
    I was rubbing his chest and had slowly progressed lower to rubbing up on him. I dont know why but something just attracts me to him and I love his cock like I love him. It's a part of him and I know either way it can bring me pleasure or pain or a mixture of both depending on whether I have been good or not. It seems he felt I was being a naughty girl and leaned over to the side of the bed where I had placed the bandanas earlier. It didnt quite sink in to me just what he was grabbing, but when he came back holding one of them, my eyes probably got wide real quick. I was nervous at what he was going to do with them, but I also felt myself getting excited that he was going to use them on me. I got a little more excited when he pulled my left hand up and began tying it to the bed. I knew he was fixing to have some fun with me since my hands were now being taken out of the way. He tied both my hands to the headboard and it seemed like I went nuts. His hands were roaming all over my body, feeling me, teasing my nipples. His kisses seemed possessive, as if he was letting me know all over again that I was His.
    After letting me know I was His, he began spreading kisses all over my body and then began fingering me and playing with me. I couldnt believe how amazing it felt with his fingers playing on me like I was a fiddle. After letting me cum the first time, he left the room and left me tied to the headboard feeling a little exposed with the door open. A few minutes later, he came back in with an evil grin and I knew exactly what he had gone to get---ice cubes. I was definitely in for some more fun, somewhat evil and good fun but still fun. The ice cubes were run all over my body and I felt myself get closer to cumming again. After allowing me to cum, I felt myself slowly come back down again and settled down. It was crazy, but I loved every minute that he was playing with me because he makes my body and mind do things that I never thought would happen. He calmed me down and snuggled with me as I felt so good.
    We snuggled for a little while, but it seemed this led to some more playing around. I had already changed into my pajamas, but they soon came off or at least the bottoms did.     Well, I had to say my pajama bottoms didnt fully come off until after my spanking though. I had gotten two hits already for our anniversary but that was when he said that I could go ahead and get my punishment over if I wanted. I waited and let him make that choice, not moving and hoping that he could see that I would much rather get it over with as soon as possible. The guilt was hanging over me like a cloud and I was desperate for some relief from it. The pajama bottoms were pulled down and I got my first 25 hits from him barehanded. They were light because he said that I was going to be getting 15 hits from the belt on top of that. I couldnt fathom what the belt was going to feel like, but I began to mentally prepare myself for it.
    After a few seconds, he got up and grabbed the belt and my heart instantly began to beat faster. I knew what was coming and I willed myself to hold still and not cry out from it. I placed my hand over my mouth to keep myself from calling out as I received the hits. It seemed the first ten hits were all on one side and then shifted to my left side. I was so amazed that I was taking this as well as I was, but I didnt want to move and get in further trouble because I moved during my punishment. I felt the hits sting my skin and was counting in my head each and every one of them. The last stroke seemed to come down heavier then all the rest, but I knew it was kind of a punctuation to remind that this was a punishment. I know I kind of liked pain, but this was too much for me. I was almost to the point of tears when the punishment was finally over. I have never felt so relieved as it seemed a sense of relief washed over  me as i had been punished for my smart comment and I could forget about what I had done before. It was in the past now and i could move on and learn not to do it again.
    I lay there after the spanking for a few minutes getting my breathing back. I couldnt believe that my ass was stinging as bad as it was, but I knew it would be a reminder tomorrow. I have been doing really well at holding my smart comments back, but I really do hope that I dont slip again because I know the punishment will only be harsher next time. He slowly began fingering my lips and began moving his fingers in and out. I couldnt believe how good it felt and my mind began to slowly lose the fact that my butt was still burning. I felt myself willing him to go more and more.
    The next surprising time came when he began to finger my ass. it felt so good and all I could do was push myself backwards, almost as if I was silently asking for more. I had my face buried in the pillow and blanket where I laid because I knew that I was getting loud and didnt want to get too loud. I felt myself getting close and was allowed to cum after a short time. I couldnt believe how amazing this felt and it was so wonderful a feeling after my punishment. He knows so much about me and my buttons and which ones to push at different times. I love how he knows me so well in my mind, heart, body and soul. He knows my different responses to things and can tell me what to do for when.
