Monday, August 9, 2010

Six weeks away and i'm that much closer....

   I cant believe that my six weeks mark is already here. Wow, that just means two more weeks and i will be in Your arms again, even if only for a little bit.
   I wonder how life is treating You by now and if Your job is still going well. I know that life for me has gotten easier aside from missing You and wanting to talk to You. I wont be able to do that just yet, but before too long i can.
   I cant think of whatever i'm going to be doing this week, but just know that throughout this whole process i'm always thinking of You. I imagine myself finding out in tech school what my first base assignment will be. I hope it is somewhere close to Your family because the two of us love the south and living in it would be amazing. I wonder where i will get, but i just hope that it's somewhere the two of us can have fun with. Either way i know the future ahead looks really bright.
   I hope these next two weeks pass by because then it means You will get back to me sooner.
love you,
<3 lil one <3

I want you wrapped around me,
Ensnare me, entrap me
My heart bleeds on the floor for you
Screaming your name
Seize me, rule me,
Never free me
You are the monarch of my mind
Your teeth, your lips, your tongue, your touch
I never want to forget how heated my flesh becomes
I reach for you, yield to you,
Please do not ever stop
My mind is clouded, my reasoning blinded
By the brilliance laying beside me
Hold me against you and whisper in my ear
All I want is to hear your voice
Make me writhe, make me plead
Make me cry out your name as angels sing
Harder, softly, making me breathless
You are my creator; my body is your canvas
Shape me to your will; mould me to fit your every whim
Turn me into a masterpiece

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