Monday, October 4, 2010

And I Think to Myself....What a wonderful world!!

    Hmmm today i cant tell if it was good, bad, or just plain indifferent. Things seem to have been mixed with good and bad all the way around. I guess it was just a day where you look at things and can be just so thankful for what you have in your life and everyone in it.
    This morning we had pt and i thought that i was going to die. That was the thought beforehand because it was so freezing cold and we were up early and everything. Wow, what a change in attitude i had during pt this morning. I know Master would have laughed at me for it and totally called me a blonde. But anyways...we started out jogging in place for a minute to get warmed up while they checked waivers and other things. With the military things are always delayed. For some reason they have truly mastered the sit and wait game. The game that i truly hate playing and have no patience for (really dont have any patience at all, which Master has tried to teach me a couple times already......that was a long night of waiting for His permission to finally let loose that orgasm that had been building up all day...) We finally started our exercise portion of pushups, situps, and squat thrusts. Squat thrusts in my opnion are the devil. THey seem easy enough to do and keep up with until you get to about the 15th one on the 3rd set. We had to do 25 and around the 20th one my legs were turning into mush but i found myself pushing through each and everyone. After this morning we did about 150 squat thrusts, 120 pushups, and about 80 situps. It was a crazy morning.
    After finishing that part, it was on to cardio. We all thought we were going to get off easy and go for a nice little jog with the self paced run. Little did we know, but Uncle Sam had other ideas. My team ended up going to the parking lot and doing sprints. Now i thought id be toast because my knee since i sprained it can only handle so many sprints. Last time we did maybe 6-10 sprints and it was dead. But this morning i found that i was pushing myself. I even jumped in on a race where we had 6 females come up that were considered the fastest. Some females didnt want to step up so i did. I thought to myself that i was going to do this race for Master. I am not a sprinter because in high school i was always on distance and never did the sprints. But back to the sprint race. We all lined up and these girls have like the nice little legs and are the more athletic on the team. I'm thinking to myself, boy what did i get myself into and i hope i do well and all these random thoughts are popping through my head as im waiting to run the sprint. He yells go and i take off as fast as possible. The whole time i'm pushing myself to make Him so proud of me and end up finishing tied with the  rest of the other females. One beat all of us by just a little bit and the rest of us tied. It was amazing and i felt proud, but i know for sure that my knee is extremely tense. I hope Master doesnt think i'm pushing it too hard, but here you cant get things like my knee checked out. You get it checked out, you end up on the medical flight and out of the air force. I dread that and am definitely going to suck it up until i can get to my first base and get things checked out.
     Anyways, after pt this morning we all felt amazing. I felt so good and it just was an amazing morning. After that we headed back to the dorms, but our cards didnt work so me and our one roomie was locked out because the roomie who's card actually works forgot hers in the room. We couldnt believe it because we sat outside this morning in our tshirt and shorts. Then when we went to sit in the CQ it was colder in there because the air conditioning was on and it was still like 50 something degrees. So i froze this morning.....but we ended up making it to class like a couple minutes after when we were supposed to be in class. It was good.
    We trained in the simulators for the rest of the day and laughed at all the different people and the differences in how they reacted to scenarios. I know there was one that shocked all of us. We couldnt believe that in one of them an 11 year old girl would come out of a truck waving a shot gun and pump it as if she had been shooting it everyday of her life. It was crazy and then i had some lunatic charge me with a handcuff ratchet in his hand. It was different and definitely quite a bit real world for us. Shocked all of us.
    The day ended on an awesome note. My Master made me cry with His journal entry that He posted earlier today. Seeing the music video to "She's My Kind of Crazy" led me to think of all the little things we did when i was home and how much i miss Him. It's hard to believe that when i go home, i will be going home to Him and our place together and then wearing His ring and His collar. How amazing is that?? i only hope and dream that i will always remain the submissive wife and girlfriend and just everything that He wants me to be. I love Him so much and want to be that girl that He has always dreamed of. I am so excited to spend Christmas with Him and the holidays. It's sad that this Thanksgiving i will be alone, but its completely understandable with me being here for training and Him working. I just cant wait to be with Him.
    I love you so much Master and cant wait to be back in Your arms. I struggle here, but Your smiling face keeps me going. When i was ready to give up because of some childish actions here that majorly hurt my feelings, You talked me down and calmed me down when i was so upset and hurt and frustrated. I miss You so much because its hard not being able to feel Your arms around me when i need them most. It's time where i'm sad and hurting and i just have to feel it alone. I know its nothing that You or i meant to do with my being here and everything. I know that absence makes the heart grow fonder and everyday that i'm here, i find another reason why i love You more and more. You are my life and whole world and keep me grounded in reality because if You didnt while i was here, id be lost to the wild ways here. I try everyday to fight what is going on here and i am succeeding with Your help. Without You, i wouldnt make it through the craziness of the training days here. I want to make You proud and cant wait for You to see me come home wearing that shiny badge and beret that has been earned. I will make You proud in every section i go into here and all. I love You so much and will make You proud of Your lil one.

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