    I lay there snuggling with him after he finished and had helped me put my clothes back on. I ended up changing out of my pants and shirt into a pair of his pants and shirt because mine had gotten wet from the fun with the ice cubes earlier. It was so amazing laying there with him and all I remember is passing out asleep after him telling me that he had just as much fun playing with me. I remember admitting to him though one of my thoughts from when he was playing with me---the thought of craving his touch and more of him that I was ready to ask him to just "please fuck me" as what I would have said if I could have formed words.
    Anyways, I fell asleep that night cuddled up in his arms and slept another peaceful nights sleep. It was a comfortable peaceful night sleep. I dont know why but i woke up in a playful mood this morning. I think his tickling did it or something. I got up and was going to make a dash for a place to hide, but with my back turned to the door it made it a little hard to open. I couldnt open it, but instead got pinned against the door by him. I had my hands held up over my head and he began to tease me and kiss me. I couldnt help it, but he was turning me on and tormenting me at the same time.
    After playing with me and letting me loose, I grabbed my clothes and the bathroom stuff and headed for the bathroom. I was excited that we were going to be able to take a shower togther this morning. I love them because it's just something about being able to see and help wash the other person. It felt so amazing with his hands washing my body with the new body wash. I love it because it makes my skin feel silky smooth and at the same time it felt good all over my body with his hands. I just cant believe all the sensations that have been going on in my head throughout the shower. There were so many amazing kisses and touches. It felt so great as his fingers began playing with me again and I felt myself wanting more, but knew more would come when he wanted and not when I wanted it to happen.
    After the shower, we both got dressed and ready for the day. We had a few errands to run and money to put in my account. It was so much fun running around and taking care of errands with him. I love spending time with him, but I love getting out and taking care of business too. It makes me feel, not sure quite how to describe it, but the feelings are amazing. I guess the best word to describe it is accomplished when I start ticking things off on that list of things to be done. The funniest thing was when I drove for a few brief minutes. He was flipping out and joking with me that he was too young to die. I told him my style of driving was different and I'm used to driving to get to places quickly no matter what kind of traffic or anything else. It was amazing to drive, but I really do like that passenger seat much better.
    Anyways, after we got back, we started the stuff for dinner and began relaxing. Today just couldnt seem to get any better. Although I have to say all this teasing today is driving me nuts with all the pent up frustration inside of me. Its okay though because I know it will come out at some time, just not of my own choosing. I am laughing though because today he seems to be fascinated with holding one of the bandanas over my mouth. I'm wondering if his evil idea for the night is to try out a gag. I'm not too sure but I find myself curious about that. I think too and have realized, I wonder if it would work as a blindfold since the material is kind of see through. I didnt check that when we were at the store, but who knows it might. I guess I'll find out when the times comes. I'm just curious what is in store for tonight because I know that I'm for sure in a playful mood, but I doubt that I can play hide and seek tonight...although I just may try ;)
    Tonight has been so amazing with me taking care of things all day from making sure we got certain things done to getting the dishes and laundry done all day. I love the way it makes me feel and I love doing. I know in the future that I would love to be one of those stay at home moms/wives, but who knows. I know sometimes in today's society that's not possible, but it'd be amazing. I love just doing all those tasks because they really do make me feel like a house wife, or not sure what else you'd really call it. It also makes me submissive because I am the one taking care of everything and just because it's the stuff i have to do everyday. I love it and wouldnt want it any other way taking care of these things.
    I cant wait to give him his last surprise for the night, but I'm kind of wondering when to do it. I think that I am going to do it later tonight to give time and make sure it's just us and he likes it. I hope he likes it because it is more of a visual surprise. This one I could have given to him earlier, but I'd much rather wait to give him this one until tonight. It is a great surprise, but I have to decide which one would work----one or the other or both. Hmm...I guess I'll let him decide.
    I cant wait to see what else the future holds for me, but I also have to admit that I cant believe as of today I have officially been His for two months. It feels like yesterday, but I love every minute that I spend with him. I know sometimes I will get into trouble or have times where I get mad or frustrated and my emotions get the best of me, but I know he will be understanding about it and judge in the best interest of me. I know he wont punish me other then to teach me a lesson and guide me, much like he did last night. I only dont hope that I have to learn my lessons the hard way, I'd rather learn them the easy way. I'm just glad he's there with me in my life because things are going so amazing and I'm finding out so much about myself. I dont think I have ever been this truly happy, but I wouldnt trade the time I spend with him for all the money in the world.

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